I am now officially a capoeirista

Hi world,

So I’ve always wanted to take Capoeira. It’s been a style that I’ve been wanting to take since I was a teenager.But when I was in college I just didn’t have the time or money to train like I wanted to. So I held off on any kind of training,that was until I lived in Korea.I basically spent my whole time in Korea training,well not just training but that was a big part of my life.I normally trained for an hour or two, five days a week.So my life revolved around Taekwondo, teaching English and my friends. Regardless if I had to go out or not I had to meet you at ten when Taekwondo ends or until nine when the later class started.

Things are different now I’m not making near as much money,but training in martial arts is something I’ve always been passionate about.Since the days of watching Bruce Lee movies with my uncle I’ve wanted to train.It’s my favorite way to workout and something I want to consistently do.

Why Capoeira?

Well why not,it’s a beautiful style about feet,force,and rhythm,and the root of slaves creating this fighting style is inspiring to me.I don’t have a lot of upper body strength, so I want to focus on styles where I do have some force,my legs.That’s the biggest similarity between these two styles,other than the fact that I’ve studied both.Now don’t get me wrong taekwondo can be really beautiful I’ve seen really awesome music videos that show the style in all it’s glamour, but Capoeira is musical in it’s very nature.It’s based on music and balance and communicating a story between two people.It’s a very different style of sparring,it’s called playing instead.I’m not going to say it’s easy because staying on beat plus correctly landing a kick isn’t easy,especially when you have to be able to pull your kicks anytime.Making a full impact kick with no intentions of hitting the person is really hard.Also the fact that your kick’s height and speed change with the music.So not only do you have to be aware of yourself and your opponent but you even have to be aware of the tempo of the music.

Oh yeah let me not forget, why I’m now an official Capoierista now you ask. So as I said before,Capoeira was made by slaves in Brazil, after slavery ending for a variety of reasons Capoeira was made illegal in Brazil.So much so that anyone caught practicing would go to jail.To protect themselves and their identify they made apelido(a nickname).So when they would play they would only be known by that name,so if they were arrested and questioned they truthfully couldn’t give up names.Even though it is no longer illegal the tradition of apelido continues.On Monday I was given a name by my mastre[sensei/master/sabomnim].Normally it’s not a name you make up yourself, but one given to you by your mastre. It is given via aspects of the way that you train,and aspects that your mastre reads of you as a person.I am now Sabia,and it’s really cool.A sabia is a Brazillian song bird,did I also mention most capoeiristas with this name are awesome(no pressure).



Preparing to apply to GreenHeartTravel

Hi world,

So I’ve decided to apply to for a job in Colombia,after doing extensive research I’ve choosen GreenHeartTravel,mainly because they have a great network for their teachers.They even have a really active facebook group full of hopefulls like me and teachers who are currently in Colombia.It’s the best community I’ve seen(other than BSSK) and I would love to be a part of it.

So what do I need:

Application (I’m not going to do this until I have everything on the list,and I have done enough research to be satisfied)

Passport Copy(Don’t have a copy but it’s not hard to get it)

They’ll do a criminal background check(No worries,much easier than EPIK onw, which I have to do and pay for myself)

Copy of your University Degree or Transcripts(I have both but I don’t really want anyone looking at my grades(Ehhhhh),but my diploma is huge,so I have to find someplace to copy of it)

Resume(Of course I have it,struggling to find a job here,I have multiples)

Letter of Recommendation(I’m super glad I got this before I left Korea)

So before I can really apply I have to get everything,I could rush but I’m not.I have to figure out what regions I going to apply for and I have do much more extensive research on  which area I would prefer to be in.I also plan on doing another TEFL certificate I have a 120 hour online one,but I think that I’ll do a 150 hour one or another 120 hour as a refresher.They say on their website that they don’t love fully online TEFL courses, but on the flip side I have like almost three years of teaching experience and that should count for something.

Research is a thing I must do,the next step is finding my location I want to teach in.





The Next Step

Hello World,

As you may or may not know.Last year I came back to the U.S. after years of working abroad in Korea.I taught there for almost three years, I traveled Korea,and took vacations in Japan and China.It was invigorating and now that I’m back in the U.S. I realize one main thing.Though I work and am busy,I’m so bored.I miss living abroad and traveling,I love that now I can have fun with my family and friends.But I miss the independence and money that came from teaching abroad.

Financial security is something that I really miss.And although I do plan on doing some filming in the middle of this year,I realize that breaking into the film industry is a really hard thing to do.It’s gonna take a minimum of five years of hard work to just even get a decent youtube following,and then after that there are no guarantees.I’m a film maker working in the sales industry,and I hate it.Love my job,don’t get me wrong my boss is a doll,and I plan on working this job as long as I’m in the U.S.,but what I really want to travel.I’m still working on my Korean,but it’s time for me to get back in the saddle.

So,I’m thinking of going to Colombia….

More details soon.