I´m going to COMIC CON COLOMBIA!!!!

So I´ve never been able to go to San Diego Comic Con(SDCC) or New YorkComic Con(NYCC).Mainly because I don´t have the money for travel they aren´t ridicously expensive,but I just don´t have the money to get there and stay during my trip.So I normally stick to local cons such as Dragon Con and Anime Weekend Atlanta. That is when I´m home in the U.S., but that´s not where I am now.

I am in Colombia and while here I want to go as many conventions as possible before I go home. I´ve already went to a small MegaCon event in Armenia, but this seems con seems  to be largest convention in the country.

It is Comic Con Colombia .

So I´m super excited. Last year Bruce Willis was there,this year the actress,Millie Bobby Brown, that plays 11 from Strager Things will be here, as well as Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones,and the author El Diario de Dross.

So I expect a little bit of everything, I´m really hoping for Power Ranger and Wonder Woman stuff, because of the recent movies.Though honestly I have no idea what to expect.

But what´s awesome is it sponsored by the Marvel,Disney,WB,Sony,Paramount,SyFy channel among so many others big companies.

I´m more than a little excited,but I´ll keep you posted.



Nerd Culture in Colombia [the 4th update]

So upon doing extensive research of Colombia nerd culture I have found out the best thing ever.That Colombia has it’s own Comic Convention,now I’m not talking about a state’s comic convention, I mean the country’s equivalent to SDCC and NYCC(San Diego and New York Comic Con),this is where all the big names go to.It is also the convention that is sponsored by all the big companies. It was just last weekend.Bruce Willis was there,along with the Batmobile(Christopher Nolan’s renditions), Harley Quinn’s bat,among other things. It’s not going to be as big as SDCC and NYCC but it sponsored by all the big players so it’s bound to be awesome.That was one thing I really missed ,there really isn’t a western comic book scene in Korea.Comic Con Colombia will be a definite thing on my list of things to do in Colombia(yes I totally plan on cosplaying there).

Aside from comic book culture there is also a very big anime culture.I love finding figurines and being that most anime stores have a very diverse selection,I plan on finding all I can while in Colombia and writing about them.These are two that I have found thus far.

[Update 2.0]

After doing a little more research on the anime scene in Colombia I have found another festival, Shin Anime Festival .This is what I have been looking for,and it’s a Western Style anime convention.Ok western anime coventions are a bit more lively there are pannels cosplay contest,game rooms and a lot of interactions.

Take a look

[Terminate 2.0 update]

[UPDATE 3.0]

So looking today I just found the motherload. Though some of these seem to be a lot smalleer than Comic Con Colombia and Shin Anime,I plan on visiting them,or at least attempting too.I don’t have a lot of inormation on all of these but they look fun.


I have no I idea what this conventions going to be like but I’m going to go.

Otaken Colombia

This gives you a link to all the events that the have Joystick(a gaming event) being one that seems to be the most popular one.

Lolita Fashion Colombia

Well for all of the Lolitas that are coming to Colombia.I will probably bring only one cord(and vacuum seal my petticoat)

Harajuku Project also host a Harajuku fashion walk.

[End of 3.0 update ]

[Update 4.0]

Anime Land (Centro Commercial Cosmos)

The owners speak very little English but are really kind.Here’s there Facebook.


So you can check them out more if you like

MeGaCon 2017

Armenia ~March 18th

Manuals ~March 18th

[End update 4.0]

Sora Anime Store

Calle 5 #61 -159 local 9 centro comercial cañaveralejo, Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
These are the anime and

Otakuscity Tienda Anime

Bogotá, Colombia

Aside from those I found a video game store.

Flash Video Games

Located inside Centro Comercial Los Molinos,Medellin,Colombia

I really can’t give an definite opinion on any of these things as of yet,but next year when I explore I will give detailed information on each store and what can be found there.

Thanks for reading,


WonderCon Summer 2015: Review

Never heard of it,I was like that till a couple of weeks ago .I would totally have said the same thing, but turns out it one of the biggest anime conventions in Japan.I feel like I lost my otaku card when I was told about this convention,but it turns out I have epic timing, so I was able to go while on my trip.

