True Confesssions of a Blerd:Chapter 1;Adulting in America

What is adulting you ask.


To adult


the ability to act with responbilties for one’s own actions ,such as paying bills car note,insurance.ect etc etc

example:Aldulting is hard but I wouldn’t want to live with my parents again so…..

So …yeah…..I’m 26 and no , it’s not my first time adulting.I did it for three years in Korea, but this is my first time doing it in America.Oh wait you did the math three years in Korea ,means that I was like 23 pre-Korea and you would be right.So I was an adult then, you’re totally right but I wasn’t adulting.I stayed home during college,I didn’t work,cook, or pay any bills,I just studied.Adulting actually has nothing to do with age, some 18 years olds are out their working and paying their own rent and bills.Teenage but adulting.


back to me…

I just got back from an almost three year sprint in Korea.And now I’m back in America….. Yay…. …So I’m 26 debtless(basically) but also jobless.I didn’t line up a job before I left ,I just made sure I had enough money so that I could find a job by the end of the year.It’s been about a month now and well… well I’m working on it.

I have big dreams if only I had a bigger wallet.



Inuyasha Synopsis:A few spoilers(sorry not sorry)

What if I told you that all those stories and fairy tales of the ancient Japan aren’t actually stories, what if I told you that during the Feudal era,those things were very,very real.Monsters,demons,and a Jewel(the Shikon Jewel to be exact) if used by a demon could empower them to the point of taking over the world.It’s a scary thought.Not only that, there is also the fact that human greed also made men lust for the jewel as well.A single priestess was trained to use divine power to protect the jewel from greedy humans and demons.One lone girl to protect the jewel.

Now let’s go to modern day Japan,we bump into this girl named Kagome, a normal Jr.High school student.I mean other then the fact that her house has a shrine, that her family has been guarding for years,and she’s suffering from the dread Anime Missing Parent Syndrome(a missing father we never hear about or really mention),she seems totally normal.After chasing her cat into the shrine,she is pulled down a well by a centipede demon.Who wants the Shikon Jewel to become all powerful. While trying to escape it, she runs into a Hanyo/a half breed human demon boy,who is attached to the sacred tree(which is the same tree in Kagome’s yard in present day).He doesn’t understand why she is letting herself be beat up,and he calls her Kikyo.He promises to help her, but only if she unseals him by taking the arrow(that Kikyo put there) out of his chest.

… …Kagome is slashed open and the Shikon Jewel come out… …

… …So fifty years ago the priestess guarding the Shikon Jewel fell in love with a half demon,thier’s was a  beautiful love, one built on the innocence of youth…..Until one day,it seems as if for no apparent reason, the half demon betrays the priestess, leaving her mortally wounded and right before he gets away with the jewel she shoots him,binding him to tree where he succumb to it’s spell.The priestess who choose her duty of protecting the jewel over her life,dies from her injuries,and to protect the jewel she requested it be burned along with her body.

… …What does this all mean?… …

Welcome to the world of Inuyasha.


Gamer Vault:Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Imagine that you are a Celestian(angels kinda sorta) you live in a world above the Protectorate(Earth),you are the personal guardian of a small town called Angel Falls.You fly there and help people, when you do things to help people their thankfulness comes in a tangible form, that you take back to your world to the World Tree.In hopes of making it produce fruit,and you ,yes, what you bring it the final bit it needed to bloom figs….


… … … It blooms finally, after well whose to really to say how long  a wait,the figs are ready so you would have brought them to the realm of the Almighty, well that is if somehow your home hadn’t been attacked…

You are flung down to the Protectorate,all of your power are gone and you are now visible to humans..

What is a Celestian to do?

This is my first experience with the Dragon Quest series but it’s starts off the way I would like to start off all my games,with a customization of my character,nothing better than being able to define my skin color and sex.Not only that, this game doesn’t thrust a party of people on you.Normally you meet people through your travels, they have an in-depth background story,you learn about them  and they’re important to the game.Maybe if you don’t do stuff/go to a certain place you miss them entirely(like Vincent in FF7),sometimes based on the way you answer questions is the only  deciding factors in which characters in which you keep(like in Star Ocean:Till the End of Time).Nevertheless I’ve never played a RPG in which the only you the first player are important.You basically rent three party members,out a list.You essentially choose them by sex/class,but later on in the game you can change your characters class along with the classes of your party.

