8 things you should do if you visit Tokyo(NERD GIRL EDITION)

I went to Japan last year and just realized I hadn’t done a full post about it.

8.)Theme cafe’s or restaurants

Don’t go to anywhere in Asia without going to at least one.In Japan there are myriads of awesome themed coffee shops.Look at me and this owl chilling together in Akihabara(yes that is a real owl).Now I also went to the Final Fantasy Cafe which I would definitely suggest you go to (great food),but I would suggest you skip the Square Enix Cafe(unless you just want to buy final fantasies plushies that is).

[You don’t need a reservation for the owl or falcon cafe<you can get one but it’s not necessary>,but you will need one for the Final Fantasy Cafe]


7.)Festivals(or anime conventions)

Now this really does depend on when you come to Japan.I purposely went during the summer season, because I wanted to experience at least one festival.I really enjoyed the Sumida Fire Works Festival,which was very pretty, but super crowded. Like I have never been to an event that crowded in my life.I enjoyed it more because of the experience than just the fireworks.Seeing all the couples and kids in their yukatas,and all the different street food vendors, it really made me smile.Now though I planned to see the fireworks,the friend of the owner of the hostel I stayed at told me a about Wonder Con. Now everyone knows about Comiket, but I had never heard about WonderCon. Turns out it’s an anime figurine convention.It was amazing,and a totally awesome addition to my trip.


6.)Studio Ghibli Museum

Don’t wait just go.If you are into animation and you like Studio Ghibli movies, you should go there.It is one of my favorite museums I have been too(period), it was beautiful.Full of different ways of interacting with the artwork,and a lot of original sketches you won’t be able to see anywhere else(all of the pictures I have are of the outside, because you aren’t allowed to take pictures of the inside).Also you get to see a movie short while you’re there.


5.)Do some shopping in Closet Child.

So living in Korea  the style was cute,cute clothes cute everything.Yeah this is a lolita shop ,but there is one thing it does have beside sweet lolita… … a  gothic/punk section.You don’t understand,there is no girl punk scene in Korea(nor a Hot Topic or anything remotely like it) so this store was my first chance in almost two years to get nice fitting gothic clothing


4.)Buy some books and games at Book-Off

This is a used book,CD,DVD,video game store.There is not an American equivalent of this store.I was lucky enough to find Nujabes, Uverwold and Home Made 家族[Kazoku(family)]. So if you’re into J-Rock/Pop or Neo Jazz this is the store you can go in and find your favorite artist for really good prices.If you look at the pictures, yes that is Monster Hunter 3 for a 250 yen( around 2.50 USD) along side Earthbound 1+2 for game for GameBoy Advance for almost 50 USD(crazy right).This is a great place to go for used games and music.


3.)Spend some time in a Sega arcade.

Maybe the younger generation may not know,but Sega was a big part of the life for my generation of gamers. The Sega arcades are four levels of awesome. Did I mention that there’s a whole section dedicated for music based games,and a whole floor for taking pictures.Most arcades close at midnight(Korea too).Now let’s look at the pictures so I can tell you where our arcades drop the ball if you look at the picture on the top right , that machine dispenses cards.These cards save your data,so you’ll never have to start from the beginning.The other pictures are of the Pokken Tournament game that’s coming out, and the rest are of Hastume Miku game,and the place where I’m touching is the button to save my data.



2.)Nakano Broadway

This hidden gem,was in the area I stayed in.No it isn’t as big as Akihabara,no you will never hear as much talk about it,but it was beautiful.Most of the stores are Mandarake,different ones that have all types of things.There was one just full of Super Sentai and Kamen Riders memorabilia.I actually saw a replica of the original super sentai morpher,it looks almost identical to our Mighty Morphing Power Rangers morpher. But for a price of 500 dollars.I just couldn’t afford it but I wanted to.Now I don’t have any awesome pictures of the outside  but these are some of my pics of stores inside of the Broadway that I really liked.


1.)Swallowtail( The Butler Cafe),don’t walk rush now and buy tickets.

My guilty pleasure,like the Ghibli Museum it doesn’t allow pictures on the inside.I mean I love it so much I wrote a whole post on it in my travel blog.So no it’s not like a host/hostess club or a maid cafe.This is a restaurant you walk in and you are catered too.You don’t pull your chair out,carry your own purse,or even pour your own tea.It’s a place where every woman can feel like a lady.You can dress up or wear jeans,you come as you are.The architecture, the huge chandeliers,and the food,makes you feel like you’re being transported from Japan to England.The way you are treated it makes it a place that no girl should pass up.But reserve in advance(The picture on the right is showing them booked solid for the day[they’re normally booked two weeks in advance]).




My interview is NEXT WEEK!!!!

I am so super excited,and a little scared.

Next week I have my first Greenheart interview.This interview will determine if I am eligible to teach English in Colombia.It’s the vetting process by Greenheart so see if you are really dedicated to teaching before you can get to the second interview.

Ok so I’ve done an interview from EPIK years ago,and it was really good.I connected well with my interview we laughed and talked about shopping.I’m not sure what exactly I should do to get ready .I mean I’m already studying grammar and Spanish.I’m not sure what else I can do…..

…..wish me luck