New cosplay ideas

So you’ve probably noticed that I love cosplay.




Ok maybe you haven’t but that’s ok because I do love it.

In Colombia I’ve been just been rocking my X-men Jubilee cosplaybut I’ve been working other.One for Wednesday Addams and Anroid 18. I managed to find the perfect dress for my Wednesday cosplay and I’ve already located a skirt and jacket for Android 18.Normally for me my cosplays are not normally my favorite character of the series.I normally see a character and think yeah I could do that.Not always but often but these are characters I really love so its going to be amazing also I’ll be doing shoots for these as well.


 Here we have my muse Wednesday Addams.Who is off-center because her picture refuses to move.

And here we have Android 18 one of the strongest women in the DB universe.
I’m super excited for these cosplays.


A year of cosplaying(the first of many to come)

Hi world,

So it’s officially been a years since I’ve officially started cosplaying. What a year. I’ve been to three conventions this year,and I’ve done cosplay at all of them.Since I’ve been back I’ve attended, AWA, DragonCon, and Nerdacon. I ended and began my cosplay season at AWA.

Let’s talk about my first cosplay.

So while I was in Korea,I actually got the dress and scarf for my Bulma cosplay,but I decided to wait until I got back home to actually do it.I didn’t know how I’d be perceived being a black cosplayer in Korea,so I decided to wait. I was dedicated to being the best Buu Saga Bulma ,ever. I even bought a scouter while I was vacationing in Japan(yes it yells sayings from Sayians in Japanese :P). I had a lot of fun finding everything. Actually I had more fun getting the things for the cosplay,than actually wearing them.

My first cosplay


Regardless of the time I put in making the shoes,I didn’t feel great about that cosplay. I realize now that while I was wearing it, I was letting people reaction determine how I felt about it. Rather than me loving it because it was awesome.The next day I did what is probably still my favorite cosplay.

My Steampunk Cheshire.

I spent like a month(or two) making the tail,out of yarn,I followed this awesome tutorial from Zullala. And it’s probably still the most rewarding thing I’ve ever made. Not just that, I bought necomimis and yellow contacts.I mean like it will probably always be my favorite cosplay.Group cosplays are definitely my favorite way of doing cosplay. It was with this cosplay I realized the key to having a good cosplay is having fun with it.Nothing else really matters.Rather if a hundred people ask for my picture or no one.FUN is the number one thing that you need to make sure you have when cosplaying.







After my first few cosplays

So far I’ve been Clar(k)a Kent,Billy Cranston, Alice,and Jubilee.You’re probably wondering where the rest of my pictures are.Well to be honest when I do a solo cosplay I kinda get to distracted with the con,but don’t worry I’ll take some pictures in December.

20161001_122741.jpg        20161002_013528.jpg

So as of now I don’t know if I’ll be doing any more cosplays this year but I doubt it.So I have to decide which cosplays to bring with me to Colombia.I really loved my Jubilee and I’m thinking about fixing my Bulma wig and giving it another spin.I’m also considering do a Luffy cosplay if I can make the vest before I leave.I already have the hat and sandals…

I’m not entirely sure what cosplays I’ll do next but they’ll be awesome,and even better.

I’ve got a lot of choices,as do you,

Have an awesome day


My Dream Cosplays


Ash Ketchum

Canary(Hunter x Hunter)

Future Trunks

Kalik  (Manga version Soul Eater)

Luffy(One Piece)

Mira Naigus(Soul Eater)

Roronoa Zoro(One Piece)

Sailor Moon

Syaoran(Tsubasa Resiove Chronicles)

Tai (Digimon)


Comic Books



Bumlebee(Teen Titans)

Nightwing(Dick Greyson)

Raven(Teen Titans)

The Riddler(Batman)

Robin(Dick Greyson)



Spider-Man Noir

Static Shock



Video Games

Laura Croft:Tomb Raider


Riku(Final Fantasy X)

Tifa(Final Fastasy VII)

Viera(Final Fantasy XII)

Waka(Final Fantasy X)

Movies/TV shows

Bajoran(Star Trek)


Card Captor Sakura

Indiana Jones


Star Trek Commander

Team Rocket Grunt(Red/Blue)

Uhura(Star Trek:TOS)










Hi guys,

Guess what,turns out there’s a convention on my birthday.Do you know what that means.


So here’s who I decided on , Jubilation Lee(Jubilee).Yep I decided to keep going with my comic inspired cosplays.


