My Most Slept On Movie List

8.)A monster in Paris

A French animation with songs that rivals those of the mouse.I was very surprised with what the movie gave me (story wise) especially after they purposefully trick you with the title.Cute and surprising a great animation for those who want animation and song beyond disney.

7.)Attack the Block

Alien invasion in a hood in London.I love science fiction but one of it’s biggest flaws is a lack of represenation of POC. Also this was my introduction to a young John Boyega. It has an unlikely cast of heros who although saving the world will probably never get credit for it.

6.)Meet the Robinsons

A movie that probably hasn’t been watched by many. It revolves around the subject I like my animations to have a good concept of, Family. In this case a kid who wants a family. A heart warming story with a message that can speak to anyone.

5.)Atlantis:The Lost Empire

All I can really tell you is to watch it. I have my own ideals for why it isn’t insanely popular, but no proof.A brilliant feat of Disney engineering and is totally worth watching.

4.)Sky Crawlers

Is my favorite Japanese movie that I found randomly at the library one day. It doesn’t seem bleak until you get to the end and realize the way in which our main characters are being used to sway the masses.

3.)Dark City

One of my favorite  science fiction movies of all time. Revolving around a city of perpetual darkness and dealing with idea of humanity and identity.It’s about noir styled film that’s beautiful and unforgettable.

2.)Mirror Mask

Unlike number one this was not a major release and unlike many of the others on this list, it’s a little harder to find. It’s a younger sister to Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, but Henson studio did a great job to create a new world.It’s a movie that balances between  Tim Burton dark and Christopher Nolan dark.It gives you a girl a coming of age story while adding elements of fantasy and her imagination.

1.)John Carter

Number one not because it’s my favorite but because it deserves to be a cult classic but isn’t for some reasons.It’s an amazing action movie.


Mirror Mask:A review(not really spoilerish)

So I thought I would try my hand at film reviews I haven’t written any in-depth ones since college, so here we go.


This movie is more visually stunning than it is anything else.There are many arguments about how strong the story may or may not be, but one thing that is never argued about is the originality within the set, character design, and it’s musical composition.The fact that it hasn’t become a cult classic is a little bit surprising to me.

At it’s very core you could say it resembles the elements of a Wizard of Oz/Alice in Wonderland story.A girl,in this case one named Helena, with problems in her real life is transported to a world very different than her own. The world is very strange, it doesn’t have the bright happiness or insanity of Wonderland nor does it have the sometimes unnecessary darkness that can often be associated with Oz.Another thing that differentiates this movie from the other two is that there is no big thing that happens to garnish us into the new world.There are no tornadoes or rabbit holes, it is an almost seamless transition.

The art style is one thing that truly sets this movie apart from any other.It is a dark fantasy like no other,it’s beautiful and quite unique. It’s the only dark fantasy I’ve ever seen that purposely chooses not use black as it’s main color.Though the ever encroaching darkness is black and tends to spawn eye spiders(that’s how I’m coining them).It tends to use more of a sandy tan to depict it’s world.The character designs are all really well done. Each person having a distinct mask and clothing. Excluding our main character,Helena,who spends most of the movie in her pajamas and bunny slippers.The world is almost totally done in CG and a lot of the creatures are weird, creepy, and/or quite intriguing.The landscape is purposely set to seem artsy .The art of the fantasy world is based on the art that we see Helena draw.The same way in which in the characters of the Wizard of Oz  are fantasy versions of actual people in Dorthy’s life.

In the story she progresses with her companion to try to save this fantasy world while trying to get back to her own.It does have a few classic tropes such as the evil queen and the classic betrayal.Yet everything is done in a new style and intriguing manner so it’s very hard to get bored.I find the world much prettier and much more exciting,than it’s sister movie The Labarinth, although there is no Bowie(and the world isn’t as cute). I’m almost sure I’ll be stoned by many for ever loving this movie over the favorite sibling of then Jim Henson movies,but I do.The labyrinth is cute and well do ne but to be honest I like Helena much more than I  could ever like Sara.Also if I had to choose a world to live in their is no competition.The only negative thing I have to say about this film is the fact the movie called Helena selfish. She wants a normal life, away from her father’s circus, and you can’t blame her.Yet she is called selfish for being tired of this life,and that’s my main problem with the movie.As a parent I believe it’s your job to facilitate your child’s dream and not the other way around.I think it’s selfish to force your child to work in an arena they hate so that you can be happy,but I digress.As does the movie honestly,we are given this point in the very beginning with the argument with her mom,and then we are thrust into a fantasy world.To be honest we aren’t given a lot about her personal life other than the fact that she’s the “typical teen”, aside from the that she works in a circus,and the fact that she loves to draw.Though at the same time we are given a clue that her outburst could honestly be from the fact that she’s a just moody teenager or just wants something different ,rather then her actually hating her life.We are also given images of what a version of Helena could be if she totally ran away from all that her mother’s taught her (or at least that’s how I’m taking those scenes in).In the resolution of saving the queen of the light I see her appreciating where she came from, and not running away from the person she was brought up to be.


The synopsis

The story deal with a teenage heroine,Helena, whose tired of her life in the circus(that her parents own). She just wants a normal life.She argues with her mom over this, and not to long after we discover that her mother is sick.After her mother is hospitalized, Helena soon finds mysteriously in strange new world.

This is a world in which you’ll need a net to catch and book and if you neglect it, it’ll sail away back to the library.Not to mention the fact that everybody in this world wears a mask “because how else would you know how you’re feeling”.It’s a world in which giants float and sphinx wont let you pass until you’ve solved their riddle.It’s split into two parts one of light and another of dark.Each ruled by it’s own queen.The problem is the queen of the light won’t wake up and now the darkness is slowly encroaching on the land of the light.Can she get back home and somehow save this world?