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Mirror Mask:A review(not really spoilerish)

So I thought I would try my hand at film reviews I haven’t written any in-depth ones since college, so here we go.


This movie is more visually stunning than it is anything else.There are many arguments about how strong the story may or may not be, but one thing that is never argued about is the originality within the set, character design, and it’s musical composition.The fact that it hasn’t become a cult classic is a little bit surprising to me.

At it’s very core you could say it resembles the elements of a Wizard of Oz/Alice in Wonderland story.A girl,in this case one named Helena, with problems in her real life is transported to a world very different than her own. The world is very strange, it doesn’t have the bright happiness or insanity of Wonderland nor does it have the sometimes unnecessary darkness that can often be associated with Oz.Another thing that differentiates this movie from the other two is that there is no big thing that happens to garnish us into the new world.There are no tornadoes or rabbit holes, it is an almost seamless transition.

The art style is one thing that truly sets this movie apart from any other.It is a dark fantasy like no other,it’s beautiful and quite unique. It’s the only dark fantasy I’ve ever seen that purposely chooses not use black as it’s main color.Though the ever encroaching darkness is black and tends to spawn eye spiders(that’s how I’m coining them).It tends to use more of a sandy tan to depict it’s world.The character designs are all really well done. Each person having a distinct mask and clothing. Excluding our main character,Helena,who spends most of the movie in her pajamas and bunny slippers.The world is almost totally done in CG and a lot of the creatures are weird, creepy, and/or quite intriguing.The landscape is purposely set to seem artsy .The art of the fantasy world is based on the art that we see Helena draw.The same way in which in the characters of the Wizard of Oz  are fantasy versions of actual people in Dorthy’s life.

In the story she progresses with her companion to try to save this fantasy world while trying to get back to her own.It does have a few classic tropes such as the evil queen and the classic betrayal.Yet everything is done in a new style and intriguing manner so it’s very hard to get bored.I find the world much prettier and much more exciting,than it’s sister movie The Labarinth, although there is no Bowie(and the world isn’t as cute). I’m almost sure I’ll be stoned by many for ever loving this movie over the favorite sibling of then Jim Henson movies,but I do.The labyrinth is cute and well do ne but to be honest I like Helena much more than I  could ever like Sara.Also if I had to choose a world to live in their is no competition.The only negative thing I have to say about this film is the fact the movie called Helena selfish. She wants a normal life, away from her father’s circus, and you can’t blame her.Yet she is called selfish for being tired of this life,and that’s my main problem with the movie.As a parent I believe it’s your job to facilitate your child’s dream and not the other way around.I think it’s selfish to force your child to work in an arena they hate so that you can be happy,but I digress.As does the movie honestly,we are given this point in the very beginning with the argument with her mom,and then we are thrust into a fantasy world.To be honest we aren’t given a lot about her personal life other than the fact that she’s the “typical teen”, aside from the that she works in a circus,and the fact that she loves to draw.Though at the same time we are given a clue that her outburst could honestly be from the fact that she’s a just moody teenager or just wants something different ,rather then her actually hating her life.We are also given images of what a version of Helena could be if she totally ran away from all that her mother’s taught her (or at least that’s how I’m taking those scenes in).In the resolution of saving the queen of the light I see her appreciating where she came from, and not running away from the person she was brought up to be.


The synopsis

The story deal with a teenage heroine,Helena, whose tired of her life in the circus(that her parents own). She just wants a normal life.She argues with her mom over this, and not to long after we discover that her mother is sick.After her mother is hospitalized, Helena soon finds mysteriously in strange new world.

This is a world in which you’ll need a net to catch and book and if you neglect it, it’ll sail away back to the library.Not to mention the fact that everybody in this world wears a mask “because how else would you know how you’re feeling”.It’s a world in which giants float and sphinx wont let you pass until you’ve solved their riddle.It’s split into two parts one of light and another of dark.Each ruled by it’s own queen.The problem is the queen of the light won’t wake up and now the darkness is slowly encroaching on the land of the light.Can she get back home and somehow save this world?




