Hellsing Ultimate Synopsis

Ummm… … well.This isn’t going to be my normal synopsis the show is just too short, I would be giving the whole story line away.It’s violent,bloody,crude,and gory. All surrounding a vampire named Alucard ,who is by far the strongest vampire I’ve ever read or seen,EVER. It is in a world where last of the Hellsing family alongside the Church of England and the Catholic Church wage war against vampires(and anything else that might come along).Now throw in some Nazis to the mix and you’ve got a party.The battles are extreme,every person except for one of our newly turned main  character Seras is a jerk.I wanted my main characters to win,but for the first time ever I was able to watch a anime without identifying with anyone.

It’s a bleak dark anime,like the death toll is well over 3,000,000,and the the character I really liked, turned out to be a jerk.At the same time it’s not dark for the sake of being dark,it’s a war(think of Blade it’s always a war to keep the vampire population down),and although the villains reasons are horrible,and garbage,you sadly kind of get why they’re doing it.It also lightly gives you a question of what makes you human versus a monster. Though it doesn’t at all makes you think and question your humanity the way Parasyte does, it’s done in more of a passing thought.I would say the gore is on the level of Attack on Titan if not way way worse(then again the in the Attack on Titan world titans have drove humanity to the point of extinction).But at the same time ghouls and vampires actually eat humans vs titans just eating them because they can just to regurgitate them up later.

Also this is not the original anime but the closest to the original manga.

If you like horror or vampire animes it’s worth a watch,

Welcome to Hellsing







Claymore Synopsis


In a world brimming with yoma(monsters) who not only eat humans but can hide themselves in our bodies,humanity has to find a way to survive.Well the saying is the best way to fight a monster, is with a monster, and that is exactly what the Organization did,they made a monster.

They infused yoma blood with human and made Claymores. Half women/half yoma hybrids whose sole purpose is to save humanity from being eaten.The Organizations, hires them out to town and villages who find themselves ridden with monsters.The sad thing is these silver eyed women are feared almost as much as the yoma they hunt.Though they are the only ones who have the capability to hunt and kill yoma,they are often shunned by the very society they protect. Journey with Clare as we see just how far the rabbit hole goes,as we learn about why she choose to become a Claymore, as well as the history of The Organization that makes these women.

The road ahead will be bloody if you choose to accpet it,

Welcome to the world of Claymore,





Dragon Con cosplay update

According to the Dragon Con countdown,I have 38 day 0 hours and 35 minutes to get ready…Guess whose only barely finished one cosplay.Yep that’s me, I’ll admit it.Between saving up for Colombia,I don’t really have massive amounts of money to be spending on cosplays. You’re probably thinking wait,aren’t your cosplays pretty simple… Well yes they are….but there are three very expensive factors in my cosplays that are stopping me from finishing.

One I have already ordered.


You’re probably  thinking that I must be super serious to have ordered glasses for a cosplay,well not really.I actually need a new main pair to take with me to Colombia.So being the fact that most of my cosplay choices wear large glasses and Luna specifically wears circular lenses, made my frame choice quite easy.I only paid like $41 so I think I did well for myself.


The second two things which are the most expensive are exclusively for my Billy cosplay(kind of).

717Qy6OwQML._SL1032_  71MbUHMBpgL._SL1350_

So to me the communicator and morpher are two things you kind of have to have for a plain clothes Power Ranger cosplay.Yes the communicator just came out, yes I know that these two things are expensive.But you know what ,I would have bought them anyway….I have a somewhat obsessions with Power Rangers. I already have Tommy White Ranger Morpher along with Saba.


Now aside from that, I also having a hard time finding brown pants for my mystery cosplay,because apparently this is the season of Khakis and Green Pants.It’s almost like the color brown doesn’t exist in stores…thrift stores here I come.

I’ll keep you posted as I get more pieces for my cosplay,


My Official Dragon Con Line Up

So after putting in a lot of thought I have finally decided on my cosplays for dragon con


Mystery Cosplay


Who will I be,I guess you’ll just have to wait to see?


Lunella Lafayette,from Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.



Though I am going to do her,I’m still thinking about how.I probably will add more of a Tomb Raider feeling to mine,going for a teenage/adult version of the character rather than taking on the tween character as is.Also because the character is new there aren’t a lot of cosplays I’ve only seen two,so I’m excited .The only thing I need to do is order the glasses(yeah I wear glasses so it’s easier to just order a cheap pair on Zenni that to suffer a day with contacts and cute plushy T-Rex).


Clark Kent(DC)


I know I know,stop judging me ok. Regardless of my feelings on Superman, I must admit as a person I really appreciate Clark.I mean it’s hard not to like the man.So though I’ve done this once I plan on doing one again,with better shoes.


Billy Cranston from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers




Not to get you guys confused, but I’m not doing the Blue Ranger I’m doing a cosplay as Billy Cranston the character.Going to have the morpher and the communicator as props (I’m going to push play on the communicator randomly and look around suspiciously as I rush off).

Thanks for reading see you at Dragon Con,