Digimon[Digital monsters] Episode 1:Synopsis

Episode 1:And so it begins.

We start off with Tai,our main protagonist of the group,who is currently at summer camp.Along with Sora, Matt, Izzy, Mimi, T.K(Matt’s little brother), and Joe.It was just a regular day at camp,that is until it started to snow.The light snow fall soon became a blizzard.After the snow stops, they go out to play in the snow.What they see is something that resembles the Aurora Borealis,the next thing they knew balls of light were raining from the sky.Meteors,not quite,what they find is small devices, one for each of them.Not to long after that they are hit by a wave and are carried away.Waking up they realize that not at camp anymore.Each kid finds a small cute animal type creature,that introduce themselves as a digimon, a digital monster.But as they all find their way back to each other they are attacked by a giant bug digimon named Kuwagamon.Their digimon wanting to protect them transform into a bigger size and force Kuwagamon away.

They celebrate the victory.That is until he comes back and attacks them again,making the cliff they are on crumble and they all fall off of it.

Where are they,what is a digimon, and how will they get home?Well I guess we’ll just have to see.

The main characters and their digimon in the most basic form:










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