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Yu-Gi-Oh! TOS: A synopsis

In a world not so different from ours there is a game played called Duel Monsters. It’s  the most popular game globally, and is played by everyone, young and old. Tournaments are held yearly to determine who the best duelist are.It’s all fun and games right?…


Meet Yugi  Moto who also though it was fun and games. He is a student at Domino High School and lives with Grandfather;and in his spare time he likes to duel with his friend. His life probably would have been normal. If he hadn’t beaten the world champion in dueling, Seto Kaiba. Beating Kaiba got the attention of Maximillion Pegasus, the creator of duel monster.

He invites Yugi to his tournament know as Duelist Kingdom. Not by way of normal invitation, but by way of force, by stealing Yugi’s grandfather’s soul.With no other choice Yugi must compete to save his grandfather.To do this he has to beat peagasus at the very game he created.He needs to discover the mysterious powers of the seven minllinium items, especially the one in his possession.

Maybe this games isn’t as innocent as everyone thought.



yugiWelcome to the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!




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A year of cosplaying(the first of many to come)

Hi world,

So it’s officially been a years since I’ve officially started cosplaying. What a year. I’ve been to three conventions this year,and I’ve done cosplay at all of them.Since I’ve been back I’ve attended, AWA, DragonCon, and Nerdacon. I ended and began my cosplay season at AWA.

Let’s talk about my first cosplay.

So while I was in Korea,I actually got the dress and scarf for my Bulma cosplay,but I decided to wait until I got back home to actually do it.I didn’t know how I’d be perceived being a black cosplayer in Korea,so I decided to wait. I was dedicated to being the best Buu Saga Bulma ,ever. I even bought a scouter while I was vacationing in Japan(yes it yells sayings from Sayians in Japanese :P). I had a lot of fun finding everything. Actually I had more fun getting the things for the cosplay,than actually wearing them.

My first cosplay


Regardless of the time I put in making the shoes,I didn’t feel great about that cosplay. I realize now that while I was wearing it, I was letting people reaction determine how I felt about it. Rather than me loving it because it was awesome.The next day I did what is probably still my favorite cosplay.

My Steampunk Cheshire.

I spent like a month(or two) making the tail,out of yarn,I followed this awesome tutorial from Zullala. And it’s probably still the most rewarding thing I’ve ever made. Not just that, I bought necomimis and yellow contacts.I mean like it will probably always be my favorite cosplay.Group cosplays are definitely my favorite way of doing cosplay. It was with this cosplay I realized the key to having a good cosplay is having fun with it.Nothing else really matters.Rather if a hundred people ask for my picture or no one.FUN is the number one thing that you need to make sure you have when cosplaying.







After my first few cosplays

So far I’ve been Clar(k)a Kent,Billy Cranston, Alice,and Jubilee.You’re probably wondering where the rest of my pictures are.Well to be honest when I do a solo cosplay I kinda get to distracted with the con,but don’t worry I’ll take some pictures in December.

20161001_122741.jpg        20161002_013528.jpg

So as of now I don’t know if I’ll be doing any more cosplays this year but I doubt it.So I have to decide which cosplays to bring with me to Colombia.I really loved my Jubilee and I’m thinking about fixing my Bulma wig and giving it another spin.I’m also considering do a Luffy cosplay if I can make the vest before I leave.I already have the hat and sandals…

I’m not entirely sure what cosplays I’ll do next but they’ll be awesome,and even better.

I’ve got a lot of choices,as do you,

Have an awesome day



Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016:Review

First off you should know that my birthday was also during this time peroid so I may be  a little overly pink goggles because of it but I digress.

Anime Weekend Atlanta(which will be refered to as AWA from this moment on) is an anime convention held every year in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s one of the few conventions that I have been going to for a couple of years now.I think my first time going was like six or seven years ago.I even did my first cosplay there.

It is held in Cobb Galeria Centre,and it a moderate sized conventions,not the biggest anime convention in the country  by no means, but it is one of the largest ones.It’s focus is….lol anime of course.

What can you do see?



There was no shortage of cosplayers.