First off this isn’t like an American convention at all nor is it like a Korean convention .I find that well the Asian conventions I’ve been to, really center around manga and doujinshins(original manga by independent artist) and fan art of those artist.This conventions is one that centers around figurine artist rather than manga ones.People bring their own original figurines and art to sell.Major companies also are selling their best stuff there too,many pieces sold are limited edition.So if you get there too late,you miss your opportunity to buy them,many figurines where sold out. Let me not forget to tell you the price of some of these figurines are ridiculous, many selling for 20,000 yen or higher(That’s 200 US for one piece).Did I mention the sheer amount of Gundapla here.What’s that you ask.Model gundams that you build yourself,I’m a big fan of it personally and bought two while I was there.I’m super stoked to put them together.There were three main floor room.The first floor consisted of  many models from Neon Genesis Evangelion which seemed to be one of the themed manga/anime of this convention.There were also many steampunk things on this floor as well.But what really surprised me where the dolls.I didn’t realize that it was something that many adults were interested in.Second room seems a bit more like an advertisement room, complete with a stage,contest winners,mini photo shoots,and a ridiculous amount of cars,did I mention a R-Rated figurine set room.I didn’t go inside,but you should know this convention isn’t for children,some figurines were in very….lewd poises.It is the first convention I’ve been to where it has been complete adult clientele.There was also an event happening, people doing stuff on stage,but being the fact that my Japanese has winded down to almost nil, I didn’t really spend time in that room a lot.The third room was my favorite though no steampunk things like the first.The last room was more like a vendor room,selling so much stuff I spent most of my time there,I went over it a couple of times,and in my looking I managed to find a Studio Ghibli Gupla for 500 yen,that’s five dollars.It was totally my favorite room,although it was lacking the steampunk awesomeness of the first…

Also this convention cost 2,000 yen,that’s about 20 USD and instead of getting a ticket you get a guide a book that tell you about every vendor there,enjoy the pictures of the con.

Here’s a picture of the ticket(actually a book full of all the vendors names,position numbers and websites)



Pictures of just some of the awesome things I saw….

IMG_8426  IMG_8428    IMG_8431     IMG_8435

Because steampunk things are awesome

IMG_8436      IMG_8442     IMG_8452 IMG_8453     IMG_8458  IMG_8460

No… this wasn’t made by official attack on titan people but a skilled artisan nevertheless.IMG_8461   

  IMG_8466     IMG_8471  IMG_8473  IMG_8475  IMG_8477 IMG_8478

Dolls I don’t really get but to each his own.    

IMG_8483 IMG_8484    

Yeah that does say that if you’re under 18 you can’t go in.

IMG_8488   IMG_8481IMG_8492  

IMG_8494 IMG_8495  IMG_8497 IMG_8498    IMG_8502

For 2,000 yen they would mail you everything you bought,that fits in a box.Yes some people did buy that much….

IMG_8486IMG_8503 IMG_8504 IMG_8505  

You’re given a scene you set it up and do with it what you will.




It defintely on my list of favorite conventions.I would so recommend it.


7 out 7 dragonballs

Nova #1 2013

Hi world,


So it’s sets you with up with a dad telling a story to a son who doesn’t really feel like this is correct time for a fairy tale.But this isn’t just any story this is a story in which the dad is a part of, based seventeen years ago before he settled down.It throws you into the frey of a rescue mission in another galaxy to save Rocket Raccoon and Gamora ,from Guardians of the Galaxy.It sets up that these people. are either the Black Novas or the Super Novas(or maybe those are the same) and that their enemies are the Gold Domes.So what I’m guessing is the Nova group is kind of like the Green Latern Corp.,maybe.During this story the kid is a little overly-critical, like he’s interrupting his dad to tell his slang is off,who says peachy anymore,like really.The dad puts himself in danger to save his friends,but doesn’t die and in the in is saved by another Nova.

