Titles that I want for my 3DS 2.0

So I recelntly just reknew my Gamestop promembership and you know what that means if you buy two games you get one free.But there are so many games I want and I thought I would compile a list of every game that I want.

Soul Bubbles(about the same everywhere)

Lock´s Quest(about the same everywhere)

Docomodake BOING!(Gamestop)

Fantasy Life(About the same everywhere)

Mario Bros :Bowsers Inside Story(Amazon)

LOZ:Spirit Tracks(about the same honestly)

999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors(Cheaper on Gamestop but with $6 extra you could buy it new from Amazon)

Advance Weapons Duel Strike(About the same but don´t pay over 27 for it)

Final Fantasy Tactic A2(Amazon, save money)

Hotel Dusk( $10  used Gamestop, $10+ used Amazon)

Fire Emblem Echoes:Shadows of Valentina(Basically $40 everywhere)

Metroid Samus Returns(New game expensive everyone)

Radiant Historia($25 New Amazon, $20 Used Gamestop)

Kid Icarus: Uprising(About the same everywhere)

Dragon Quest V:The Heavenly Bride(Cheaper on Gamestop but with $6 extra you could buy it new from Amazon)

LOZ:Phantom Hourglass (Amazon)

Bravely Default(Amazon is way cheaper)

Final Fantasy IV (Amazon)

LOZ:Ocarina of Time(same price everywhere honestly $20)

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow(Gamestop)

Pokemon Conquest(Amazon)

Shin Megami Tensei IV(Amazon $20 New)

Fire Emblem Conquest($20 Digital  becauae I own Birthright)

Xenoblade Chronicles (EXPENISVE EVERWHERE)

Games that are in Bold are 3ds, italicized is on both systems.I do realize that this is a lot of money in games,but what I really am trying to do is set up the ultimate Nintendo Library.

2.0 I added which store Gamestop or Amazon which is cheaper or the better deal.I don´t  have all the prices on here.I will do a 3.0 but after all this research I´m tired.











Ghost Trick:Synopsis


You wake up and there´s only one thing you are aware of…

And that´s that you´re dead.

And you only have one night to solve your murder. Tomorrow morning you will disappear. But that´s ok, you have powers called Ghost Trick. You have the power to manipulate items and if someone dies you can go back four minutes in time to save them.

The only caveat is, you can´t save yourself.

Not to mention the fact that you have no idea who you are or whom to trust. Nothing is as simple as it appears, and as you help others and search for your murderer, you come to realize how deep this rabbit hole really is.

Will you solve your murder or disappear?

The choice is yours


Gore Magala and the fact that I am a horrible gamer

Now  you are probaly wondering about why I haven’t blogging on video games like I  said I would. The answer is the Gore Magala.It is the key monster in Monster Hunter 4U  and though I am only halfway through. I bet this will always be one of the hardest monters in the game.And I know I will have to fight it again.In fact I just saw a cut scene with it alive even though I have already fougth it twice.

I have been fighting this monster for three month.Well honestly I would fight loose,and put my system down for weeks…pick it up…loose… and I would repeat that.

Now I am not the worst gamer ever, but after talking to another friend who games I reaized forgot one main thing I had forgot to consider in this game….


Yeah I know that is quite shamefull, but I didn’t even consider it. I guess I’ve been playing to much LoZ and puzzle games. I haven’t played an RPG that requires a armour upgrade in a minute…No excuse for this really… After finding a good armour and upgrading guess who beat the monster the same day.

But you know what made me really mad is not really me sucking… It is the fact that every monster after that is ten times easier than the Gore Magala. I am easiely slicing through these monsters… 

…I am going back to kill it again to see how much easier it is with my new weapon upgrades…

Sorry I have been gone but I’m back


20 Ninendo Games I want to buy before leaving the country(Updated)

So as I go to another country as you know ,the 3DS is region locked,so I have to stock up on games before I leave.So here’s my list of games I want before I leave.