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Like if I were to be totally honest I’ve never went to a single AWA panel, why… well I’m just too busy doing stuff with my friends to ever make time for it… honestly…

Maid Cafe

First of all I am a bit biased by this because one of my besties works there.But this is one thing I’m gonna let you just experience on your own.These are based on maid cafes in Japan

Dealers Room

Ok so, I’ve been to some massive dealer rooms before,and I gotta say I love AWA’s because it isn’t a huge convention.You’re probably wondering what that has to do with it.Well it’s not big like Dragon Con,which means that your average everyday Jane and John can afford to sell their awesome stuff there.Though there are a few people that have worked for the big 2,I feel like there are way more indie comic book artist at AWA. Also this festival is about anime which is done in Japan, so you get massive amounts of Japanese styled things.So much ramune. Other than ramune, pocky , green tea kitkats, along every other Japanese snack.

SECRET: Ramune the colorful drink in which you pop a marble into the drink to open it,it is not a super popular drink in Japan.Though conventions would try to convince you otherwise,while in Japan(Tokyo/Kyoto) I only saw one of those glass bottles  being sold on the side of the road.Someone was selling them in a Styrofoam cooler along side other stuff.Now I did see Ramune in a Daiso store,but it was in a tin bottle,for just about a dollar.

Another thing that makes me happy is the amount of lolita clothing there.I do believe there are like four different booths dedicated to on of my favorite clothing styles.Too bad I can’t afford any of them.Now one thing I always look forward to at buying is Gundam(Gunpla) and Mecha Model Kits.Honestly I prefer non-gundam model kits.I managed to find two for my birthday.

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Like at most conventions that I’ve been to there is always a couple of balls,raves,or other type of dancing.My problem with Dragon Con and AWA’s raves are that well after walking around all day .I refuse to stand 30 minutes just to get into a rave not knowing if i’m going to like it or not.So I snubbed the rave and went swing dancing for the first time with my friends.What I learned.

Well I learned that I’m not good at swing dancing.


Fifties dollars for two days jammed pack,and I have no regrets,Happy birthday me


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20 Ninendo Games I want to buy before leaving the country(Updated)

So as I go to another country as you know ,the 3DS is region locked,so I have to stock up on games before I leave.So here’s my list of games I want before I leave.

1.)Bravely Default-$55 New (Atlus)

2.)Pokemon Moon-$40(already pre-ordered but not paid off yet)

3.)9 Person,9 Hours,9 Doors $25 New

4.)Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time-$20 New

5.)Fire Emblem:Awakening-$40 New(Love it so much)

6.)Radiant Historia-$22 New

7.)Fire Emblem Fates(Conquest more so than BirthRight)

formerly  Etrian Odyssey Untold-$51 New(Atlus)

8.)Dragon Quest V:Hand of the Heavenly Bride-$28 New

9.)Hotel Dusk:Room 215:$65 New (but used is cheap starting around $15)

10.)Pokemon Conquest-$74 New(used starts around $25)

11.)Fire Emblem:Shadow Dragon

12.)Legend of Zelda:Spirit Tracks

13.)Shin Megami Tensei IV-$26 New

14.)Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney-$25 New

15.)Etrian Odyssey IV:Legend of the Titan-$25 New

Bought but a don’t like the playing style so I’ve cut off all Etrian Odyssey from list.

16.)XenoBlade Chronicles-$39 New

17.)Stella Glow -$75

18.)Viewtiful Joe-$70 New(used start around $25)

19.)Rune Factory 4-$39 New

20.)Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland-$12 New

So I do know they’re are some really great games out here on the list.There are a lot of good Mario and Kirby games,I didn’t put,I trying to focus on my RPG collection.I wonder how many of these I’ll actually have by January….

Let’s see how this list ends,




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Why my Dragon Experience was probably better than yours

Hey guys,

I’m not trying to say that my Dragon Con was killer(or am I) or like that you didn’t have a good time.But like, I had one of the best things that can happen with anyone in their fandom.


So Friday was my first day at Dragon Con I went after work and got kinda lost(stuck in hotels with no knowledge of how to escape).I went to the dealers room plotted out what I might buy [I never just buy stuff of a whim I think about it and decide later[unless its like a rare (fill in the blank) for really cheap].Next I went to the JoyStick Video Game Bar,for a live Black Nerd Girl Podcast(It was awesome).Saturday was full of just hanging out with new friends(so busy having fun I had no time for panels).


