I´m going to COMIC CON COLOMBIA!!!!

So I´ve never been able to go to San Diego Comic Con(SDCC) or New YorkComic Con(NYCC).Mainly because I don´t have the money for travel they aren´t ridicously expensive,but I just don´t have the money to get there and stay during my trip.So I normally stick to local cons such as Dragon Con and Anime Weekend Atlanta. That is when I´m home in the U.S., but that´s not where I am now.

I am in Colombia and while here I want to go as many conventions as possible before I go home. I´ve already went to a small MegaCon event in Armenia, but this seems con seems  to be largest convention in the country.

It is Comic Con Colombia .

So I´m super excited. Last year Bruce Willis was there,this year the actress,Millie Bobby Brown, that plays 11 from Strager Things will be here, as well as Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones,and the author El Diario de Dross.

So I expect a little bit of everything, I´m really hoping for Power Ranger and Wonder Woman stuff, because of the recent movies.Though honestly I have no idea what to expect.

But what´s awesome is it sponsored by the Marvel,Disney,WB,Sony,Paramount,SyFy channel among so many others big companies.

I´m more than a little excited,but I´ll keep you posted.



Anime Land (Centro Commercial Cosmos)

On my first day in Colombia while exploring the 13th Carerra near my hostel.I took a step into this shopping center.

And I found THIS.

It wasn’t a huge place, but there was so pretty cool stuff. Not to mention how super nice the owners were.

It would be a great place to check out.


A year of cosplaying(the first of many to come)

Hi world,

So it’s officially been a years since I’ve officially started cosplaying. What a year. I’ve been to three conventions this year,and I’ve done cosplay at all of them.Since I’ve been back I’ve attended, AWA, DragonCon, and Nerdacon. I ended and began my cosplay season at AWA.

Let’s talk about my first cosplay.

So while I was in Korea,I actually got the dress and scarf for my Bulma cosplay,but I decided to wait until I got back home to actually do it.I didn’t know how I’d be perceived being a black cosplayer in Korea,so I decided to wait. I was dedicated to being the best Buu Saga Bulma ,ever. I even bought a scouter while I was vacationing in Japan(yes it yells sayings from Sayians in Japanese :P). I had a lot of fun finding everything. Actually I had more fun getting the things for the cosplay,than actually wearing them.

My first cosplay


Regardless of the time I put in making the shoes,I didn’t feel great about that cosplay. I realize now that while I was wearing it, I was letting people reaction determine how I felt about it. Rather than me loving it because it was awesome.The next day I did what is probably still my favorite cosplay.

My Steampunk Cheshire.

I spent like a month(or two) making the tail,out of yarn,I followed this awesome tutorial from Zullala. And it’s probably still the most rewarding thing I’ve ever made. Not just that, I bought necomimis and yellow contacts.I mean like it will probably always be my favorite cosplay.Group cosplays are definitely my favorite way of doing cosplay. It was with this cosplay I realized the key to having a good cosplay is having fun with it.Nothing else really matters.Rather if a hundred people ask for my picture or no one.FUN is the number one thing that you need to make sure you have when cosplaying.







After my first few cosplays

So far I’ve been Clar(k)a Kent,Billy Cranston, Alice,and Jubilee.You’re probably wondering where the rest of my pictures are.Well to be honest when I do a solo cosplay I kinda get to distracted with the con,but don’t worry I’ll take some pictures in December.

20161001_122741.jpg        20161002_013528.jpg

So as of now I don’t know if I’ll be doing any more cosplays this year but I doubt it.So I have to decide which cosplays to bring with me to Colombia.I really loved my Jubilee and I’m thinking about fixing my Bulma wig and giving it another spin.I’m also considering do a Luffy cosplay if I can make the vest before I leave.I already have the hat and sandals…

I’m not entirely sure what cosplays I’ll do next but they’ll be awesome,and even better.