Now push yourself through time,to sixteen and a half year later,our hero is now throwing up ,into a toilet as his teenage son looks on unimpressed.This former Nova has his son help him to a bed in the garage/shed as he mumbles about what should happen if the other nova’s come back for him.You get a nice shot of the helmet(that you saw him wearing in the story),which has probably been in there for a decade or more.The son walks into the house and tells his mom that he has successfully walked his dad back home and done his dad’s job for him.Let’s be honest this guy is looking like the worst father of the year ever,the mom’s trying to explain to him how’s his father’s just having a hard time right now.But he’s having none of that,his mom is just about to reprimand him as his little sister walks in.Giving him a chance to escape from his mom and go to bed.

The Next Day

Ok, sidenote this kids high school’s name is CareFree High School…..their towns name is CareFree…….Anyway while skating in school a bully makes sure to knock him down, while making fun of our main character, because his dad is the schools janitor.This is broken up by the principle who proceeds to tell him in no certain words that his dad is a looser and will be fired if he keeps missing work.Also he tells Alexander,that’s his last name,to ‘get a helmet’.Side note why are all the adults in the story so garbage.What kind of adults discusses another adult with a child especially if that adult is the kids father…. and the dad…. anyway lets continue.After school a girl(insert stereotypical high school pretty punk girl) is like I know that you do your dads job for him ,if you need any help…..and he ends up telling her what I think is his greatest worry, that he’ll never leave that small town and will end up being just like his dad.

Let’s go back to our nova’s but this time only fifteen years ago,and this time the daughter is the one hearing the story and unlike her brother she likes these stories.They have taken a recorder from the Regillians(I don’t know who they are either,bad guys*shrug*) who are tearing their ship apart.Being the fact that the dad broke regulation and got married(I’m guessing that they must be single ,you know, just in case they die they won’t leave a family behind?Harsh)Anyway they tell him,Jessie, to go home,we end this story when he tells them he’ll be back with help as soon as possible.The story takes up back to present time, Jesse telling his daughter that he made it just in time to see Alexander’s birth.Alex is just looking in the background rolling his eyes, talking raccoons and green women, Sam(the son) is tired of his dad,and his stories and he just can’t understand how his sister can hold him such high esteem.

The next day we go back to the school and for some reason the bathroom is roped off,I guess it’s unusuably dirty,IDK I’ve never seen a high school bathroom roped off.Anyway the bully from the beginning is like well,I guess it’ s up to you to clean it Alex,tries to hit him, misses(of coarse) and gets suspended. He goes the garage/shed where his dad usually is to blame his dad for getting suspended, but not only is his dad not there but there is a hole in the shed,Alex is like you’re not going to run out on us.And quickly skateboards out(he skateboards everywhere) in which his board hits a pebble and sends him head first into the ground(Fast Forward Three Days)He wakes up partially each him time seeing someone different the last time he hears people before seeing them.

Pulling back the screen it’s Gamora and Rocket,wanted to know where his father is.

End scene

I liked this introduction much better than Spider Man 2099 because they actually, you know introduced me to the character,I got to meet him,see his life a little.I got to learn his temperament,it’s not great but considering that he’s a fifteen year old who has to clean up his own his school because his dad is drunk and stuck in a dream world that’s fake,that would make anyone a little sour.


Have a great day,


Spider-Man 2099 and Comics in Korea[Comic Book Corner]


So being the fact that I’m in Korea, I realize that I’m going into comic book withdrawal. I’ve probably bought at least three hundred or more comics in the past few months(most of which I’ve paid around $.01 to $1 for ,but I haven’t touched a single one{EBAY is my friend})It’s driving me nuts.I recently asked a couple of male teachers about comic book shops in Korea,and according to them…. they don’t exist here *head explode*.So I’m left with two options.Digital comics or ordering print comics from Canada(because I’ve found Canadian Comic shops do better and cheaper international shipping).So I’m buying the comics I really want to keep from Canada and comics I’m interested in maybe buying in print,and the ones I’m unsure of in a digital format.Yes digital comics are cheaper,but print comic books appreciate over time especially if they are the #1 issue or a variant.


