Inuyasha Synopsis:A few spoilers(sorry not sorry)

What if I told you that all those stories and fairy tales of the ancient Japan aren’t actually stories, what if I told you that during the Feudal era,those things were very,very real.Monsters,demons,and a Jewel(the Shikon Jewel to be exact) if used by a demon could empower them to the point of taking over the world.It’s a scary thought.Not only that, there is also the fact that human greed also made men lust for the jewel as well.A single priestess was trained to use divine power to protect the jewel from greedy humans and demons.One lone girl to protect the jewel.

Now let’s go to modern day Japan,we bump into this girl named Kagome, a normal Jr.High school student.I mean other then the fact that her house has a shrine, that her family has been guarding for years,and she’s suffering from the dread Anime Missing Parent Syndrome(a missing father we never hear about or really mention),she seems totally normal.After chasing her cat into the shrine,she is pulled down a well by a centipede demon.Who wants the Shikon Jewel to become all powerful. While trying to escape it, she runs into a Hanyo/a half breed human demon boy,who is attached to the sacred tree(which is the same tree in Kagome’s yard in present day).He doesn’t understand why she is letting herself be beat up,and he calls her Kikyo.He promises to help her, but only if she unseals him by taking the arrow(that Kikyo put there) out of his chest.

… …Kagome is slashed open and the Shikon Jewel come out… …

… …So fifty years ago the priestess guarding the Shikon Jewel fell in love with a half demon,thier’s was a ¬†beautiful love, one built on the innocence of youth…..Until one day,it seems as if for no apparent reason, the half demon betrays the priestess, leaving her mortally wounded and right before he gets away with the jewel she shoots him,binding him to tree where he succumb to it’s spell.The priestess who choose her duty of protecting the jewel over her life,dies from her injuries,and to protect the jewel she requested it be burned along with her body.

… …What does this all mean?… …

Welcome to the world of Inuyasha.



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