1.)Bravely Default-$55 New (Atlus)

2.)Pokemon Moon-$40(already pre-ordered but not paid off yet)

3.)9 Person,9 Hours,9 Doors $25 New

4.)Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time-$20 New

5.)Fire Emblem:Awakening-$40 New(Love it so much)

6.)Radiant Historia-$22 New

7.)Fire Emblem Fates(Conquest more so than BirthRight)

formerly  Etrian Odyssey Untold-$51 New(Atlus)

8.)Dragon Quest V:Hand of the Heavenly Bride-$28 New

9.)Hotel Dusk:Room 215:$65 New (but used is cheap starting around $15)

10.)Pokemon Conquest-$74 New(used starts around $25)

11.)Fire Emblem:Shadow Dragon

12.)Legend of Zelda:Spirit Tracks

13.)Shin Megami Tensei IV-$26 New

14.)Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney-$25 New

15.)Etrian Odyssey IV:Legend of the Titan-$25 New

Bought but a don’t like the playing style so I’ve cut off all Etrian Odyssey from list.

16.)XenoBlade Chronicles-$39 New

17.)Stella Glow -$75

18.)Viewtiful Joe-$70 New(used start around $25)

19.)Rune Factory 4-$39 New

20.)Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland-$12 New

So I do know they’re are some really great games out here on the list.There are a lot of good Mario and Kirby games,I didn’t put,I trying to focus on my RPG collection.I wonder how many of these I’ll actually have by January….

Let’s see how this list ends,




Playing EarthBound for the first time:My impression

With the coming of the Ness amiibo I thought I would play Earthbound for the first time(sorry guys I skipped Super Nintendo,I had a Sega).It makes me miss old school games,I can’t wait to get home so I can play my NES.

First I don’t know how old Ness is, I know he’s a kid but he runs his house,he’s the/a boss.He parent’s have no control of  him.His mom’s response to him investigating an asteroid in the middle of the night is “Well I could tell you not to go but you’re going to go anyway so why waste my breath”.His dad is your save point ,it seems to me you just call him when you need to save.The mom  is like, your my little fighter,oh ok, your about to go with your friend in the middle of the night to investigate,uhh take your dog and the baseball bat in your sisters room.Be safe ,I love you come back if you get hungry.But I like her though.When your HP is low you come to her,and she’s like :

To you:

“You’re hungry already.Why don’t you have some pizza”(Replenshes HP)

To your friend.

“Pokey,you don’t like pizza….T-O-O Bad.”

Game Play:

So far I only have my baseball bat as a weapon.I have a party of three Ness(me),Porky,and his dog King.It’s a basic turn based, though what is really interesting is that people in your party follow you around.Which actually makes a lot of sense.You see all the people in your party because you are travelling together.In most games,you just see the protagonist and you can check the menu to see your party.Though it does seem so far that you have no control of the others in your party.What I really think is hilarious,is that although you are a party of three, only you and your dog are attacking.Porky is playing dead,smiling insincerely ,uses you as a shield,and inching forward without attacking.

….a little later……

Story-line thus far:

A meteor has fallen in the middle of the night. You go to investigate,your mom doesn’t fight this, you wouldn’t listen to her anyway.You eventually get close,but there’s a police barricade,and your friend Porkey, is bothering the cops.So much so that the cops are asking you to stop him.You say he’s your friend, but you do nothing to stop him from bother them.The fact is he’s so delusional he thinks it’s you that’s bothering the cops.So you go back home and go to bed.Only to be woken up by someone knocking at your door. You’re the man of the house,so everyone’s waiting for you to open the door.Who could it be….well surprise, surprise it’s Porkey. The cops had to leave to deal with a group of juvenile delinquents, so he went to go see the meteorite,but then he lost is brother, Picky.Your mom understands that your a fighter and that you have a responsibility to your friends.So she tells you go in your sisters room,get a baseball bat to protect yourself, and to also take your dog.So you wake your dog and he reluctantly joins your party.And now you can finally go up to see the meteorite, or you would if  every spiteful crow ,snake and dog weren’t attacking you.Eventually you make it to the meteorite, at which time your dog is like, this is too scary,you didn’t warn me about this,I’m going home(you can read his thoughts).In which he leaves you…. ….  man’s best friend….and you find the brother sleeping next to a  tree.You wake him up, and he tells you how he was looking for his brother….because his brother ran away.He sometimes can’t believe that Porkey is his older brother.He then joins your party.