So let’s talk about Spider-Man 2099 #1 (2014)


First off,I previously knew nothing of this character, as far as Spider-Mans go, I tend to stick to Peter Parker/Dr.Oct/Miles Morales .I’ve only recently start reading about Morales, he’s only been Spider-Man for about three years now .But I do love Spider-Man’s so I would give this guy a try ,and I was basically given his whole synopsis in the first speech bubble.

His name is Miguel O’Hara, a genius kid from the year 2099,working at the mega-corporation Alchemax, he rewrote his DNA to replicate the original Spider Man, making his DNA 50% spider.Due to a temporal distortion threatening the president of Alchemax who is secretly his father,he goes back in time to look out his grandfather .We are told this by his holographic system called Lyla.

OK, so I don’t mind a comic just dropping me in the middle of the story,I mean I love putting together pieces, and breaking down what’s happening.But this one doesn’t just do that, it also implies that stuff has recently just happened,like a few days ago.Because it just leaves me with a lot of question I can’t answer …. isn’t this suppose to be #1.,but maybe there’s a #0 I haven’t read.We start off with a future terminator coming to the past to kill Miguel  to stop some bad event from happening in the future.OK, so he’s not a terminator he works for this future temporal police agency called T.O.T.E.M., who are kinda like the temporal time police from, Star Trek Voyager.Except for the fact that he kills anybody who’s in the way with whom’s future isn’t relevant to the world.I mean I understand that this person’s not going to have kids who will change the world ,but can they at least be allowed to live out their, ‘irrelevant’ life.Also it normally goes against temporal time directive rules to tell people about their future because you know, they could probably change it.A good example is this agent kills one security guard because he does nothing important  to help the future, and he tells the other you’ll have two kids one will die in a car crash ,the other will do major cancer research and is “detrimental to humanity”,so though he wants to he can’t kill him.And he gives the guy condolences on the lost of the other son in eleven years(YES HE SAYS  IN ELEVEN YEARS)…..The Marvel Universe isn’t like H.G. Wells time traveling theory,you can go back and stop the reason you came in the past from happening,while making an alternative time steam,this has been best showcased in the days of future past x men storyline,when Kitty Pride went back to stop the killing of the X-Men.

So let’s talk about our Spider-Man he’s young,a genius, cocky and his name is Peter Parker.  No,no he’s drawn to have that cool popular look that Peter just doesn’t have.  To be honest I didn’t get a lot of personality from this guy, we know he’s a genius who purposely made himself a mutant,for the purposes of saving his dad.He’s inquisitive, he wonders about people, their motives and how they feel ,like we’re giving a whole page of just his thoughts, though he seems to be a little serious,he’s likable enough.He cares,which is something that a Spider-Man has to do, he has to care about everyone.But the thing is with most Spideys ,they were the little guy, the guy who no one notices,I don’t know if you can say this about a guy, a guy who made himself into Spider-Man rather than just being bit like the others.

His hologram reminds me of Gaia from Captain Planet, tall women in a long dress,there when you need her.Even though she’s not suppose to,she randomly appears on his wrist watch multiple times,and even cracks a joke with the T.O.T.E.M. agent.She also makes all his clothes.Yes, his clothes are actually just holograms, he’s wearing his suit 24/7… well I just hope he’s washing it.

Lastly we meet a woman called Ms.Allen who figures out that Miggy,yes that’s his nickname,didn’t break in, so he must be an employee,and she wants to use him.The T.O.T.E.M. agent actually thought that she was more of a threat to the future than Miggy was,being that it is their relationship and partnership that hurts the future,so he was willing to just kill her and leave Miggy alone,but of course Miggy uses his webbing to point the weapon back on the agent,and now we are left with a woman,who wants to potentially use him.

Hmmm, I bought this as a digital copy,but I’m not sure if I really want to buy another.Like, if it was this verses the new Amazing Spider-Man, it wouldn’t even be a competition…. It’s a new series though, so I will give it a little more time.So would I buy  print copy…NOOOOO….. ,but I might get the next digital one when it comes out,who knows,maybe he’ll grow on me.



