What inspired me to go into film?

So if you’ve read any of my blogs you’re probably noticed that I’ve spent most of my post-college life as an EFL(ESL) teacher.You’re probably assumed that ,that’s what I studied in school.You would be wrong.

I like the insane person I am, was an art based major,a film major to be specific.


Well for me my childhood was filled with Bruce Lee movies,westerns,and old school science fiction shoes and fantasy movies.I grew up on shows like Star Trek: TOS, Quantum Leap, Buffy, Hercules, The X-Files,and a whole lot of anime.Science fiction and fantasy were the main genres that filled my life.And I read a lot of fantasy.A whole lot of Arthurian legend and medieval fantasy.A lot of wizards, dragons, knights, and magic.

There was just one thing I┬ánoticed from almost all those shows and books is the lack of representation of those of color.As far as the fantasy world, the excuse I often hear is that it is just being accurate to medieval history;but that doesn’t really work for worlds like the Lord of the Rings.So people have the nerve to say that in this fantasy mythical world ,that someone created can have elves and dragons, but no people of color.It just doesn’t make sense to me,how someone could see the world and write stories so limited is beyond me.And as far as science fiction is concerned,the lack of Black, Asian, and/or Hispanic captains is really sad.With most sci-fi shows you probably will get one Asian and one Black character,who probably won’t be the main characters.And if it’s a smaller production you’ll just have one minority,just enough for the cast to be considered “diverse”.It’s kind of funny you’re much more likely to see a green alien than a brown one.

Anyway seeing the fact that those are the kind of shows and books out. I’ve decided that if I waited for Hollywood to give me what I wanted, I’d probably would be waiting forever.So, I decided that why should I expect Hollywood to represent me when it never has.I want to write screenplays and make stories that are staring people of color and that actually represent everyone.

That is why I do what I do.