I’ve got a lot of choices,as do you,

Have an awesome day


Why my Dragon Experience was probably better than yours

Hey guys,

I’m not trying to say that my Dragon Con was killer(or am I) or like that you didn’t have a good time.But like, I had one of the best things that can happen with anyone in their fandom.


So Friday was my first day at Dragon Con I went after work and got kinda lost(stuck in hotels with no knowledge of how to escape).I went to the dealers room plotted out what I might buy [I never just buy stuff of a whim I think about it and decide later[unless its like a rare (fill in the blank) for really cheap].Next I went to the JoyStick Video Game Bar,for a live Black Nerd Girl Podcast(It was awesome).Saturday was full of just hanging out with new friends(so busy having fun I had no time for panels).


So, I don’t think a lot of people know this about me, but I’m undercover hard core Power Ranger Fan Girl.Like I own Saba,the communicator watch,the white ranger movie morpher,along with the original TV show morpher(with all the coins),not to mention I’m reading the comic about them by Boom.So I decided if I don’t get to make it to any other panel, I have to go to this Power Ranger Reunion Panel.Got there two hours early,only to find that I’m like fourth in line fast forward to us and a Doctor Who line merging.Fast forward to us getting in.Side not I was doing a Billy Cranston Cosplay(blue ranger plain closed cosplay).So we have the actors and voices of Jason,Lord Zed,Billy,and Alpha 5.Someone interrupts that they should do,the iconic transformation ‘It’s morphin time’ thing Austin St. John(Jason) is like you got to finesse me before we go into that.Richard Horvitz(Alpha 5) was hilarious and so was David Yost(Billy).As the end of the panel,David Yost was like yeah we’re gonna do this and dedicate to you guy,who interrupted the panel.So the host managed to have a red ranger morpher,and guess who happened to have a blue ranger morpher to be used. Hahahahah

THAT WOULD BE ME!!!!!!!!!!!

So as far as I’m concerned my morpher is an  official a blue ranger morpher.

And here’s the video proof

Yep yep,I got  a much better interaction than I could have ever expect.

This ranger is heading to write some more stuff,



Dragon Con 2016:Review

Another convention review for you.

Dragon Con is a South Eastern U.S(Southern) Convention held every year in Atlanta,Georgia. Though I had heard of it ,I had never previously had the money to go.So I decided before I leave, I had to attend,because who really knows when I’ll be back in the country.

It’s a big convention spanning three hotels and two alternate buildings.At first I wasn’t sure exactly how to classify this conventions, on it’s website it points at itself for being a Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gaming, Comics, Music, art, music, film and  just pop stuff as a whole convention.But if we are to be totally honest it’s mainly a Science Fiction and Fantasy convention.

Which is awesome,because although anime is one of my biggest and original loves, I have a much longer history with Science Fiction and Fantasy than anything else.I can tell you for a fact that Star Gate:SG1,Sliders,Quantum Leap,Xena,Herculese,Power Rangers,and Star Trek:TOS where some of my first shows.So although I did watch a good bit of anime as a child,it dwindles in comparison to the amount of science fiction and fantasy that I consumed.

So unlike at other conventions you are getting a very high dosage of Dr.Who,Star Wars,Star Trek, and Star Gate(not in my preference order but the popularity order).But you also have major amounts of stuff like Power Rangers and other shows of that sort.Not to mention the a lot of famous stars such William Shatner,and the stars from many top shows such as Stranger Things,Buffy the Vampire Slayer,etc etc

What can you do and see?


Like it’s a major part of the con is cosplaying. The pictures I have take are nothing in comparison to the little amount of pics I’ve taken. I’ve never seen so many cosplayers in my life.And doubt I will again honestly(unless I go to SDCC or NYCC).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One of my favorite things I was able to do was go to a live podcast panel and a Dragon Con panel.The first picture is of a Black Girl Nerds Panel ft Afua Richardson.