X Men Days of Future Past

Sidenote: I’m in Korea so I’m a little late with  my review,it get’s here a few weeks late.

Ok so lets get to the basics, this is a good movie.Good actions scenes strong characters.Great character development.

If I wasn’t a comic reader I would give this movie a 9.2/10.

But let’s be real, I am a comic book reader and that’s not the real score for me.X-Men helped start my love for comics ,so let’s get into a real conversation with this movie.Let’s start with the good.

What I loved.

I loved the few moments they gave to Quicksilver.The whole scene with him running on the wall of Kitchen in the Pentagon.Taking his time pulling pranks,making people punch themselves giving people wedgies,moving liquid while it was mid air was beautiful.I also love the music they played during his scene and how, he really waited to t he very last minute to save everyone from the bullets,lastly pushing the bullets away from his dad.The characters is such a whimsical and carefree rogue(yeah he’s definitely a thief I mean did you see all those Twinkies and TV’s), he’s the only one without major issues in the movie.I loved his quick change scenes and his outfit,I was a little worried about the pictures I had seen before the movie came out.The sad thing is that he wasn’t in more of the movie.

Easter Eggs and other good stuff

So just in case you didn’t pay attention, you might notice when Quicksilver met Magneto and saw Magneto use his powers he was like “My Mom knew a guy…” yeah Magneto is his father.Secondly I noticed a scene with a girl watching Magneto and the stadium going over.It’s my speculation that this girl is the same girl you later at Quicksilver house in the end.His sister,the only odd thing about this ,is his sister in the movie is just a kid.Why is that odd because the only full blooded sister he has is Scarlet With,who is his twin.Is this girl suppose to be Magneto’s other kid,is she just Quicksilver’s half sibling,or did they just cut out the Scarlet Witch *shrug*.

Ok it’s not an Easter Egg,but did you catch the time traveling episode of the Star Trek,it was playing on the TV in Hank’s ‘basement?’.Also I realized watching this in Korea there are a lot of things you wouldn’t get if you weren’t American’s so while we where laughing about things  it was other wise silent.I loved the accusation of Magneto either killing Kennedy,or the alternative that he was killed because he was a mutant,and Magneto tried unsuccessfully to save him.This by far is my favorite Kennedy conspiracy to date.Also I really loved how one of the first things we saw after time traveling was a lava lamp, it set the mood,I think.I also loved Nixon, I think whoever this impersonator was, really captured the essence of the president.I couldn’t help but chuckle when he did the double piece sign thing.Also I really like that when they showed the older sentinels it was really reminiscent of the original comic and TV adaptations.And I love and hate that this movie gave me little heart attacks every time a mutant was killed.I was just like  NO, Bobby,Pyro,,Colossus,Storm, Bishop… … don’t die … … and seeing Magneto get stabbed,I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. But rather he than Piccard and Kitty.


No Kitty for You

Ok, I know, I know people love Wolverine, but as far as I’m concerned he can kick rocks,I do understand how Singer was saying the age thing wouldn’t have worked for sending Kitty into the past,but the comic book did it with enough with insight to make it work.At the end of the day,I don’t believe him , they did it because Hugh Jackman makes sales,at the end of the day it’s about money and popularity.If the movie doesn’t sell well, you can’t afford to make sequels.But could you imagine how awesome it would have been to have a female main character in a comic book movie.Every last one out staring a woman has sucked,Elecktra,Tank girl, and the other hero/villain movie that shall not be named(let’s just say it’s staring the same character that plays Storm).I just feel like he didn’t feel capable of making a  movie starting a semi popular actor in the place.I understand it was easier to do it this way,but I think it sad that comic book writers had such  a good story arc with a  female main characters,but in 2014 we can’t. It would have been a lot harder to write yes I’ll give them that,and I do understand it might be harder for a young girl/woman to get them to see what needs to be done.But it’s not like that’s how it happened in the comic,… … oh wait that is …. …


OK I understand establishing Bishop for X-Men Apocalypse is a good thing. I like this guy but I’m not sure what he’s doing in this movie.Yes he’s from a distopian future, but not from this distopian future.This X-Men arc is based on X Men issues  141 and 142.Bishop doesn’t make an appearance until  282…. .Though in the TV show he did replace Kitty and go into the past for this story-line,but being the fact that Wolverine takes this role….he just doesn’t fit.