So, I don’t think a lot of people know this about me, but I’m undercover hard core Power Ranger Fan Girl.Like I own Saba,the communicator watch,the white ranger movie morpher,along with the original TV show morpher(with all the coins),not to mention I’m reading the comic about them by Boom.So I decided if I don’t get to make it to any other panel, I have to go to this Power Ranger Reunion Panel.Got there two hours early,only to find that I’m like fourth in line fast forward to us and a Doctor Who line merging.Fast forward to us getting in.Side not I was doing a Billy Cranston Cosplay(blue ranger plain closed cosplay).So we have the actors and voices of Jason,Lord Zed,Billy,and Alpha 5.Someone interrupts that they should do,the iconic transformation ‘It’s morphin time’ thing Austin St. John(Jason) is like you got to finesse me before we go into that.Richard Horvitz(Alpha 5) was hilarious and so was David Yost(Billy).As the end of the panel,David Yost was like yeah we’re gonna do this and dedicate to you guy,who interrupted the panel.So the host managed to have a red ranger morpher,and guess who happened to have a blue ranger morpher to be used. Hahahahah

THAT WOULD BE ME!!!!!!!!!!!

So as far as I’m concerned my morpher is an  official a blue ranger morpher.

And here’s the video proof

Yep yep,I got  a much better interaction than I could have ever expect.

This ranger is heading to write some more stuff,



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My Dream Cosplays


Ash Ketchum

Canary(Hunter x Hunter)

Future Trunks

Kalik  (Manga version Soul Eater)

Luffy(One Piece)

Mira Naigus(Soul Eater)

Roronoa Zoro(One Piece)

Sailor Moon

Syaoran(Tsubasa Resiove Chronicles)

Tai (Digimon)


Comic Books



Bumlebee(Teen Titans)

Nightwing(Dick Greyson)

Raven(Teen Titans)

The Riddler(Batman)

Robin(Dick Greyson)



Spider-Man Noir

Static Shock



Video Games

Laura Croft:Tomb Raider


Riku(Final Fantasy X)

Tifa(Final Fastasy VII)

Viera(Final Fantasy XII)

Waka(Final Fantasy X)

Movies/TV shows

Bajoran(Star Trek)


Card Captor Sakura

Indiana Jones


Star Trek Commander

Team Rocket Grunt(Red/Blue)

Uhura(Star Trek:TOS)









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Dragon Con 2016:Review

Another convention review for you.

Dragon Con is a South Eastern U.S(Southern) Convention held every year in Atlanta,Georgia. Though I had heard of it ,I had never previously had the money to go.So I decided before I leave, I had to attend,because who really knows when I’ll be back in the country.

It’s a big convention spanning three hotels and two alternate buildings.At first I wasn’t sure exactly how to classify this conventions, on it’s website it points at itself for being a Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gaming, Comics, Music, art, music, film and  just pop stuff as a whole convention.But if we are to be totally honest it’s mainly a Science Fiction and Fantasy convention.

Which is awesome,because although anime is one of my biggest and original loves, I have a much longer history with Science Fiction and Fantasy than anything else.I can tell you for a fact that Star Gate:SG1,Sliders,Quantum Leap,Xena,Herculese,Power Rangers,and Star Trek:TOS where some of my first shows.So although I did watch a good bit of anime as a child,it dwindles in comparison to the amount of science fiction and fantasy that I consumed.

So unlike at other conventions you are getting a very high dosage of Dr.Who,Star Wars,Star Trek, and Star Gate(not in my preference order but the popularity order).But you also have major amounts of stuff like Power Rangers and other shows of that sort.Not to mention the a lot of famous stars such William Shatner,and the stars from many top shows such as Stranger Things,Buffy the Vampire Slayer,etc etc

What can you do and see?


