Gore Magala and the fact that I am a horrible gamer

Now  you are probaly wondering about why I haven’t blogging on video games like I  said I would. The answer is the Gore Magala.It is the key monster in Monster Hunter 4U  and though I am only halfway through. I bet this will always be one of the hardest monters in the game.And I know I will have to fight it again.In fact I just saw a cut scene with it alive even though I have already fougth it twice.

I have been fighting this monster for three month.Well honestly I would fight loose,and put my system down for weeks…pick it up…loose… and I would repeat that.

Now I am not the worst gamer ever, but after talking to another friend who games I reaized forgot one main thing I had forgot to consider in this game….


Yeah I know that is quite shamefull, but I didn’t even consider it. I guess I’ve been playing to much LoZ and puzzle games. I haven’t played an RPG that requires a armour upgrade in a minute…No excuse for this really… After finding a good armour and upgrading guess who beat the monster the same day.

But you know what made me really mad is not really me sucking… It is the fact that every monster after that is ten times easier than the Gore Magala. I am easiely slicing through these monsters… 

…I am going back to kill it again to see how much easier it is with my new weapon upgrades…

Sorry I have been gone but I’m back



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