Ok,so let’s get something straight.Unlike Wolverine,Storm,Warpath,Blink,Bishop,Colossus and everyone else in this.He, professor X,Cyclopes,Jean and Beast are only original X-Men mutants, from the first issue.And I just can’t appreciate the fact that they have such a young actor cast to play him,a beard can’t hide that baby face.But I had this same problems with the original trilogy as well.First generation mutants should be older,it’s like the Halle Berry casting for storm,yes they’re good actors but unlike Jackman,they actually just don’t fit the character.I don’t care how good or bad of an actor he is ,he’s too young.

Trask(I doe’t matter if your black or white ….. … as long as you keep continuity in the universe )

So X-Men pulled what I’m forever coining as Two Face Effect. Ok,  what I mean by this is you remember the Tim Burton Batman movie from the 90’s,Harvey Dent was cast as a black guy, but with the changing of the director he became white again.This same thing happened with these movies, trying to make the cast more ‘diverse'(which for the X-Men isn’t needed,being the fact that they been quite diverse for a while) you ruin the continuity of the movie.This same thing was done when they showed Trask as being a black guy in one of the prior movies.


Ok let’s just get this on the table Hugh Jackman is a great actor and he put in a great performance but I still can’t get past the fact that it should have been Kitty.To be honest to me it only makes sense if Kitty or Bishop time traveling, being the fact that these two are the only ones really know for doing it.But being the fact that Wolverine is Fox’s cash cow he is the main character.Yes I know he’s a nice looking guy ,sorry for me that’s not enough justification for him to be the center of every single X-Men movie.

The other movies never happened now?

So at the end of the movie you’ll notice Scott and Jean are alive again.Killing Scott in the third movie was idiotic to begin with, but are we just suppose to pretend that the Phoenix saga never happened. Did it possess someone else,are we gonna have to see it happen all over again?I mean they messed up by having Wolverine kill her anyway… I mean the phoenix was so powerful the only person able to really kill her was herself,so she committed suicide by throwing herself in front of a laser to save the other X-Men(too much detail for this post but that’s basically what you need to know).I mean I’m happy three doesn’t exist anymore,but  like this rewriting of history just for the possibility to re-due the movies over again is tiring.I mean I like comic book movies,but I want a ten year break before we do remakes.Can you give me a little time to forget the first set of movies first.Please ,and thank you.I mean let’s try other comics how about the Warrior,the Defenders,Excalibur,Teen Titans,Static,Xombie,the Runaways,I mean,can Wonder Woman,or John Jones get a movie.Let’s make a Mutant-X movie.I mean there are so many series out there,and I love my X-Men,Batman,Super-Man,F.F., and Spider Man.But there are other comics that can be made into movies.We really don’t have to remake the same ones every five years.


The Ending.

The credits were super long before the ending came.And  you know that every singlet person walked out but me and my friends.I was just thinking, haven’t you people ever watched a Marvel movie before, you should know better than to leave before the credits end,it’s just common sense to me.So basically all you really need to know is that their bringing Apocalypse into the next movie.They had people worshiping and chanting while Apocalypses, quickly is making  a pyramid.It was simple and didn’t give half as much info as C.A.:Winter Soldier did.

My final grade:

So don’t hate me but as a comic book movie if it hadn’t replaced Kitty it could have gotten like a 8.6 for all the inaccuracies,but being the fact that they actually took out the main character and replaced her because of popularity and because they lack the ingenuity to make a story line with her(even though it’s already been written so they could just follow the original comic) I give this movie a 8.19,with no curve.We don’t round up grades here.

Sincerely Yours,


Why I’m not an investor

To be honest there are three different kid of people who buy comics, collectors and investors,and those who fall in the middle.

