Akame no Kill:Synopsis(episode 1 spoilers)

Tatsumi along with his two best friends Sayo and Ieyasu leave their village to join the military at the Imperial Capital and become famous.So that they can make money to support their village,which is being so heavily taxed that the people living there barely survive.They make preparations and become outstanding fighters.They leave together for what is to be the journey of a lifetime.

But then they get separated.

Tatsumi arrives in the beautiful capital, alone.He is totally happy until he is swindled out of all of the money he earned from slaying monsters.He is then offered a room to stay by a rich family that is until the Night Squad attacks.

Who are they?The Night Squad is a group of assassins know for killing old wealthy families within the capital.He tries to protect the daughter of this family,who had offered him a place to stay,that is until they show him that these people have killed hundreds of people, for no reason other than the fact that they could.This young girl tortured  his friend Sayo to death.He finds his friend Ieyeas but he soon dies of poision administered by the mother of this house.

He decides to join Night Raid,a group of assassins who are a faction of Rebellion Army, who job is to kill the corrupt officials who control the country.Their end goal is to kill the Minister who like a puppeter, controls the child emperor of their land.

Welcome to the world of Akame no Kill.





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