I´m going to COMIC CON COLOMBIA!!!!

So I´ve never been able to go to San Diego Comic Con(SDCC) or New YorkComic Con(NYCC).Mainly because I don´t have the money for travel they aren´t ridicously expensive,but I just don´t have the money to get there and stay during my trip.So I normally stick to local cons such as Dragon Con and Anime Weekend Atlanta. That is when I´m home in the U.S., but that´s not where I am now.

I am in Colombia and while here I want to go as many conventions as possible before I go home. I´ve already went to a small MegaCon event in Armenia, but this seems con seems  to be largest convention in the country.

It is Comic Con Colombia .

So I´m super excited. Last year Bruce Willis was there,this year the actress,Millie Bobby Brown, that plays 11 from Strager Things will be here, as well as Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones,and the author El Diario de Dross.

So I expect a little bit of everything, I´m really hoping for Power Ranger and Wonder Woman stuff, because of the recent movies.Though honestly I have no idea what to expect.

But what´s awesome is it sponsored by the Marvel,Disney,WB,Sony,Paramount,SyFy channel among so many others big companies.

I´m more than a little excited,but I´ll keep you posted.



Into the Vault:Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #64

First appearance of Cloak and Dagger

So we meet Peter Parker, our friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man as we normally do, slinging around New York.When he comes upon a man(Marshall) that is running for his life.The man is scared for his life and ask Spider-Mans to save him and even says that he’ll tell the DEA everything.

Enter Cloak and Dagger.

We learn that Daggers powers are that she can make tiny dagger from her fingertips that can pass through clothing and flesh until they melt in her victims bloom stream causing biophysical shock and then death.Cloak’s cloak(cape) is an alternate universe that he can trap his enemies in,not to mention that he can use it to teleport.


Back to the story, both are after this man for revenge and our Neighborhood Spider is about law and order and tries to stop them,but to know avail .Dagger kills the man although Peter tries to stop them.He looses and gets hit with one of Dagger’s daggers,and they teleport away.Leaving a very hurt Spider-Man to limp back home.

Peter than uses his connection to try to figure out more about more about Marshall,turns out that this man was a chemist for the mob.He and the people he worked for had kidnapped street kids and used them as guinea pigs to try to make a new drug.

As Parker goes to Ellis Island for find more information, he hears a scream and finds an old warehouse.Inside we learn that these mobster had street kids kidnapped and experimented on, and these two Cloak and Dagger are the only ones that survived. To make a long fight short the band guys momentarily get the upper hand ,Parker comes in and says that he understand and that they should take these men in.But Cloak and Dagger just want him to stay out of it…

In the end Cloak traps the bad guys in his cape and,makes it seems as if the only way out is a window,the men break through it to be free.

Well it turns out that that window is the window of the warehouse, and the men fall to their deaths.

They leave feeling justice has prevailed, as all the murderers of their friends are dead.Spider-Man leaves a bit confused wondering how safe the dark truly is.



Mighty Morphin Power Ranger #1

First thing you need to know is that this isn’t starting from the beginning there is no “Alpha we need to find teenagers with attitude”.This is starting right after Tommy turns from his life of evil to becoming a good guy.

What you need to know:

This isn’t a new version of the story, this is the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers you grew up with, just expanded.We have our original five teenagers with attitude Trini, Billy, Zach, Jason, and Kimberly plus Tommy as the green ranger.We even have an Angel Grove 2.0, 2016 edition along with a vlogging Bulk and Skull.

What’s there to like about it:

If you like me and have a great love for all thing Sentai. I like the fact that we are seeing into everyone’s head.Seeing into the thoughts of each character as they try to come to terms with an enemy becoming a friend, or if that’s even possible.I don’t remember them going into real detail on the internal conflicts of Tommy  becoming a good guy after being brainwashed or the rangers not fully trusting Zordon’s decision to take him on(but I’ll rewatch it just in case).Also we really never got to see them in school,Zordon would call them and they were always like yep time to skip class,yep.Or everything would conveniently happen right after class.Also I love that they have a Kobayashi Maru training scenario.

So if you want a little Power Ranger’s with your morning coffee.Give this a read.

BTW:There was a #0 I missed it so if I buy it I’ll blog about it later.



Ultimate Comics:Spider Man (Miles Morrales) #1 USM:MM V1:B1

This story starts us in Long Island at  Osborn Industries Laboratories, as Norman Osborn talks to a Dr. Markus about trying to recreate the spider that gave Spider Man his powers.It gets serious when Markus points out that Osborn created Spider-Man, and Osburn makes sure that Markus understands that he will rip him apart if that knowledge ever gets out.The next things we get is a headline by the Bugle revealing that Norman is the Green Goblin.While this is all happening ,we happen to notice one particular experimental spider #42.The scene changes, we notice a thief  breaking into the laboratory to steal a unknown piece of technology,#42 hitches a ride with the thief.Next we go to Brooklyn to see a kid and his family going to a charter school lottery ,Miles (the kid) is unsure of all of this ,but his number #42 is pulled.His parents are more than utterly ecstatic, while Miles seeing the hurt faces of so many kids who didn’t make it,isn’t .

After winning the lottery Miles goes to visit Uncle Aaron who congratulates him on his ticket out of the life he and his brother grew up in.He hands his nephew a popsicle,but before Miles could take a bite , spider #42  takes a bite out of him.Miles foams at the mouth and passes out.Aaron immediately goes out and find Miles’s dad,they both come in soon after he is waking up.His dad is more than a little angry that Miles is over his brother’s house, and blames his brother for what happened to Miles.Miles, tired of this bickering of the adults in his life leaves,and goes outside to get some quiet.His dad starts looking for him,he calls out to him, until he looks down and realizes that his body is camouflaging itself to the stoop he’s beside.