You touch the meteorite,a light shines from it and a bee comes out.Or at least it looks like one, but it’s states that it isn’t, and that it’s from ten years in the future.A future in which this guy named Giygas has thrown the world into eternal darkness.He states that where he is from there is a legend.That one day a boy will reach a point where he finds the light and will then shatter the nightmare stone and reveal the path of the light(Not my words).The three major components of this will be wisdom,courage,and friendships.The heroes will be three boys and a girl.He tell you that he believes you, Ness are the boy of legend.His name is Buzz Buzz and he joins your party.Pokrey says that he hopes that he’s not one of three.

My score:

Six out of seven dragon balls

I love it ,I love 2d so much,and the story seems pretty interesting so it pulled me in.I just wished i could control the other characters.I love have feisty almost all the characters are.I just wish I could buy this game on steam,though I’m sure I could play it on Wii,if I could afford a Wii that is….So for the moment I’ll just keep playing it online.


Have fun Gaming,


Gamer Vault:二ノ国 漆黒の魔導士Ninokuni:Shikkoku no Madoushi 二ノ国 (part 1)

So I was thinking, I really want to catch up on some old games I missed out on from when I didn’t have a console(or games I just somehow missed out on). I’ve been eyeing this game for the past year,so I though if I have to choose any game,this would be the first one on my list.Why you ask, what could make this ‘old’ game so awesome?

Two words.

Studio Ghibli

You know that studio in Japan  who made Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro,Howl’s Movinng Castle,Ponyo,The Cat returns ,Princess Mononoke(I could go on,but …. )

This game is made by Level-5 and it has all of it’s cut scenes(most) drawn by Studio Ghibli, yes I don’t think I need to say that much more.The PlayStation version does have more content,and a better battle system,but for now with all my traveling and living abroad I only have my Nintedo 3ds.The cool thing is, the games though very similar, aren’t actually the same,the production work for the games was done separately, so I will some day get the other one as well,I look forward to it’s battle system. There’s only one downside for me with this game for me.It’s in Japanese….Yes I did realize that was the case when I bough…..but… but it’s OK, I studies Japanese in college,so I am around … ….. a beginner level in Japanese(LOL high level yes still beginner).You’re probably wondered why this game was never localized.This is why.


This is the spell-book, it’s called the Wizards Companion,and it comes with the original game,being that our main character Oliver is a wizard ,this gives you information on how to draw spells,and a full list of familiars you can ‘catch’ to have fight for/with you.And at the time,they have no intentions of translating it. Originally that is, but if you buy the deluxe wizard edition the  of the game it comes with the Wizards Companion,a NinoKuni PS3 and the game, all for the low low price of  $350,but my main problem with that is, I don’t have that kind of money.I only spent $25 for all of this(It was on sale thank you Play-Asia).

IMG_6660   IMG_6662  IMG_6663

The English Wizards Companion cost about $100 separately, I would much rather improve my Japanese rather than buy the translation version of a book I’ve already bought.Also there is the fact that this book is $100 whereas I only paid $25 for the game.


But anyway it’s time for lunch,sincerely yours







It’s coming…. are you ready

So,as guilty as it sounds, I’m a gamer without a system,so maybe I’m not to true of a gamer at all… ….maybe.I am living in Korea ,and I have finally decided it’s time to upgrade my life, so I’m getting a new laptop and a handheld. I’ve decided on am going to invest in the Legend of Zelda :A Link Between Words  3DS XL with a download code for the game(It’s coming out on the twenty second of November,it was just confirmed today ).Though I would actually prefer a solid of the game,it’s ok. People bought the Pokemon 3ds and it came with nothing I’m getting a copy of a forty dollar game for twenty dollars. I see it as an all around win.Also I do want Pokemon X, mainly because the legendary looks better.Point blank only reason,I don’t care about the others,to be honest now that we have wi-fi trading is so simple.I remember those days in which we had link cables… good times.Did I also mention that it will be the first time in a Pokemon game that I’ll actually have an avatar that is my same sex and skin color,I’m excited about the customization!!!!!!

Love Peace and StarTrek,