Investors are ones that buy CGC rated comics.The company is called Comic Guaranty LLC,and CGC stands for Certified Guaranty Company.They are well trusted among collectors and investor.You send them between 25-50 dollars, they take your comic and rate it between .5 poor and 10 mint.They then encapsulate said comic in plastic to keep it from depreciating in value.But that’s not the only way to get a CGC certified comic you can also buy them online. Ebay has multiple sellers that you can buy from like this.This is the best way to keep up the value of your comic…

….. but …. ….

Ok so let’s me be honest ,when I do buy comics I do try to buy the best grade as possible I tend to like to buy Very Fine(VF) to New Mint(NM) that’s from about 7.0-9.8. I do try to buy the best grade,but I like to read my comics.At least once,maybe twice.I know ,I know, this  is how I know that I’m not really an investor yes,I like the idea of having a way to keep the value of my comics forever.But what if I want to read it again.What if I forget what happened in the comic.What i want to prove someone wrong. LOL. Ok so I actually do have one CGC certified comic,but not on purpose.

The story is, my sister was going to Dragon Con.,it’s a big nerd convention and Stan Lee was going to be there.So I asked her if I paid in advance if she would get my comic signed for me.We paid, she went,and she missed him,through no fault of her own.He got sick and had to leave.So they were like ,hey, don’t worry we’ll send it to the next convention he goes to, so he can sign it there.Long story short four months later I don’t just get a signed comic I get a signed CGC certified comic with his signature. I was super stoked to have his signature though the score made me sad 1.8/10 that’s a good minus.But you may be asking if it’s so low why not buy a higher grade one… …. …. well.Because at the time I couldn’t afford it.This was the Fantastic Four #53 the second appearance of Black Panther.It was the cheapest copy I could afford.And for me I’d rather have it at a low grade than not have it all.For me I care about the grade of modern comics, but of golden,silver age comics ,I’m much more flexible, I just want them all.I want full runs of comics.For me I’m trying to get the complete set of the original Amazing Spider-Man, the Uncanny X-Men,Batman and Robin(by that I mean the 2009 Dick Greyson/Damian Wayne batman comics)and Ultimate Comics Ultimate Spiderman which I’m missing the last comic of ,but I’ll also just buy comics if they’re cheap I’ll buy it,and maybe if I have multiple copies,I’ll sell it and make a little profit.Maybe….


I like to collect,


First thing I want to focus on is getting key issues such as the first appearances,the changing of main artist that kind of thing.Those are of value,so that’s the part of the investor in me.On the other hand I want all issues,I want to read the whole story.For me, yeah the keys are an great investment, but I want the middle to I want to see what led to those special events.

Secondly you should know that I’m cheap.So I couldn’t be the investor.Being an investor is expensive CGC normally run you at least 40 dollars going up to about $1,000+ depending on the comic… Yeah, the most I’ve ever spent on one  comic is my Fantastic Four #53 , which was around $100 ,for the comic plus the signature,$50 for the comic an $50 for the signature.The most I’ve paid for a single comic is $59 for Fantastic Four #52 the 1st appearance of Black Panther.If I were to be honest I don’t like paying more than $1 for comics.Say what ,I know ,I know comics now run more than just to buy the issue in the store nowadays,but I look for deals.I often find deals for comics like that the cheapest I’ve paid for a comic is $.01.Yep yep ,it’s like that.What I like to buy is comic lots,I find that’s often one of the cheapest ways to buy comics. I even found X Men 142 ,that’s part two of Days of Future’s Past, those two are the comics the new X-Men movie  is based on,and I got it for $25 wrapped up in a lot with three other X-Men comics.But sometimes when I want to read comics I’ll buy the full run of comics, a good example is the Ultimate Spider-Man.By that  I mean Miles Morales the new ultimate spider man.I got #1-#27(I’m missing #28) plus the two variants of #1, which are worth about $60 apiece.Variants are something I’ll spend a little extra money.Sometimes,but sometimes they’re expensive for no reason.

I collect therefor I am a collector,