New cosplay ideas

So you’ve probably noticed that I love cosplay.




Ok maybe you haven’t but that’s ok because I do love it.

In Colombia I’ve been just been rocking my X-men Jubilee cosplaybut I’ve been working other.One for Wednesday Addams and Anroid 18. I managed to find the perfect dress for my Wednesday cosplay and I’ve already located a skirt and jacket for Android 18.Normally for me my cosplays are not normally my favorite character of the series.I normally see a character and think yeah I could do that.Not always but often but these are characters I really love so its going to be amazing also I’ll be doing shoots for these as well.


 Here we have my muse Wednesday Addams.Who is off-center because her picture refuses to move.

And here we have Android 18 one of the strongest women in the DB universe.
I’m super excited for these cosplays.