Nerd Culture in Colombia [the 4th update]

So upon doing extensive research of Colombia nerd culture I have found out the best thing ever.That Colombia has it’s own Comic Convention,now I’m not talking about a state’s comic convention, I mean the country’s equivalent to SDCC and NYCC(San Diego and New York Comic Con),this is where all the big names go to.It is also the convention that is sponsored by all the big companies. It was just last weekend.Bruce Willis was there,along with the Batmobile(Christopher Nolan’s renditions), Harley Quinn’s bat,among other things. It’s not going to be as big as SDCC and NYCC but it sponsored by all the big players so it’s bound to be awesome.That was one thing I really missed ,there really isn’t a western comic book scene in Korea.Comic Con Colombia will be a definite thing on my list of things to do in Colombia(yes I totally plan on cosplaying there).

Aside from comic book culture there is also a very big anime culture.I love finding figurines and being that most anime stores have a very diverse selection,I plan on finding all I can while in Colombia and writing about them.These are two that I have found thus far.

[Update 2.0]

After doing a little more research on the anime scene in Colombia I have found another festival, Shin Anime Festival .This is what I have been looking for,and it’s a Western Style anime convention.Ok western anime coventions are a bit more lively there are pannels cosplay contest,game rooms and a lot of interactions.

Take a look

[Terminate 2.0 update]

[UPDATE 3.0]

So looking today I just found the motherload. Though some of these seem to be a lot smalleer than Comic Con Colombia and Shin Anime,I plan on visiting them,or at least attempting too.I don’t have a lot of inormation on all of these but they look fun.


I have no I idea what this conventions going to be like but I’m going to go.

Otaken Colombia

This gives you a link to all the events that the have Joystick(a gaming event) being one that seems to be the most popular one.

Lolita Fashion Colombia

Well for all of the Lolitas that are coming to Colombia.I will probably bring only one cord(and vacuum seal my petticoat)

Harajuku Project also host a Harajuku fashion walk.

[End of 3.0 update ]

[Update 4.0]

Anime Land (Centro Commercial Cosmos)

The owners speak very little English but are really kind.Here’s there Facebook.

So you can check them out more if you like

MeGaCon 2017

Armenia ~March 18th

Manuals ~March 18th

[End update 4.0]

Sora Anime Store

Calle 5 #61 -159 local 9 centro comercial cañaveralejo, Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
These are the anime and

Otakuscity Tienda Anime

Bogotá, Colombia

Aside from those I found a video game store.

Flash Video Games

Located inside Centro Comercial Los Molinos,Medellin,Colombia

I really can’t give an definite opinion on any of these things as of yet,but next year when I explore I will give detailed information on each store and what can be found there.

Thanks for reading,



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