Dragon Con 2016:Review

Another convention review for you.

Dragon Con is a South Eastern U.S(Southern) Convention held every year in Atlanta,Georgia. Though I had heard of it ,I had never previously had the money to go.So I decided before I leave, I had to attend,because who really knows when I’ll be back in the country.

It’s a big convention spanning three hotels and two alternate buildings.At first I wasn’t sure exactly how to classify this conventions, on it’s website it points at itself for being a Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gaming, Comics, Music, art, music, film and  just pop stuff as a whole convention.But if we are to be totally honest it’s mainly a Science Fiction and Fantasy convention.

Which is awesome,because although anime is one of my biggest and original loves, I have a much longer history with Science Fiction and Fantasy than anything else.I can tell you for a fact that Star Gate:SG1,Sliders,Quantum Leap,Xena,Herculese,Power Rangers,and Star Trek:TOS where some of my first shows.So although I did watch a good bit of anime as a child,it dwindles in comparison to the amount of science fiction and fantasy that I consumed.

So unlike at other conventions you are getting a very high dosage of Dr.Who,Star Wars,Star Trek, and Star Gate(not in my preference order but the popularity order).But you also have major amounts of stuff like Power Rangers and other shows of that sort.Not to mention the a lot of famous stars such William Shatner,and the stars from many top shows such as Stranger Things,Buffy the Vampire Slayer,etc etc

What can you do and see?


Like it’s a major part of the con is cosplaying. The pictures I have take are nothing in comparison to the little amount of pics I’ve taken. I’ve never seen so many cosplayers in my life.And doubt I will again honestly(unless I go to SDCC or NYCC).

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One of my favorite things I was able to do was go to a live podcast panel and a Dragon Con panel.The first picture is of a Black Girl Nerds Panel ft Afua Richardson.

Black Girl Nerds Podcast ft Afua Richardson

This picture is of a Power Ranger panel featuring Jason,Billy,Apha,and Lord Zed.Even for this panel(Power Rangers isn’t big like Star Trek or Dr.Who but it doesn’t have a dedicated fan base) .I lined up two hours in advance and I still wasn’t first in line.If you’re going to a panel make sure you do it early,or you may not get in.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Reunion Cosplay

Dealer Room

Full of all of the awesome nerd things you could think of.I saw a lot of awesome Star Trek stuff which made me really happy(it’s not the most popular show so finding stuff can be a little difficult).I wish I would have taken more pictures.On one level was just stuff: steampunk, Star Trek,Dr.Who,anime, plushies,Princless volumes,and a gigantic number of memorabilia from any fandom you can think of.So the next level is full of independent artist who are selling there crafts,and there are also a few comic book artist.Most are those who have done  a cover for the big 2, but there were a few independent artist trying to build a fan base.What’s cool about that is if you buy their books,they’ll sign them for you.So for me, I just bought a couple of comic books( and got them signed by the artist),Star Trek coin cases,a gundam(Iron Blood Orphan), and a Legend of Zelda Purse.I spent most of my money on food actually,all the restaurant in that area of Atlanta are really expensive(especially during Dragon Con) not to mention the hour and thirty minute wait time(Next time I’m packing lunches).

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Random Stuff

One of the major things that I love about it was how random it was.These were some  things I just randomly bumped into.There were so many others,but I’ll leave those up to your imagination.

T-Rexes(though they said they were Raptors) fighting Sith and a Knightwing.

How often will you see Team Rocket members dancing to the Cantina Band

Dragon Con was totally worth the money,I would love to go again.




Dragon Con cosplay update

According to the Dragon Con countdown,I have 38 day 0 hours and 35 minutes to get ready…Guess whose only barely finished one cosplay.Yep that’s me, I’ll admit it.Between saving up for Colombia,I don’t really have massive amounts of money to be spending on cosplays. You’re probably thinking wait,aren’t your cosplays pretty simple… Well yes they are….but there are three very expensive factors in my cosplays that are stopping me from finishing.

One I have already ordered.


You’re probably  thinking that I must be super serious to have ordered glasses for a cosplay,well not really.I actually need a new main pair to take with me to Colombia.So being the fact that most of my cosplay choices wear large glasses and Luna specifically wears circular lenses, made my frame choice quite easy.I only paid like $41 so I think I did well for myself.


The second two things which are the most expensive are exclusively for my Billy cosplay(kind of).

717Qy6OwQML._SL1032_  71MbUHMBpgL._SL1350_

So to me the communicator and morpher are two things you kind of have to have for a plain clothes Power Ranger cosplay.Yes the communicator just came out, yes I know that these two things are expensive.But you know what ,I would have bought them anyway….I have a somewhat obsessions with Power Rangers. I already have Tommy White Ranger Morpher along with Saba.


Now aside from that, I also having a hard time finding brown pants for my mystery cosplay,because apparently this is the season of Khakis and Green Pants.It’s almost like the color brown doesn’t exist in stores…thrift stores here I come.