Black Girl Nerds Podcast ft Afua Richardson

This picture is of a Power Ranger panel featuring Jason,Billy,Apha,and Lord Zed.Even for this panel(Power Rangers isn’t big like Star Trek or Dr.Who but it doesn’t have a dedicated fan base) .I lined up two hours in advance and I still wasn’t first in line.If you’re going to a panel make sure you do it early,or you may not get in.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Reunion Cosplay

Dealer Room

Full of all of the awesome nerd things you could think of.I saw a lot of awesome Star Trek stuff which made me really happy(it’s not the most popular show so finding stuff can be a little difficult).I wish I would have taken more pictures.On one level was just stuff: steampunk, Star Trek,Dr.Who,anime, plushies,Princless volumes,and a gigantic number of memorabilia from any fandom you can think of.So the next level is full of independent artist who are selling there crafts,and there are also a few comic book artist.Most are those who have done  a cover for the big 2, but there were a few independent artist trying to build a fan base.What’s cool about that is if you buy their books,they’ll sign them for you.So for me, I just bought a couple of comic books( and got them signed by the artist),Star Trek coin cases,a gundam(Iron Blood Orphan), and a Legend of Zelda Purse.I spent most of my money on food actually,all the restaurant in that area of Atlanta are really expensive(especially during Dragon Con) not to mention the hour and thirty minute wait time(Next time I’m packing lunches).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Random Stuff

One of the major things that I love about it was how random it was.These were some  things I just randomly bumped into.There were so many others,but I’ll leave those up to your imagination.

T-Rexes(though they said they were Raptors) fighting Sith and a Knightwing.

How often will you see Team Rocket members dancing to the Cantina Band

Dragon Con was totally worth the money,I would love to go again.



Dragon Con cosplay update

According to the Dragon Con countdown,I have 38 day 0 hours and 35 minutes to get ready…Guess whose only barely finished one cosplay.Yep that’s me, I’ll admit it.Between saving up for Colombia,I don’t really have massive amounts of money to be spending on cosplays. You’re probably thinking wait,aren’t your cosplays pretty simple… Well yes they are….but there are three very expensive factors in my cosplays that are stopping me from finishing.

One I have already ordered.


You’re probably  thinking that I must be super serious to have ordered glasses for a cosplay,well not really.I actually need a new main pair to take with me to Colombia.So being the fact that most of my cosplay choices wear large glasses and Luna specifically wears circular lenses, made my frame choice quite easy.I only paid like $41 so I think I did well for myself.


The second two things which are the most expensive are exclusively for my Billy cosplay(kind of).

717Qy6OwQML._SL1032_  71MbUHMBpgL._SL1350_

So to me the communicator and morpher are two things you kind of have to have for a plain clothes Power Ranger cosplay.Yes the communicator just came out, yes I know that these two things are expensive.But you know what ,I would have bought them anyway….I have a somewhat obsessions with Power Rangers. I already have Tommy White Ranger Morpher along with Saba.


Now aside from that, I also having a hard time finding brown pants for my mystery cosplay,because apparently this is the season of Khakis and Green Pants.It’s almost like the color brown doesn’t exist in stores…thrift stores here I come.

I’ll keep you posted as I get more pieces for my cosplay,


Playing EarthBound for the first time:My impression

With the coming of the Ness amiibo I thought I would play Earthbound for the first time(sorry guys I skipped Super Nintendo,I had a Sega).It makes me miss old school games,I can’t wait to get home so I can play my NES.

First I don’t know how old Ness is, I know he’s a kid but he runs his house,he’s the/a boss.He parent’s have no control of  him.His mom’s response to him investigating an asteroid in the middle of the night is “Well I could tell you not to go but you’re going to go anyway so why waste my breath”.His dad is your save point ,it seems to me you just call him when you need to save.The mom  is like, your my little fighter,oh ok, your about to go with your friend in the middle of the night to investigate,uhh take your dog and the baseball bat in your sisters room.Be safe ,I love you come back if you get hungry.But I like her though.When your HP is low you come to her,and she’s like :

To you:

“You’re hungry already.Why don’t you have some pizza”(Replenshes HP)

To your friend.

