My favorite things about SOFA 2017

S.O.F.A. stands for Salón del Ocio y la Fantasía. This is a general nerd who likes everything but even if you´re a specific kind like only science fiction or anime.They had something for everyone.

6.)Take a DJ class.

So I didn´t go up to him because my Spanish is trash.But how many  cons give you the oppurtunity for you to learn to be a DJ???



Well there are a lot of things that they had.It was nice to have



Shout out to the shop Bric A Brac in Bogota who let me put down my giangantic bag to find pins that I wanted.Their people where super nice.


4.)All the different rooms.So this was held in the Conferia in Bogota which has multiple gigantic two story rooms.There were four vendors room a gaming room,an anime room,visual ,kid,not to mention other rooms that were used for a lolita fashion show,a cosplay pannel,and for things such as archery.It was nice to have all these things under one roof.

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So it was just really nice to see nerd tags it was amazing.



2.)Martial Arts and Sports

Unlike any other con I have been to.This con had skateboarding,scouts(it´s co-ed here),unicycling,tent pitching, archery, taekwondo, and judo.Oh did I mention dog training yeah,these are things everyone should do at cons.






1.)I got to play Star Wars:Trials on Tatooine Demo with Steam VR.

So if you don´t know this is a total VR Star Wars video games.Now let me tell you something I was slightly not wanting to do this becusae I didnt want to pay for but I spent the little 15,000 pesos for it was amazing.

I got to be a Jedi for a couple of mintues.It was only a two part demo but it was great.

I was totally was planning on buying this game at home. that was until I went to Gamestop and saw that the VR will cost you around 600 USD.




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