One Punch Man:Synopsis (one ,two, three little spoilers)

Imagine a world in which superheroes, monsters,and evil scientists are a normal part of everyday life…Cities are leveled on the daily and there is an association that sends out heroes as needed.


Now imagine a man…. tired from a long day of applying for jobs … which he was rejected from…and he then comes onto a very harsh choice save a kid from a monster or just walk away and save himself….well since he felt as though he didn’t have anything to loose by fighting, he protected the kid.He got a little banged up but he manages save the kid… and kill the monster.

….Fast forward three years…

After a lot of training he came back and all he really wants is a fight that awakens the senses,and for his hair to grow back.Sadly enough he can’t find an enemy to last longer than one punch,so you basically just does super-heroing as a hobby.Though all he really wants is a good exhilarating fight with a worthwhile enemy,but what can be done when you’re the strongest*shrugs*.

Now add countless monster villains, a mad scientist who wants to force humans into evolving, and a cyborg apprentice and mix it together.

Welcome to the world of One Punch Man



True Confessions of a Blerd:Chapter 2; Jobs …. do they really exist?

Hello world,

So for the first time in my post-College life I am living in the states and I discovered that I’ve been lied to by my teachers and college counselors.I have a degree but,to be honest it hasn’t helped me any at all here.Now it could get me a job teaching English almost anywhere in the world,but I talking about getting a job here.In the good ‘ol U.S. of A.


So as I am back in America,I have to find a job a J.O.B.,and one thing I have realized is that my degree isn’t helping at all with that.I guess it’s my own fault for being an art major.But other than taking up room,and getting me my job in Korea,and putting me in debt,it hasn’t done much for me here(the U.S.).You realize when you grow up that a degree is nice, but you know what employers really really want.Experience.And that’s something I just don’t have really,I would to get some, but it seems that almost every job wants experience but the thing is unless you hire me I can’t get any.I mean I would love to work within my major but it seems like every job or internship in film, wants me to have experience or be a students.WELL sorry for graduating ,and not doing internships,I was only trying to graduate before having thousands of dollars of students loans,how silly of me…wanting to have less debt and what not….

… So the only thing I have experience in is teaching English,which also happens to be something that I don’t want to do (that is unless I can’t find a job here I give it a solid year before I hop on a plain again).A lot of my friends(who were teaching in Korea) are still teaching abroad or were actual teachers to begin with so they have jobs….or are planning on teaching abroad forever so are just going back for school…

What about me you ask…..

Well I would love to make urban martial art and fantasy movies,on the side,but what I need right now is a steady stream of cash to fund it(or to make a youtube channel that booms and get sponsored)…So either I stay here or go back abroad to fund myself…I haven’t really decided yet…..I mean I wouldn’t mind breaking into the film industry,but doing that is like breaking into the acting business or gaming industry possible but only the rare chosen ever really get that far.

But for now I’m just searching for a job,I saved enough so that I can live for a while without one…. …. …

But I want to work,I spend hours looking for jobs in my major only to find that my degree isn’t enough to qualify me for those jobs,I feel like I wasted tax payers money somehow….

The search continues,