I’ll keep you posted as I get more pieces for my cosplay,


8 things you should do if you visit Tokyo(NERD GIRL EDITION)

I went to Japan last year and just realized I hadn’t done a full post about it.

8.)Theme cafe’s or restaurants

Don’t go to anywhere in Asia without going to at least one.In Japan there are myriads of awesome themed coffee shops.Look at me and this owl chilling together in Akihabara(yes that is a real owl).Now I also went to the Final Fantasy Cafe which I would definitely suggest you go to (great food),but I would suggest you skip the Square Enix Cafe(unless you just want to buy final fantasies plushies that is).

[You don’t need a reservation for the owl or falcon cafe<you can get one but it’s not necessary>,but you will need one for the Final Fantasy Cafe]


7.)Festivals(or anime conventions)

Now this really does depend on when you come to Japan.I purposely went during the summer season, because I wanted to experience at least one festival.I really enjoyed the Sumida Fire Works Festival,which was very pretty, but super crowded. Like I have never been to an event that crowded in my life.I enjoyed it more because of the experience than just the fireworks.Seeing all the couples and kids in their yukatas,and all the different street food vendors, it really made me smile.Now though I planned to see the fireworks,the friend of the owner of the hostel I stayed at told me a about Wonder Con. Now everyone knows about Comiket, but I had never heard about WonderCon. Turns out it’s an anime figurine convention.It was amazing,and a totally awesome addition to my trip.


6.)Studio Ghibli Museum

Don’t wait just go.If you are into animation and you like Studio Ghibli movies, you should go there.It is one of my favorite museums I have been too(period), it was beautiful.Full of different ways of interacting with the artwork,and a lot of original sketches you won’t be able to see anywhere else(all of the pictures I have are of the outside, because you aren’t allowed to take pictures of the inside).Also you get to see a movie short while you’re there.


5.)Do some shopping in Closet Child.

So living in Korea  the style was cute,cute clothes cute everything.Yeah this is a lolita shop ,but there is one thing it does have beside sweet lolita… … a  gothic/punk section.You don’t understand,there is no girl punk scene in Korea(nor a Hot Topic or anything remotely like it) so this store was my first chance in almost two years to get nice fitting gothic clothing


4.)Buy some books and games at Book-Off

This is a used book,CD,DVD,video game store.There is not an American equivalent of this store.I was lucky enough to find Nujabes, Uverwold and Home Made 家族[Kazoku(family)]. So if you’re into J-Rock/Pop or Neo Jazz this is the store you can go in and find your favorite artist for really good prices.If you look at the pictures, yes that is Monster Hunter 3 for a 250 yen( around 2.50 USD) along side Earthbound 1+2 for game for GameBoy Advance for almost 50 USD(crazy right).This is a great place to go for used games and music.


3.)Spend some time in a Sega arcade.

Maybe the younger generation may not know,but Sega was a big part of the life for my generation of gamers. The Sega arcades are four levels of awesome. Did I mention that there’s a whole section dedicated for music based games,and a whole floor for taking pictures.Most arcades close at midnight(Korea too).Now let’s look at the pictures so I can tell you where our arcades drop the ball if you look at the picture on the top right , that machine dispenses cards.These cards save your data,so you’ll never have to start from the beginning.The other pictures are of the Pokken Tournament game that’s coming out, and the rest are of Hastume Miku game,and the place where I’m touching is the button to save my data.



2.)Nakano Broadway

This hidden gem,was in the area I stayed in.No it isn’t as big as Akihabara,no you will never hear as much talk about it,but it was beautiful.Most of the stores are Mandarake,different ones that have all types of things.There was one just full of Super Sentai and Kamen Riders memorabilia.I actually saw a replica of the original super sentai morpher,it looks almost identical to our Mighty Morphing Power Rangers morpher. But for a price of 500 dollars.I just couldn’t afford it but I wanted to.Now I don’t have any awesome pictures of the outside  but these are some of my pics of stores inside of the Broadway that I really liked.


1.)Swallowtail( The Butler Cafe),don’t walk rush now and buy tickets.

My guilty pleasure,like the Ghibli Museum it doesn’t allow pictures on the inside.I mean I love it so much I wrote a whole post on it in my travel blog.So no it’s not like a host/hostess club or a maid cafe.This is a restaurant you walk in and you are catered too.You don’t pull your chair out,carry your own purse,or even pour your own tea.It’s a place where every woman can feel like a lady.You can dress up or wear jeans,you come as you are.The architecture, the huge chandeliers,and the food,makes you feel like you’re being transported from Japan to England.The way you are treated it makes it a place that no girl should pass up.But reserve in advance(The picture on the right is showing them booked solid for the day[they’re normally booked two weeks in advance]).