I’m actually almost done with it well half done.I have all the clothes but the rain jacket. I also have to get the glasses and accessories.

I’m super excited,I’ll keep you updated.


Dragon Con cosplay update

According to the Dragon Con countdown,I have 38 day 0 hours and 35 minutes to get ready…Guess whose only barely finished one cosplay.Yep that’s me, I’ll admit it.Between saving up for Colombia,I don’t really have massive amounts of money to be spending on cosplays. You’re probably thinking wait,aren’t your cosplays pretty simple… Well yes they are….but there are three very expensive factors in my cosplays that are stopping me from finishing.

One I have already ordered.


You’re probably  thinking that I must be super serious to have ordered glasses for a cosplay,well not really.I actually need a new main pair to take with me to Colombia.So being the fact that most of my cosplay choices wear large glasses and Luna specifically wears circular lenses, made my frame choice quite easy.I only paid like $41 so I think I did well for myself.


The second two things which are the most expensive are exclusively for my Billy cosplay(kind of).

717Qy6OwQML._SL1032_  71MbUHMBpgL._SL1350_

So to me the communicator and morpher are two things you kind of have to have for a plain clothes Power Ranger cosplay.Yes the communicator just came out, yes I know that these two things are expensive.But you know what ,I would have bought them anyway….I have a somewhat obsessions with Power Rangers. I already have Tommy White Ranger Morpher along with Saba.


Now aside from that, I also having a hard time finding brown pants for my mystery cosplay,because apparently this is the season of Khakis and Green Pants.It’s almost like the color brown doesn’t exist in stores…thrift stores here I come.

I’ll keep you posted as I get more pieces for my cosplay,


My Official Dragon Con Line Up

So after putting in a lot of thought I have finally decided on my cosplays for dragon con


Mystery Cosplay


Who will I be,I guess you’ll just have to wait to see?


Lunella Lafayette,from Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.



Though I am going to do her,I’m still thinking about how.I probably will add more of a Tomb Raider feeling to mine,going for a teenage/adult version of the character rather than taking on the tween character as is.Also because the character is new there aren’t a lot of cosplays I’ve only seen two,so I’m excited .The only thing I need to do is order the glasses(yeah I wear glasses so it’s easier to just order a cheap pair on Zenni that to suffer a day with contacts and cute plushy T-Rex).


Clark Kent(DC)


I know I know,stop judging me ok. Regardless of my feelings on Superman, I must admit as a person I really appreciate Clark.I mean it’s hard not to like the man.So though I’ve done this once I plan on doing one again,with better shoes.


Billy Cranston from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers




Not to get you guys confused, but I’m not doing the Blue Ranger I’m doing a cosplay as Billy Cranston the character.Going to have the morpher and the communicator as props (I’m going to push play on the communicator randomly and look around suspiciously as I rush off).

Thanks for reading see you at Dragon Con,


2016 Possible Cosplay Line-Up

So here’s a short list for cosplays I might be doing this convention season.

Clark Kent


  • Required
    • Black Skirt
    • Petticoat
    • Black Suspenders(had some but it went missing)
    • Pumps(I will buy these from taobao
    • Superman shirt



  • Red Vest
  • Straw hat
  • Straw sandals
  • Yellow Sash
  • Meat(going to use GreatStuff to make this)

I’m going for something like this,a gender bend





  • Turquise Skirt
  • White top with bow
  • Red Rain Boots
  • Circle Framed Glasses(real or otherwise)

Bulma(Buu Saga Bulma)

  • Red Dress
  • Yellow Scarf
  • Yellow High Tops



Things in blue are things that I already have.


These are really simple,but hey,

I am only a neophyte cosplayer,



Cosplaying at AWA

AWA is coming and although I am in Korea,I’m coming back a couple of weeks before it happens.So here’s a first look at what I’ll be cosplaying as.This will be my first cosplay I’m super excited and scared all at the same time.


