Neo Yokio:A Synopsis

The council is out and there are only two opinions on this.


The people that hate it find it pretentious the people who love it think it´s funny and great.

What´s the show about?

In an alternate universe, Neo Yokio becomes the most envious city in the world.But during the 18th century, it is was attacked by demons.The major found peasant exorcist who normally exorcises rats and made a deal to exchange citizens for getting rid of the demons. The descendants of these exorcist have become part of Neo Yokios high society and are called ¨Magistocrats¨.

Our main character is Kaz Kaan.

The newest generation of Magistocrat and all I can say is the guy needs to chill and a new girlfriend. You could describe him as melancholy or I just like to call him emo with style. He has just broken up with his girlfriend and is the kind of person who would use ¨exetenial dread¨ in a sentence. Aside from trying to the number one on Neo Yokio´s bachelor’s board, we follow him on his jobs as a magistrate. Unlike his friends, his position as an elite member of society depends on him doing his job. Which kind of stops him from enjoying the life of the rich and famous.

My feelings

Ok so at first Jaden´s voice was killing me, and a lot of people have given him flack about it. But I think that there is something a lot of people forget.There are people who sound like that. People who just sound bored at all times. I just love his character. For example, after pouting for weeks prior to episode one his friends ask him to go to a field hockey game and this is his answer:

¨Sorry guys I can barely navigate the hellish vortex between breakfast and dinner let alone the labyrinth of the field hockey field¨

Second quote

His Aunt:¨Don´t you have a watch?¨

Kaz:¨Who cares what time it is when the future is interminable abyss of wackness¨

I loved the way his character is written, he´s that one emo kid we all know if they grew up with millions of dollars. But who I really love is Helena.

Helena´s designer suit is possessed and after that, she´s not feeling the life she lived or the life that Kaz´s life.She was a fashion blogger but now she doesn´t see a point in fashion, expensive clothes or parties. She has become an anti-social. And Kaz cannot understand her anymore, how could anyone not care about fashion.

Why I like it:

Our main character is a Black Socialite.

Think for a second about shows about socialites, for example, gossip girl. How many can you name with a single black main character who was rich, let alone the primary character? It´s quite dismal, so this was nice to see.Kaz is interesting I love his banter and character.Did I mention he likes to sit beside his tombstone when he´s sad?Yeah has it already and likes to go there, morbid I know but I like it. Helena is a breath of fresh air when realizing how self-absorbed all the other characters are within their world of high society.As far as other characters banter it´s mostly good though I will admit there are a bit too many yo´s, B´s,and Bros for me.But I would also be lying if I said I didn´t know anyone who talked like that, so I´m torn.Where is the thin line between pandering vs real life, and who draws it?

As far as family goes, the dynamic of his family is quite interesting he´s the only person of color we´ve met in his family. Though I think we will always know which member of his family are closely related because of the hair. Kaz like the stereotypical main character of most Asian based serious has the brightest biggest hair, light purple twist/braids. It´s kind of hard to tell which it is.

There is only six episode and we get to see him in, but I like it wouldn´t put it on my favorite but the quotes are amazing and very meme-worthy. The ironic thing about it is knowing the character and that Jaden is the exact opposite in real life.

I wouldn´t say it´s my favorite but I would be lying if I say I
didn´t enjoy it.


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