Every class has a different strength,defense, use of different weapons,different magic,you choose your class by what strengths that your prefer your characters to have.My main character started as a Minstrel,which has a pretty matched strength and magic usage.Looking at different message boards most people like to have their main character as a warrior or a gladiator.I like that my character has strength but also has healing and resurrection magic.I strive for balance in the games I play.Strength is great, but balance is the reason why my team has never lost a battle.Any enemy can be warn out over time.

Also your party follows you around, it’s really interesting.Most games have everyone collapsing into you ,I’m not use to seeing my whole party at one time.I also really like how you can see all the equipment you have on your characters.You see every shield/shoe/sword/headband you find or alchemize on your character.And not to spoil it, but there is a beautiful drawn cut scene in this,Level Five in my opinion does great work.Fighting style is normal turn based kinda sorta.I really like the fact that you can set up how you want each of your party to fight(minus yourself of course).You can have them show no mercy, fight wisely,mix it up,focus on healing,don’t use MP or have them just follow your orders.I normally control my warrior and let my MP users do their thing.


Only one really and it’s not super huge.

There’s no phoenix down in this game,so basically if someone in your party dies you carry there body in a coffin until you get to a priest to resurrect them.OK so they do have a thing called Yggdrasil Leaf which is really super rare version of Phoenix Down,I’ve only manage to find one in my whole time of playing the game, so I’m saving it for the final battle of the game.There is a spell called Zing that can revive, but it doesn’t always work, it is a hit and miss kind of spell.It will always eventually revive your characters but it can end using  a lot of your MP though.


Besides that one thing I like this game a lot.

6.5/7 Dragon Balls

(The storyline and gameplay has to blow me away or the series put together has to tug on my heartstrings if I think it’s good enough to call Shenron with)


This is a great game,I bought it it at Yongsan[R.O.K.] along with ChronoTrigger both are known as really popular solid games,the seller told me that one was more popular in Korea the other was moreso popular in Japan I can’t remember which was which though.


Post Korea:Back to Normal… … Kinda

So,as of tomorrow I will have been back in America for one month.

One month….

Let’s talk about how it feel to be back.

To be perfectly honest it feels wonderful.You don’t understand how it feels to walk out on the street and for the first time in years  not be stared at.Staring is one of my biggest pet peeves in the world.To be seen as a person and not as a novelty is a beautiful thing.It’s nice to be able to smile and make babies laugh,without them being afraid of me.It’s nice to be normal(ish) person.It’s nice to just go to a comic book shop,and to walk into a Gamestop. You can’t imagine how simple things, such as seeing people holding doors open for strangers,and people just saying excuse me when they bump into you can mean,when you’ve been away from that, for so long.There is something about living in the Southern part of the U.S., you have to understand,we are polite we are cordial,and our southern charm is something to be admired.

What’s weird is…

People have moved on.Loads of people have lost weight moved,gotten married and/or had kids.So many of the kids in my family are now so much taller than me now, the little ones don’t even remember me. Everything has changed while I feel like I haven’t changed at all, if that makes any sense.It’s almost like,you’ve seen those clips in movies,where the camera is focusing on one person while everything around them is fast forwarding by.It’s like that.To be honest other than the little Korean I learned,and the patience I gained I keep trying to tell people that I haven’t really done a lot …or gained a lot.

What’s next….

I unlike so many others, am more like a bird in the wind then like a person grounding the pavement.I don’t need a lot of things or stuff to make me happy.I came back with no job or big plans.With enough money saved up to live a couple of months without worry until I find a job,and without debt.I had housing lined up,and I could always go back and live with my family but as of now.I have to make my own way.I wish that I can say that my degree training and years of teachers training have prepared me for the real world,but I’m not one to lie.To be perfectly honest I don’t feel prepared for any job really,I guess that’s what happen when you’re an arts major.

What am I going to do next, I don’t know maybe we should ask the stars.