So first I want to do Yoh Asakura from Shaman King.I haven’t decided if I want to do regular him or a gender bend of him.Maybe both…IDK




Oracle Bell


Forrest green pants or skirt(I actually have a green skirt that I bought for this cosplay but IDK I’m weighing my options for another skirt)

Orange headphones

Amitamaru totem

Sword(I haven’t decided if I want to invest in that yet)

Blouse(short tie blouse)

Black/brownish wig




So I want to do a gender bend Luffy(One Piece),I was going to do a regular Luffy but why try to be a guy when I don’t have to be.Also, if something happens with one of my other cosplays Bulma Luffy  is a fall back.So if I do the Bulma Luffy, I’m changing this from the original One Piece x Dragon Ball figurine.It will basically be the same as the gender bend Luffy cosplay plus contacts and a wig.




wpid-download-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-cymera_20150508_120158.jpg


Vest:i will intend to make this

Blue shorts

Luffy’s hat(I’ll get it when I visit One Piece Tower)

Sandals(I don’t have any)

SIDENOTE: This isn’t my drawing of the gender bend,I borrowed it from google so you could have an idea of what I plan on doing.All shout outs to the original artist I love the pic.


Red Dress Bulma DBZ(I mean I kind of love Future Trunks and Vegeta it’s only logical that I’d be Bulma)




Square cut red dress

Yellow Scarf

Blue Wig



I feel like this is the one I can do most confidently.Mira Nygus from Seoul Eater.



Military Pants




Black Marker(for tattoo)

Blue contacts(I’m going to use the same contacts from the Bulma cosplay)

Braids(the problem is if I actually get in braids it would be hard to wear the wigs for the other cosplays)….hmmmm decisions… I might get braid pieces…that could work)


A gif for you





Nerd Alert:Super Man Toy[Location Shanghai China]

So I’ve decided to do a round of short post of all the different fandom shops that I find globally, so that regardless of where you are in the world you can still enjoy your fandom.This post is featuring SuperManToy.





IMG_8736  IMG_8739   IMG_8744  IMG_8746

IMG_8754  IMG_8753


The selection was gigantic,but my money wasn’t, so I decided to get one thing.After a lot of deliberation, I decided to get this a nice little Naruto based Kunai.



Rating:7 out of 7 Dragon Balls

It’s a really good place for anime fans to come and shop,especially if your planning on doing a cosplay,this would have everything you need.I didn’t spend as much time as I wanted because I was traveling with friends who aren’t really into anime,but I really enjoyed my short visit.

Location: Yu Gardens,Shanghai China,(I wish I could be more specific but I’ve only went there once.)


This will be the first of many,



Dragon Con envy or My Cosplay goals

Long time no see,

So as you may or may not know.I’m living in South Korea.It’s really fun but there are so many things to do,but sometimes ,I really miss at home.And right now everyone is getting over dragon con,posting all their awesome pictures and I’m just like T.T , it’s not fair,I want to go too.Now people are preparing for AWA,and I’m like,… why am I in Korea.I mean I know there is Comic Con here but it’s not as fun,at least not without friends.So in preparations for me going to 2015 New York Comic Con,I am working on cosplays that I want to do there,simple because I’ve never done one before.I think it will be fun,though I’m a little nervous.

My first try is Red from Pokemon.

126443-pokemon-red (1)


Yah, I know ,I’m a girl, but look how cool it is, and simple .Pokeball,hat,jacket,black shirt and jeans.I plan on doing the one from the far right.I’ve already started sewing it >.< . It’s super hard and I’m not sure where to find the hat,I’ll probably have to make it.

The next one is also Pokemon inspired(notice a theme here),

maxresdefault (1)


So unlike with the original Pokemon games ,with the newer generations there is not only a female character but for the first time ever in Pokemon history I can choose to be black. w00t w00t.Go Serena, GO!



Though it really doesn’t matter as far as cosplay goes but for me it’s still cool.I plan on starting on that skirt as soon as possible.

I will also need:

  • Black converses(I will paint them[I have the power!])
  • Knee high socks(I can buy them anywhere)
  • Mega Ring Bracelet(Toys R Us)
  • Shades(Ok I could just get white ones,or I can get replicas of the original from Ebay)
  • Fedora(Ebay maybe, I’ll find a nice one eventually)
  • Wig(My hair is quite short T.T)
  • Bag(I need to look through the game, I don’t really want to use the original purse design)
  • Blouse(So in Korea I think I can find a blouse like this easily)
  • Pokeballs(Ebay/Gmarket)
  • Fabric Paint(The Pokeballs on those shoes aren’t going to paint themselves)

Possible add ons:

Kalos Pokedex

Kalos Gym badges


I have a lot of ideas as characters of whom I might cosplay, but for right now these two are definite musts,especially  Serena.She’s my favorite, so I’m going to really spend most of my effort in that one.*sigh* What an expensive hobby.

Thanks for reading,