Dope:A movie review[very few spoilers

What I heard?

So this movie recently put on Netflix .I had seen one previous review,but honestly all I can remember hearing about it is that it was a movie about 90’s Hip-Hop geeks.

The story-line.

So let’s talk about the movie.Without actually spoiling it for you.

Though we have three main characters it focuses on a senior in high school named, Malcolm. He and his friends are 90’s geeks , from Game Boy pocket,to old school Hip-Hop albums on cassettes, to their clothes they are hard core ,and have even started their own band.They live in the “Bottoms” in Inglewood California,a dangerous neighborhood.Now let’s just say being at the wrong place at the wrong time leads him unto a series of unfortunate events.But Malcolm takes all the bad and throws it back at people ten times harder, switching this whole situation around.

What I loved.

Ket’s talk about what I like about this movie.I like that this movie is about black geekdom .The movie starts off by telling us about the area that our characters live in, and how they are always getting ridiculed for being into white *ish(not my words but the narrators). Such as skateboards, manga , Donald Glover and listening to Trash talk on the radio,and doing white *ish like getting  good grades and applying to get into college.

This is the life of a black nerd.

I don’t know a single blerd that in some way or the other hasn’t experienced this.Our dialect,our dress,oh my gosh and don’t be seen playing any card game like Yu-Gi-Oh! or a Nintendo. And I hate to say that this is worse when you go to a more urban school,but it is.For some reason you doing what you like is somehow equated to you trying to be white.I’m not quite sure how that equation totally works,but I’ve gotten those looks and words all my life.

I like underdog movies especially those revolving around young people of color that can’t dribble ball and whose dreams aren’t about becoming famous via their voice. I’ve seen that narrative,and that is often the only narratives young people of color get, other than the white savior narrative.Now don’t get me wrong their band is dope.But it’s there smarts and character that the story revolves around.I like nerds that aren’t Urkels or Carltons. Now don’t get me wrong both prototype of blackness exist and we don’t get a lot of either.But just because you’re smart doesn’t mean that you’re socially awkward or preppy(middle class).Malcolm counselor makes a point of telling him all your good grades don’t mean a lot from a school like this,and man…that’s real life,for anyone going to an urban school.Yeah you have A’s, but it’s that harsh realization that your grades(especially when you go to a underfunded or a under-preforming school) don’t mean a lot in the real world.

It also reveals a very real life lesson about people through something as small as a designer purse.The movie makes a good point about the way people perceive you via your background.That regardless if the purse is a knockoff or not people will use your background as a way to decide what you have on your arm.A bootlegger in the movie, made a good point of saying how many of his clients are rich and could afford to pay full price for the bag but don’t.No one is going to question it it’s real or not because of where they come from.Where as someone from the Bottoms with a real version bag will be seen as having a fake bag just because where they came from.

This is a spoiler,but an epic one.

But I love most is his college statement by stating there are two students:

Student A:

Is from a middle class home,with straight A’s,who skateboard with his friend and has a punk band.He’s a ninety Hip-Hop Geek and likes Game of Thrones.

Student B:

Goes to an underfunded school full of teachers who would much rather not be there, who teach kids who don’t care.He lives with his single mother,doesn’t know his father and has[ REDACTED spoiler]

He leaves you to guess which one he is, the geek or the menace.He talks about the way most people are conflicted by people perceptions of him vs who he truly is.Which is an in-between a person who can’t fit in.And maybe just maybe, that isn’t the worst thing ever,it forces you to look at life in a way that others can’t.

What I didn’t like?

Maybe some of the stuff was to real for me I guess.There are some aspects of people personal private life I just don’t want to see*cough*.I’m also not a fan of topless scenes. Didn’t really like the language but I do recognize that that’s just real life for a lot of people.

Overall:A real enjoyable movie,just not one to take the kids to see.

Sorry this was so long,




Preparing to apply to GreenHeartTravel

Hi world,

So I’ve decided to apply to for a job in Colombia,after doing extensive research I’ve choosen GreenHeartTravel,mainly because they have a great network for their teachers.They even have a really active facebook group full of hopefulls like me and teachers who are currently in Colombia.It’s the best community I’ve seen(other than BSSK) and I would love to be a part of it.

So what do I need:

Application (I’m not going to do this until I have everything on the list,and I have done enough research to be satisfied)

Passport Copy(Don’t have a copy but it’s not hard to get it)

They’ll do a criminal background check(No worries,much easier than EPIK onw, which I have to do and pay for myself)

Copy of your University Degree or Transcripts(I have both but I don’t really want anyone looking at my grades(Ehhhhh),but my diploma is huge,so I have to find someplace to copy of it)

Resume(Of course I have it,struggling to find a job here,I have multiples)

Letter of Recommendation(I’m super glad I got this before I left Korea)

So before I can really apply I have to get everything,I could rush but I’m not.I have to figure out what regions I going to apply for and I have do much more extensive research on  which area I would prefer to be in.I also plan on doing another TEFL certificate I have a 120 hour online one,but I think that I’ll do a 150 hour one or another 120 hour as a refresher.They say on their website that they don’t love fully online TEFL courses, but on the flip side I have like almost three years of teaching experience and that should count for something.

Research is a thing I must do,the next step is finding my location I want to teach in.