Buso Renkin:Synopsis(Ep 1 spoilers)

Seeing a girl being chased by a monster… how could you not try to save her…

… Well you do try,and get yourself killed.Turns out the girl was never in danger to begin with,well it wouldn’t be the first time you misread a situation.But turns out she is no regular girl, but a user of alchemy.She is an alchemist warrior who carries a kakugane that becomes a weapon, a buso renkin.To protect the world from homunculus¬†formed from alchemy.

The girl Tokiko,whose life you attempted to save feels a little bad about getting you involve in her war, so she decides to save your life,by putting a kakugane inside of you,where your heart used to be.She tells you to go home,protect your sister,and pretend that nothing ever happended.


But is it that easy to turn your back on a person who just saved your life?

Welcome to the world of Buso Renkin


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