D. Grey-Man :Synopsis(explanation with spoilers that don’t actually ruin anything)

What if you recently lost a loved one and someone asked to bring them back no strings attached would you call for them,call them back from the dead.Grieving people often fall for this trick by the Millennium Earl.They forget that nothing is free.The Millennium Earl’s prime directive is to destroy humanity.Oh you’re wondering what’s happens if you call your loved one back. Their soul is stuffed into the skeleton of an akuma,a monster, so now they are now trapped in this world at the bidding of the Earl.What happens next… they kill you and wear your skin… all while their power grows stronger as they grieve for your death,and the ones that they are forced to kill,if they do enough destruction they will evolve.Their souls trapped helpless the stop the killings…. they can only silently morn.

He has no sympathy, no caring of your age or gender,he only wishes to make more akuma.

Who can stop the Earl?

Only God’s chosen, the exorcist, can defeat the akuma and release their tormented souls.Those part of the Black Order’s job is to stop the Earl from destroying humanity.They do this with the help of anti-akuma weapons made from innocence(pieces of the god crystal),….but only some are born with the ability to use these weapons.These people are called Accommodators,and those that help them find innocence are known as Finders.Once innocence is found it can then be fashioned to make anit-akuma weapons,those weapons are the only things that can fight akuma,once the innocents is transformed into a weapon the appropriate accommodator for it must be found. The search is on, the order searches to find more innocence so that they may have more exorcist,the Earl also want to find innocence as well.

With humanity’s future on the line it the Black Order vs  the Millennium Earl(and the family of Noah).

Who will win?

I’m not one to choose side but with limited pieces of innocents…….

I’m not placing my bets for anyone.

Welcome to the world of D.Gray-man



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