“Pokey,you don’t like pizza….T-O-O Bad.”

Game Play:

So far I only have my baseball bat as a weapon.I have a party of three Ness(me),Porky,and his dog King.It’s a basic turn based, though what is really interesting is that people in your party follow you around.Which actually makes a lot of sense.You see all the people in your party because you are travelling together.In most games,you just see the protagonist and you can check the menu to see your party.Though it does seem so far that you have no control of the others in your party.What I really think is hilarious,is that although you are a party of three, only you and your dog are attacking.Porky is playing dead,smiling insincerely ,uses you as a shield,and inching forward without attacking.

….a little later……

Story-line thus far:

A meteor has fallen in the middle of the night. You go to investigate,your mom doesn’t fight this, you wouldn’t listen to her anyway.You eventually get close,but there’s a police barricade,and your friend Porkey, is bothering the cops.So much so that the cops are asking you to stop him.You say he’s your friend, but you do nothing to stop him from bother them.The fact is he’s so delusional he thinks it’s you that’s bothering the cops.So you go back home and go to bed.Only to be woken up by someone knocking at your door. You’re the man of the house,so everyone’s waiting for you to open the door.Who could it be….well surprise, surprise it’s Porkey. The cops had to leave to deal with a group of juvenile delinquents, so he went to go see the meteorite,but then he lost is brother, Picky.Your mom understands that your a fighter and that you have a responsibility to your friends.So she tells you go in your sisters room,get a baseball bat to protect yourself, and to also take your dog.So you wake your dog and he reluctantly joins your party.And now you can finally go up to see the meteorite, or you would if  every spiteful crow ,snake and dog weren’t attacking you.Eventually you make it to the meteorite, at which time your dog is like, this is too scary,you didn’t warn me about this,I’m going home(you can read his thoughts).In which he leaves you…. ….  man’s best friend….and you find the brother sleeping next to a  tree.You wake him up, and he tells you how he was looking for his brother….because his brother ran away.He sometimes can’t believe that Porkey is his older brother.He then joins your party.

You touch the meteorite,a light shines from it and a bee comes out.Or at least it looks like one, but it’s states that it isn’t, and that it’s from ten years in the future.A future in which this guy named Giygas has thrown the world into eternal darkness.He states that where he is from there is a legend.That one day a boy will reach a point where he finds the light and will then shatter the nightmare stone and reveal the path of the light(Not my words).The three major components of this will be wisdom,courage,and friendships.The heroes will be three boys and a girl.He tell you that he believes you, Ness are the boy of legend.His name is Buzz Buzz and he joins your party.Pokrey says that he hopes that he’s not one of three.

My score:

Six out of seven dragon balls

I love it ,I love 2d so much,and the story seems pretty interesting so it pulled me in.I just wished i could control the other characters.I love have feisty almost all the characters are.I just wish I could buy this game on steam,though I’m sure I could play it on Wii,if I could afford a Wii that is….So for the moment I’ll just keep playing it online.


Have fun Gaming,


Nerd things I miss while in Korea

Living in Korea,here’s are a few things that I really miss.

Western Style Anime Conventions

Yes Korea does have an Anime Conventions it’s called Comic World(it’s a monthly anime convention, one in Seoul and one in Busan), so I’ve heard that if you are cosplaying it’s pretty awesome.But for a person who is going that doesn’t(yet), it can be pretty boring.So there are two main display rooms.The artist sell bags,small artwork pieces,pins,posters,and doujinshi(orginal manga/manhwa).It’s basically a dealer room for independent artist,and that’s it…. there is a cosplay contest I believe, but as stated if you don’t cosplay….There is a mini-outside dealer-room type place.A few things are sold,one piece hats things like that.There’s no dance, no real dealers room,no gaming room,no anime viewing room,no lolita panels,no maid cafe,no panels at all,no people just doing caricatures, it’s really missing all the things I love about conventions.Also it’s super crowded and hot,it’s really shoulder to shoulder.Like I feel like it’s Comic Con busy,without all the fun that you would have at Comic Con.Though it’s not someplace I like to frequent it’s worth going to at least once.

