One Punch Man:Synopsis (one ,two, three little spoilers)

Imagine a world in which superheroes, monsters,and evil scientists are a normal part of everyday life…Cities are leveled on the daily and there is an association that sends out heroes as needed.


Now imagine a man…. tired from a long day of applying for jobs … which he was rejected from…and he then comes onto a very harsh choice save a kid from a monster or just walk away and save himself….well since he felt as though he didn’t have anything to loose by fighting, he protected the kid.He got a little banged up but he manages save the kid… and kill the monster.

….Fast forward three years…

After a lot of training he came back and all he really wants is a fight that awakens the senses,and for his hair to grow back.Sadly enough he can’t find an enemy to last longer than one punch,so you basically just does super-heroing as a hobby.Though all he really wants is a good exhilarating fight with a worthwhile enemy,but what can be done when you’re the strongest*shrugs*.

Now add countless monster villains, a mad scientist who wants to force humans into evolving, and a cyborg apprentice and mix it together.

Welcome to the world of One Punch Man



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