… …3 Months later (post-Korea)

So if you didn’t know,I was formerly an English teacher in South Korea for almost three years.That was until a couple of months ago when I came back.It’s been three months and here’s what I have to report:

So basically I really miss the convenience of the mass transit in Korea, I could cover major distances via bus or train  traveling three to four house for like fifteen dollars,as opposed to greyhounds seventy five.And the transit makes it so easy to get anywhere in the city rather quickly.And the buses and train were almost always on time.

I miss the buzz and excitement of the city.The fact that up until like three or four there was a lot of stuff I could do.I could watch street performers all night long and lets not talk about the awesome fact that street vendors don’t go home until the morning.Actually most vendors don’t start setting up shop until the late evening.Also I can’t say how many times I would accidentally run into a festival or a big event,by just being in a certain area(such as playing the Wreck-It-Ralph cabinet or the Doraemon exhibit).Hongdae and Yongsan were my go to places for adventure.

Did I mention that most stores don’t close until really late.And then there’s still a lot to do.It’s still safe even at 2,the city really doesn’t sleep, so even if your in the city late,there are also other people around going to restaurants(yes hangover restaurants are open super late maybe they don’t close at all),pojangmacha (tent stands that sell a multitude of food, snacks and/or alcohol[if you’ve ever watch a Korean dram you know what these are]), clubs, bars, noraebangs (kareoke rooms), PC-bangs(computer rooms),and coffee shops galore.

I miss my teachers,my oppas and I really miss my students.My town…my apartment(I miss it so much), I miss all these things so much but there is one thing that I really miss so very much.

The money…that’s one thing that I really miss about EPIK is the money.I making one third of what I made in Korea.ONE THIRD the financial freedom and a free apartment.Really makes me want to go live abroad again.But I don’t know.

I’ll take my time,and enjoy seeing my family and friends.And always being aware of what’s being said around me.And never feeling like the other(well the extreme other that is).I’m going to enjoy my time here of just being a normal person, that doesn’t automatically draw people’s attention.I’m going to revel in that for the moment.Before I decide to pack up and leave again.

I hope your day is wonderful,



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