… …3 Months later (post-Korea)

So if you didn’t know,I was formerly an English teacher in South Korea for almost three years.That was until a couple of months ago when I came back.It’s been three months and here’s what I have to report:

So basically I really miss the convenience of the mass transit in Korea, I could cover major distances via bus or train  traveling three to four house for like fifteen dollars,as opposed to greyhounds seventy five.And the transit makes it so easy to get anywhere in the city rather quickly.And the buses and train were almost always on time.

I miss the buzz and excitement of the city.The fact that up until like three or four there was a lot of stuff I could do.I could watch street performers all night long and lets not talk about the awesome fact that street vendors don’t go home until the morning.Actually most vendors don’t start setting up shop until the late evening.Also I can’t say how many times I would accidentally run into a festival or a big event,by just being in a certain area(such as playing the Wreck-It-Ralph cabinet or the Doraemon exhibit).Hongdae and Yongsan were my go to places for adventure.

Did I mention that most stores don’t close until really late.And then there’s still a lot to do.It’s still safe even at 2,the city really doesn’t sleep, so even if your in the city late,there are also other people around going to restaurants(yes hangover restaurants are open super late maybe they don’t close at all),pojangmacha (tent stands that sell a multitude of food, snacks and/or alcohol[if you’ve ever watch a Korean dram you know what these are]), clubs, bars, noraebangs (kareoke rooms), PC-bangs(computer rooms),and coffee shops galore.

I miss my teachers,my oppas and I really miss my students.My town…my apartment(I miss it so much), I miss all these things so much but there is one thing that I really miss so very much.

The money…that’s one thing that I really miss about EPIK is the money.I making one third of what I made in Korea.ONE THIRD the financial freedom and a free apartment.Really makes me want to go live abroad again.But I don’t know.

I’ll take my time,and enjoy seeing my family and friends.And always being aware of what’s being said around me.And never feeling like the other(well the extreme other that is).I’m going to enjoy my time here of just being a normal person, that doesn’t automatically draw people’s attention.I’m going to revel in that for the moment.Before I decide to pack up and leave again.

I hope your day is wonderful,


True Confesssions of a Blerd:Chapter 1;Adulting in America

What is adulting you ask.


To adult


the ability to act with responbilties for one’s own actions ,such as paying bills car note,insurance.ect etc etc

example:Aldulting is hard but I wouldn’t want to live with my parents again so…..

So …yeah…..I’m 26 and no , it’s not my first time adulting.I did it for three years in Korea, but this is my first time doing it in America.Oh wait you did the math three years in Korea ,means that I was like 23 pre-Korea and you would be right.So I was an adult then, you’re totally right but I wasn’t adulting.I stayed home during college,I didn’t work,cook, or pay any bills,I just studied.Adulting actually has nothing to do with age, some 18 years olds are out their working and paying their own rent and bills.Teenage but adulting.


back to me…

I just got back from an almost three year sprint in Korea.And now I’m back in America….. Yay…. …So I’m 26 debtless(basically) but also jobless.I didn’t line up a job before I left ,I just made sure I had enough money so that I could find a job by the end of the year.It’s been about a month now and well… well I’m working on it.

I have big dreams if only I had a bigger wallet.


Post Korea:Back to Normal… … Kinda

So,as of tomorrow I will have been back in America for one month.

One month….

Let’s talk about how it feel to be back.

To be perfectly honest it feels wonderful.You don’t understand how it feels to walk out on the street and for the first time in years  not be stared at.Staring is one of my biggest pet peeves in the world.To be seen as a person and not as a novelty is a beautiful thing.It’s nice to be able to smile and make babies laugh,without them being afraid of me.It’s nice to be normal(ish) person.It’s nice to just go to a comic book shop,and to walk into a Gamestop. You can’t imagine how simple things, such as seeing people holding doors open for strangers,and people just saying excuse me when they bump into you can mean,when you’ve been away from that, for so long.There is something about living in the Southern part of the U.S., you have to understand,we are polite we are cordial,and our southern charm is something to be admired.

What’s weird is…

People have moved on.Loads of people have lost weight moved,gotten married and/or had kids.So many of the kids in my family are now so much taller than me now, the little ones don’t even remember me. Everything has changed while I feel like I haven’t changed at all, if that makes any sense.It’s almost like,you’ve seen those clips in movies,where the camera is focusing on one person while everything around them is fast forwarding by.It’s like that.To be honest other than the little Korean I learned,and the patience I gained I keep trying to tell people that I haven’t really done a lot …or gained a lot.

What’s next….

I unlike so many others, am more like a bird in the wind then like a person grounding the pavement.I don’t need a lot of things or stuff to make me happy.I came back with no job or big plans.With enough money saved up to live a couple of months without worry until I find a job,and without debt.I had housing lined up,and I could always go back and live with my family but as of now.I have to make my own way.I wish that I can say that my degree training and years of teachers training have prepared me for the real world,but I’m not one to lie.To be perfectly honest I don’t feel prepared for any job really,I guess that’s what happen when you’re an arts major.

What am I going to do next, I don’t know maybe we should ask the stars.