Comic Book Stores

Yes, manga and anime are popular in Korea, and you can find English version of manga in almost any major book shop such as Bandi Lumi,you could also go to What the Book in Itaewon.But when you’re looking for, just good ‘ol monthly American comics that’s something that you’re just not going to find.

BRICK & MORTAR COMIC BOOK SHOPS DON’T EXIST HERE!Yes you can cry, it’s ok,sometimes I want to,too.

Now you can find some volumes of some series, but that’s about it.I’ve bought a volume of Young Justice and Batman,I’ve been so desperate I’ve even had some sent to me. I’ve bought hundreds of comics since I’ve been here, but they’re all in America,in many cases I would be paying more in shipping them here than I paid for the actual comic,so I have then sent home instead.

Seeing other nerds

What do I mean,OK in Seoul the other day I saw two guy that came into a burger restaurant  and while waiting for their waiter, they whipped out their 3ds’s. It’s not huge but, it’s really rare to see people just doing nerdy stuff.You know people just wearing random nerd graphic tees,playing their 3DSs in the open,random D&D and Yugioh playing.Yes I know a lot of Korean people game,but that’s actually not nerdom here,it’s just the culture(guys just game here it’s the norm).Bumping into people wearing their fandoms boldly, that is something I really miss.Now when there are events such as the celebration of the Pokemon world tournament winner it was packed with people or when the 12th doctor and the Tardis came here those tickets sold-out in less than three minutes.So I know there are nerds here,it’s just not all open like it is at home.

I just miss doing nerd stuff with nerds,aint nothing like walking into a room full of people who enjoy your same fandoms.As soon as I get home I plan on going to AWA and DragonCon and meeting up with other nerds ,not just that I’m working on a couple of cosplays.

Anyway just a few things that I miss,


Sidenote: MyNamesNotAlic e(really it isn’t)


Why be a blerd?


When you think of a nerd, there are probably a couple of things that come to mind.Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons,the guys from Big Bang Theory, Peter Parker,and that geeky guy with the bottle glasses, from every eighties film.Most people when they think of a nerd ,well ,their thoughts, seems to go toward …..white guys….and occasionally a very “nerdy looking” white girl with braces and pig tales.Not a short black chick with a fro(this is my description).Beyond Eurkel most people don’t tend to associate black people with nerd or geekdom.


Now you may or may not have heard about it, but a few years ago there was a spoof online campaign about how Donald Glover/Childish Gambino should play Spider-Man in the next Spider Man movie.A lot of (white) nerds got mad,it’s obvious to most, that Parker will ,obviously, always remain white in the main universe, but these people had to use some choice,racial language, to tell him, that this joke, wasn’t funny,and that Parker would never EVER be black.

One *nerd*(jerk would be a better word) said he just couldn’t be Peter Parker, because there ARE NO Black kids like Peter Parker.In an interview Gambino made a point of stating that even in this(it was 2011 at the time) day and age, some people just can’t believe there would be an a smart black orphan living with his aunt in Queens, who likes photography.Even if you’re a comic book purist you have to understand that Parker totally could have been any race, and that there kids like him of every ethnicity,minus you know ,superpowers and parents being agents working under Nick Furry.

…. …yeah… ….It stuck with him so much he even mentioned it in one of his songs.[“couldn’t see me as spider man but now I’m spittin’ vemon.”]

Blackness is often defined by stereotypes and misrepresentation of what all black culture must be like.Globally speaking, many people expect you(black person) to sing,dance,or be able to dribble or hit some kind of ball(all of which I am unable to do), or thanks to Hollywood and other media, many are under the impression that we all are scary and violent.Let’s be honest being black is not a monolithic experience,everyone has a different home life and different experiences ; thinking that we’re all the same is ridiculous. I’ve had men here(Korea) quiver in fear of my 5’4″ frame of solid steel, I am a black belt and all, but I mean, how would you know that….Do I exude mastery of martial arts…….to speak frankly, I’m a small girl, and the fact that I’ve made some grown men jump,well it bothers me,but who it should bother is them.It should bother anyone when you’ve made up in your mind how a whole set of diverse people are,and you made a gross idea of how a whole people group will act;the idea in your mind of this people group that you know little of brings you to the point of fear.It’s also ridiculously to be fearful for no reason.

