My Most Slept On Movie List

8.)A monster in Paris

A French animation with songs that rivals those of the mouse.I was very surprised with what the movie gave me (story wise) especially after they purposefully trick you with the title.Cute and surprising a great animation for those who want animation and song beyond disney.

7.)Attack the Block

Alien invasion in a hood in London.I love science fiction but one of it’s biggest flaws is a lack of represenation of POC. Also this was my introduction to a young John Boyega. It has an unlikely cast of heros who although saving the world will probably never get credit for it.

6.)Meet the Robinsons

A movie that probably hasn’t been watched by many. It revolves around the subject I like my animations to have a good concept of, Family. In this case a kid who wants a family. A heart warming story with a message that can speak to anyone.

5.)Atlantis:The Lost Empire

All I can really tell you is to watch it. I have my own ideals for why it isn’t insanely popular, but no proof.A brilliant feat of Disney engineering and is totally worth watching.

4.)Sky Crawlers

Is my favorite Japanese movie that I found randomly at the library one day. It doesn’t seem bleak until you get to the end and realize the way in which our main characters are being used to sway the masses.

3.)Dark City

One of my favorite  science fiction movies of all time. Revolving around a city of perpetual darkness and dealing with idea of humanity and identity.It’s about noir styled film that’s beautiful and unforgettable.

2.)Mirror Mask

Unlike number one this was not a major release and unlike many of the others on this list, it’s a little harder to find. It’s a younger sister to Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, but Henson studio did a great job to create a new world.It’s a movie that balances between  Tim Burton dark and Christopher Nolan dark.It gives you a girl a coming of age story while adding elements of fantasy and her imagination.

1.)John Carter

Number one not because it’s my favorite but because it deserves to be a cult classic but isn’t for some reasons.It’s an amazing action movie.


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