The no Switch Life

The Switch is officially out, and guess who doesn´t have it?

That would be me.

Now you probably wondering why. Well first off, I´m poor. Secondly I´m poor and currently living in Colombia. All my savings went toward gettting myself here, and the little bit I have in stocks, are going to stay there. Everyone that I know that loves Nintendo has it, and well now I´m inspired. What I´m going to do is, play through my Nintedo Library.

I made sure that before I left the country, that I would have some of the best games ever released on the Nintendo DS. I knew I wouldnt have a way to buy games(region lock) while I was here, so I made sure I had enough to last me for ,well …. ….

IDK honestly it depends on how I play.

I´ve honestly been way to busy to play since I´ve been here… …Ok well let´s say Netflix has taken over my free time. I  am now going to dedicate minimum one hour a week to my Nintendo library in the hopes that I will beat every game that I have.

The game I going to start off with is probably my least favorite of my favorite series:

Majora´s Mask

Ok, don´t hate me but I didn´t play it as a kid so I´m coming at it without my Nostalgia Glasses, and this whole ¨rewind every three days¨ thing is irritating. But I bought it at full price…so I´m going to finish it.

Video Games are life,



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