Although we exist ,we aren’t often shown, we are a under represented minority of a minority

Growing up I could only remember seeing three black nerds on TV(cartoons),and I’ve watched a lot of shows.The three are Wade from Kim Possible, Static/Virgil Hawkins from Static Shock ,and Tucker from Danny Phantom,I’m sure there was more but those are the ones that come to mind for me.I can’t really remember any Black girl nerds as I grew up.

So why use the term blerd, don’t you feel like it’s putting you in a box?

…No, I do what I want, my fandoms are my fandoms,and not everything I do revolves around nerdinesss….well….OK, a big part of it does….I’m just a pretty nerdy person by nature.Using this term helps me to find other people who think like me,others who want to see more minorities in comic books and Hollywood.Others who sometimes  question the casting of minorities withing mainstream movies.Others who want to change the representation of the female body in Hollywood, especially that of the black female body.Not only that, I’m now tied to a whole circuit that advertises independent minority based comic books.I don’t know how I would have found some of these great indie comics otherwise.Also there are awesome live podcast in which you can engage with people from all over,I’ve participated in some good chats about the nerdom,representations,movies;Some feature new and up coming artist and one even featured Taimak(Bruce Leroy from the Last Dragon) .Sometimes we just have fun, there’s #FridayNightHorror in which we just watch horror movies and tweet about them collectively.It’s really fun.It’s not to say that I don’t get involved with the whole nerd community,but I feel like it’s harder to grasp problems if they don’t necessarily involved you or if you never thought about it.

These are often problems that we  the blerd community think of and just common blerd experiences, that you may or may not be aware off

You ever think about the fact that there are so few superhero cartoons for kids staring Black,Asian,or Hispanic characters.

Ever wondered why there are almost no mainstream Asian superheros.

The joy of finding a science-fiction shows with a mixed cast.

How hard it sometimes is to find three dimensional black characters(in any type of show).

Have you ever wondered why so few black comic book characters have natural hair?

or how hard it apparently is to draw natural hair?

Or the fact that your nerdiness is often misconstrued as trying to be/act white.

Being the only black person at a specific fandom event.

Thinking about the response of the Rue casting in the first Hunger Games film.

Or the “Ah you’re so quirky, you’re such an oreo”(Never call a black person an oreo)

Or the happiness you felt with Pokemon X/Y customization(THE UTTER JOY), so that for the first time ever,your trainer actually looks a little like you

Being the only black person in a comic book store.

Thinking on the casting of Storm from X-Men.

Crossing your fingers that the Big 2 will make more minority characters.

Hoping that Milestone 2.0 will be awesome.

Having people ask you why you’re cosplaying a character that isn’t black.

Wondering why all the races in space are  blue, green and yellow, and yet people are surprised at a black Vulcan….

Looking at fantasy movies and trying to figure out, why everyone in a make believe world is white.

I mean really ,why are there like, no minorities in fantasy film worlds.

I mean to be honest a lot of the nerds I know ,that aren’t black(some) aren’t aware of some of this stuff,they grew up with super heroes and space captains who looked like them,so they never really though of questioning the system.It’s a different experience, but it’s our fandoms that bring us together.It is what we love that brings us together as nerds.

I’m a blerd because I’m a black nerd,I always have been.

Signing off


Diveristy among SuperHeroes

Hi world,

So growing up, I didn’t really read a lot of comics(though I did read manga),but I loved watching TV shows about them, there was something about super-heroes that I loved(I still do actually).I watched Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends along with his multiple  animated series,X-Men,Silver Surfer,Captain Planet(hey don’t judge me the environment definitely needs a hero),Fantastic Four,every single Batman animated series that came out,the Incredible Hulk,Batman(the old sixties one),and Mutant X(I really loved that show).