Like it’s a major part of the con is cosplaying. The pictures I have take are nothing in comparison to the little amount of pics I’ve taken. I’ve never seen so many cosplayers in my life.And doubt I will again honestly(unless I go to SDCC or NYCC).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One of my favorite things I was able to do was go to a live podcast panel and a Dragon Con panel.The first picture is of a Black Girl Nerds Panel ft Afua Richardson.

Black Girl Nerds Podcast ft Afua Richardson

This picture is of a Power Ranger panel featuring Jason,Billy,Apha,and Lord Zed.Even for this panel(Power Rangers isn’t big like Star Trek or Dr.Who but it doesn’t have a dedicated fan base) .I lined up two hours in advance and I still wasn’t first in line.If you’re going to a panel make sure you do it early,or you may not get in.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Reunion Cosplay

Dealer Room

Full of all of the awesome nerd things you could think of.I saw a lot of awesome Star Trek stuff which made me really happy(it’s not the most popular show so finding stuff can be a little difficult).I wish I would have taken more pictures.On one level was just stuff: steampunk, Star Trek,Dr.Who,anime, plushies,Princless volumes,and a gigantic number of memorabilia from any fandom you can think of.So the next level is full of independent artist who are selling there crafts,and there are also a few comic book artist.Most are those who have done  a cover for the big 2, but there were a few independent artist trying to build a fan base.What’s cool about that is if you buy their books,they’ll sign them for you.So for me, I just bought a couple of comic books( and got them signed by the artist),Star Trek coin cases,a gundam(Iron Blood Orphan), and a Legend of Zelda Purse.I spent most of my money on food actually,all the restaurant in that area of Atlanta are really expensive(especially during Dragon Con) not to mention the hour and thirty minute wait time(Next time I’m packing lunches).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Random Stuff

One of the major things that I love about it was how random it was.These were some  things I just randomly bumped into.There were so many others,but I’ll leave those up to your imagination.

T-Rexes(though they said they were Raptors) fighting Sith and a Knightwing.

How often will you see Team Rocket members dancing to the Cantina Band

Dragon Con was totally worth the money,I would love to go again.





Hi guys,

Guess what,turns out there’s a convention on my birthday.Do you know what that means.


So here’s who I decided on , Jubilation Lee(Jubilee).Yep I decided to keep going with my comic inspired cosplays.


I’m actually almost done with it well half done.I have all the clothes but the rain jacket. I also have to get the glasses and accessories.

I’m super excited,I’ll keep you updated.


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Into the Vault:Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #64

First appearance of Cloak and Dagger

So we meet Peter Parker, our friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man as we normally do, slinging around New York.When he comes upon a man(Marshall) that is running for his life.The man is scared for his life and ask Spider-Mans to save him and even says that he’ll tell the DEA everything.

Enter Cloak and Dagger.

We learn that Daggers powers are that she can make tiny dagger from her fingertips that can pass through clothing and flesh until they melt in her victims bloom stream causing biophysical shock and then death.Cloak’s cloak(cape) is an alternate universe that he can trap his enemies in,not to mention that he can use it to teleport.


Back to the story, both are after this man for revenge and our Neighborhood Spider is about law and order and tries to stop them,but to know avail .Dagger kills the man although Peter tries to stop them.He looses and gets hit with one of Dagger’s daggers,and they teleport away.Leaving a very hurt Spider-Man to limp back home.

Peter than uses his connection to try to figure out more about more about Marshall,turns out that this man was a chemist for the mob.He and the people he worked for had kidnapped street kids and used them as guinea pigs to try to make a new drug.

As Parker goes to Ellis Island for find more information, he hears a scream and finds an old warehouse.Inside we learn that these mobster had street kids kidnapped and experimented on, and these two Cloak and Dagger are the only ones that survived. To make a long fight short the band guys momentarily get the upper hand ,Parker comes in and says that he understand and that they should take these men in.But Cloak and Dagger just want him to stay out of it…

In the end Cloak traps the bad guys in his cape and,makes it seems as if the only way out is a window,the men break through it to be free.

Well it turns out that that window is the window of the warehouse, and the men fall to their deaths.

They leave feeling justice has prevailed, as all the murderers of their friends are dead.Spider-Man leaves a bit confused wondering how safe the dark truly is.