My Top 12 Memorable Animated TV Show theme songs of my childhood

Hi there,

So I’ve decided to give a list of my memorable things song of my childhood.These are song that I’ve memorized for years for some of these songs I’ve know for decades.I only put songs on here that I can sing without accompaniment,by heart.So for you,I present a slice of my childhood.I hope you enjoy.

#12 Cat Dog:

I just remember it,the show was dumb,I mean really it was, and animal with joint cat and dog front with no butt,??????,I watched it,but it’s only significance to me is the fact that after all those years for some reason, I still remember the theme song.

#11 Mew Mew Power(Tokyo Mew Mew):

Definitely not my favorite anime,but for some reason that song, is just stuck in my mind. Ummm ,I did really like the twist at the end though.It wasn’t really popular so maybe you’ve never heard of it.But it stuck with me.

#10 Digimon:

Tomadachi’s at their best.Just like #1 I can still remember the first episode of this anime, I remember when Ty got sucked into the digital world.It was a really catchy theme song,but super short and had no where near the same though and effort in the writing and music as half of the other songs on the list do.But it was memorable so it’s here.


#9 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT(2003):

No I don’t remember the original, yah,I know I’m a horrible TMNT fan,and yes I did watch the original. And yet I have no memories of it.But TMNT for me is an honorable mention.

#8 Shaman King:

This song reminds me a little of #1, it’s about fighting to become the best,and being a Shaman. Yeah I know it’s not a great song,and in my memories it sounds way cooler than the actual song does,but it stuck ,every lyric has burrowed itself into my head,and so it makes the list.Also the fact that it’s a really good anime helps push it up the list.

#7 Doug:

Don’t judge me I know there’s no lyrics, but that was probably one of the best theme songs I remember.I remember humming it more than a few times.It was probably like the only theme song from my childhood that actually didn’t have a song,or a spoken story,so it stood out.It was just the main character humming a beat,and I’ve never forgotten it.


#6 Proud Family

A show I totally forgotten about but seeing the picture I burst out the whole song.Yeah ,that memorable,and funny enough this song was sung by Destiny’s Child,and somehow I never knew it.I really liked this show, and there really weren’t(aren’t) a lot of cartoons about families,and it was funny sometimes.I have nothing but good memories of it.

#5 As told by ginger:

So to me this song ,the actual song is awesome because it could be just be a regular songs.If you add more verses to this,this could have been a billboard chart topper,at least in my opinion,and unlike the others(excluding #6), was done by a well known singer.It has a jazzy/neo -soul feel that makes me love it.I’ve never forgotten it and sometimes I listen to it just because I love Macy Gray. As far as the show, I know that I watched it religiously as a kid,but unlike the ones higher on the list, I can’t remember a lot of episodes.The most significant thing I remember is that it was my first time really seeing an interracial dating in a cartoon,her boyfriend was a black guy .

#4 Sailor Moon:

Yeah for some of you , it would be #1 but honestly for me, all I really remember of this TV show is the theme song(which actually says a lot about it,but I’m not sure if I remember hearing it originally from the show or later from friends who are big Sailor Moon fans).So because I can’t remember if I’ve always know it ,it slips down the list.Also being the fact that I really don’t remember any episodes of the show, I still remember the many episodes of #1 and #2.Definitly not my favorite anime,but it was one of my first , so it belongs here.

#3 Inspector Gadget:

This song is probably one one of the most iconic of all these, to be honest, for multiple generations. It’s also the only reason why sailor moon didn’t make it into the top three,yep sailor moon caught the boot in my opinion in comparison to Penny.Who wasn’t pathetic and needed saving every other episode, didn’t cry a lot and was the hero of every episode and if someone did do the saving it was her,or Brain, her dog.And the song, I’ve always known it, never forgotten it,you can’t ,it’s too iconic.I liked this show because it’s a reverse Legend of Zelda, so even though Gadget has the title, it’s Penny his niece who always foils Dr.Claws plans,in truth she’s the main character.It’s really high up because it’s undeniably iconic,but it doesn’t beat #1 and #2 .Though I love it, #1 and  #2 have always inspired me, emotional connections will always win out in the end,and you know actual lyrics beyond two and three sentences ,is really nice too.

#2 Kim Possible:

Haven’t seen it ,stop what you’re doing right now ,go watch it, and come back later-

You’re back,good.It was one of my favorite shows as a child,female spy main character -a strong female for for the win.And a male side-kick /romantic interest.Yeah she was a cheerleader,but she was cool.And made my childhood a little more awesome.

#1 Pomemon (the original season).

I actually listened to it many times, since I was a kid, but I’ve never forgotten the lyrics.For me this song has always been my inspiration to be the very best, at whatever I do,and do it , whatever it is, to the best of my ability.And I’ve always been a Pokemon trainer since childhood,and I still remember that first episode- Ash getting up late and rushing of to see Professor Oak to start a journey that for many of us ,has yet to end.It’s a song about living out your childhood dreams, giving them 100% of your effort ,and enjoying that journey with your friends and those you care about.I can’t think of a better way to live(BTW there’s a full song much longer than the on air version and it’s awesome too).

Later Days,