But looking back there was one show that was different from all the shows I watched growing up and that was Static Shock.

If you never heard of this show, it came out in 2000 and lasted 4 years.It was about a nerdy kid in high school named Virgil O. Hawkins, who  trying to get revenge on a bully and gets caught in the middle of a gang war.Police release tear gas they think will knock out all of the gang member, what they don’t realize is, that it contains an experimental mutagen.Many of the people effected in this tear gas gained power, this event is called the Big Bang and those effected people are called “Bang Babies”.Escaping from this Static gains the ability to create and control lightning along with controlling magnetism.

Now you may be wondering what makes him different from these others groups and heroes I’ve stated,what makes him different from all the other show I watched growing up.




He’s black and not just that he’s a nerd,he reads comics and games.

Think about it, I can’t name ten,not even five superhero based TV shows I watched growing up in which a Black,Asian, or Hispanic person was the lead character,or even if there was a team,that person,was the leader of that team.Static wasn’t one of many,he wasn’t part of a team,he wasn’t a sidekick,he was a teenager who decided to become a hero in his own right upon.

He was created by Dwayne McDuffie,Robert L.Washington III,and artist John Paul Leon,under the banner of Milestone comics,a minority ran comic subsidiary of DC whose goal was to create more minority characters within comics(This company is actually having a revamp in 2015,I wish them all the best,I’m super excited to see what they will put out).I really liked the show,and I really think we need  more shows like it.


Because I think every little boy and girl needs to have the ability to watch a TV show with a  superhero, and be able to see a little bit of themselves in the character.I can see a bit of myself in Peter Parker,Robin,Batman,and Wonder Woman.But it’s nice sometimes to see a character that looks like you.Everybody’s not Caucasian,that’s just not the world we live in. Everybody wants to have a character that’s saving the world that looks like them.If you look at comic books it’s very obvious that originally most characters in the universe are white,now things are different,….. well slightly.

Think about this

Name 15 Asian comic book character(non manga please).

Uhhh,I can tell you at  least seven off the top of my head.[More research is necessary]

Now 15 Hispanic characters

I have at least five I could think of on the top of my head,and I’m including Miles Morales in both the Black and Hispanic categories.[I definitely need to do more research]

and 15 black characters.

After a lot of research I am totally able to name 15 black characters,easily,but sadly most of them I can think of quickly aren’t original(based on another characters power,or race changed version) or they’re so obscure very few people know of them.A few quick examples are  BatWing, Ulitmate Spider Man,War Machine(Iron Patriot),President Super Man, Bumble Bee,Green Latern(John Stewart),Ultimate universe Nick Furry and many others.

Most of the characters I know who are minorities I’ve never seen on TV or maybe they are a part of some bigger team,but they rarely have their own shows,or ever lead the team they are in for more than a couple of issues or episodes, Blade is the only other minority comic book character I know that has had his own show.And if you want , we can through Young Justice into the pot,who was run by a New 52 black version of AquaLad,although he was technically he was only holding that position until Robin matured enough to lead the team.

Counting them all up, that’s  three shows.Four if you count the New Luke Cage show that will be coming on soon.Comics are changing there are new minority comics coming out now,and it makes me totally happy.It’s been 77 years of Super Hero comics I think the masses should be able to know at least five Asian superhereos off the top of their head.You shouldn’t have to be a comic book nerd to know about minority characters,they should just be there for anybody who wants to read about them.

Side Note

As you may or may not know it’s February,and in America that means it’s black history month.So some nerd blogger,have decided to do a whole month long dedication to independent minority comics and minority comic book characters.Blogs such as http://vixenvarsity.com/ along with a lot of others are getting the word out ,the twitter page is https://twitter.com/BlackComicMonth.

So anyway thanks for reading this has been a post from,