Ultimate Comics:Spider Man (Miles Morrales) #1 USM:MM V1:B2

Miles starts to run, though to his father he is to running away from him ,but in truth he is running away from his new discovered power.As he run downs the street he keeps camouflaging with his environment and showing super agility.People in the nearby area snear at him,thinking that he is a mutant.Though no one is really as upset about this than Miles.While running he bumps into a banger who thinks of robbing him,but somehow Miles shocks him,and gets away.He then runs to a person that he thinks could help him, or at least the one person he feels comfortable in telling this huge secret,his friend Ganke. But before he tells him anything he makes Ganke swear to secrecy .He then tries to camouflage himself,fails,but he does manage to shock a model ship into pieces,and explains how he got bit by a huge spider,and then camouflages involuntarily  Ganke tells him that he’s a mutant and that ,that is awesome,Miles doesn’t see it that way at all.He’s more worried about being normal and what will happen when people find out that he’s a mutant.His dad finds him and they go for a walk.

He explains to him the reason he doesn’t want him to hang out with Aaron(his brother ,Miles’s uncle).When they were younger and didn’t have anything, they stole because it was the only way they saw out and the only way that they survived.But when Miles dad got older, he realized that what he was doing was wrong.He realized the future he could possibly have and the fact that what he was doing wouldn’t lead to that.Whereas his brother never stopped.He explained that he never actually wanted to tell  Miles,about their past, and the serious trouble they got into.His dad wanted him to understand that he can come to him with anything.But at that moment they see Human Torch and Ice Man fly by and his dad mentions that maybe the government should round up those mutants so everyone else could live a normal life.Miles wanted his dad to know that the Human Torch isn’t actually a mutant but gets interrupted.

In the middle of the night Ganke calls him and tells him he’s not a mutant.That he has chameleon powers and a venom strike that is common to some spiders.Also he sent him a myth that Spider Man was supposedly also bit by a spider and leaves Miles with one question

“R U Spider-Man?!!”


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Ultimate Comics:Spider Man (Miles Morrales) #1 USM:MM V1:B1

This story starts us in Long Island at  Osborn Industries Laboratories, as Norman Osborn talks to a Dr. Markus about trying to recreate the spider that gave Spider Man his powers.It gets serious when Markus points out that Osborn created Spider-Man, and Osburn makes sure that Markus understands that he will rip him apart if that knowledge ever gets out.The next things we get is a headline by the Bugle revealing that Norman is the Green Goblin.While this is all happening ,we happen to notice one particular experimental spider #42.The scene changes, we notice a thief  breaking into the laboratory to steal a unknown piece of technology,#42 hitches a ride with the thief.Next we go to Brooklyn to see a kid and his family going to a charter school lottery ,Miles (the kid) is unsure of all of this ,but his number #42 is pulled.His parents are more than utterly ecstatic, while Miles seeing the hurt faces of so many kids who didn’t make it,isn’t .

After winning the lottery Miles goes to visit Uncle Aaron who congratulates him on his ticket out of the life he and his brother grew up in.He hands his nephew a popsicle,but before Miles could take a bite , spider #42  takes a bite out of him.Miles foams at the mouth and passes out.Aaron immediately goes out and find Miles’s dad,they both come in soon after he is waking up.His dad is more than a little angry that Miles is over his brother’s house, and blames his brother for what happened to Miles.Miles, tired of this bickering of the adults in his life leaves,and goes outside to get some quiet.His dad starts looking for him,he calls out to him, until he looks down and realizes that his body is camouflaging itself to the stoop he’s beside.