3% Episode 1:1st thoughts and impressions

The first thing that struck me was the diversity of the show.There are  very few shows that I see that really reflect the world that we live in.So turns out I started watching it in English, but something felt off ,and then when I saw the lips not lining up with the words,I knew it was about that time.I immediately put on subtitles and changed the audio to Portuguese. Turns out this is a Brazilian drama.

This story begins in a post apocalyptic world(as all good stories should).We see young teenagers making a mass exodus to do this thing called the Process.The process is the only way to leave the slums,and go to mythical place called Offshore.A place in which they can live well and get out of poverty.The catch is of all the people who take the test only 3% will pass.There is an organization know as The Cause that is working to undermine the process and the whole way of life for people in Offshore.

So the world in which theses teenagers lives, they live in a slum and everyone’s hope rides on being passing The Process and getting to Offshore.The thing is no one who makes it Offshore ever comes back .So how do you really know it’s a place worth going to. I feel like for most , it’s a “anything has to better than this” kind of thing.The director of Process is sketchy, he almost drowns himself daily to remind himself that this is a life or death process (this is a paraphrase of his exact words).Not to mention almost drowning other to make them understand this as well.Also he has someone whose watching him during this Process for some reason.So I’m not sure how well he actually trusted.The organization he works for doesn’t seem to trust him fully either so they’ve sent a person to watch over this year’s Process.So far there have only been two parts of the Process an interview.Which was well I see determined by your willingness to succeed,truthfulness(sort of),and your belief in yourself.Many failing because they are not genuine or do not have confidence are quickly cut.We are introduced to many kids some make it and some don’t.The second trial is a spatial reasoning.Some kids cheat, some help other,this gives us a general idea of the attitude of most of the kids toward each other.Oh did I mention that one of The Cause operatives has been captured and he may or may not the identity of a mole who is going through the Process.


So this has really intrigued me.I only really like half of our main characters, but even those i don’t like I find intriguing.There are a couple of characters whose motive seem to be more than getting to the Offshore.Also we are given the fact that an unknown number of people don’t come back from The Process.Most are assumed to have passed, but considering the fact that only 3% pass, how many actually die and don’t come back.Leaving all their family and friends dreaming and hoping that they made it. This actually reminds me a lot of the Hunter x Hunter exams.It seems simple at first, but there is a high chance of failure and good chance of death. I like the world and I like the technology they have.There seem to be some kind of tech that is put directly through your ear.It’s also gives the introduction speech given by  the director of The Process.The weird thing is as you(they) listen the speech has your name in it.As if he’s talking to you.Another thing I noticed during the interview process they want to make sure that you assimilate if you pass.They make sure that you think The Cause are just a bunch of meddlers.The want a certain mindset of people…

This was just episode one,and we’ve already have death, mistrust, and a mole…They are starting strong.