WonderCon Summer 2015: Review

Never heard of it,I was like that till a couple of weeks ago .I would totally have said the same thing, but turns out it one of the biggest anime conventions in Japan.I feel like I lost my otaku card when I was told about this convention,but it turns out I have epic timing, so I was able to go while on my trip.

First off this isn’t like an American convention at all nor is it like a Korean convention .I find that well the Asian conventions I’ve been to, really center around manga and doujinshins(original manga by independent artist) and fan art of those artist.This conventions is one that centers around figurine artist rather than manga ones.People bring their own original figurines and art to sell.Major companies also are selling their best stuff there too,many pieces sold are limited edition.So if you get there too late,you miss your opportunity to buy them,many figurines where sold out. Let me not forget to tell you the price of some of these figurines are ridiculous, many selling for 20,000 yen or higher(That’s 200 US for one piece).Did I mention the sheer amount of Gundapla here.What’s that you ask.Model gundams that you build yourself,I’m a big fan of it personally and bought two while I was there.I’m super stoked to put them together.There were three main floor room.The first floor consisted of  many models from Neon Genesis Evangelion which seemed to be one of the themed manga/anime of this convention.There were also many steampunk things on this floor as well.But what really surprised me where the dolls.I didn’t realize that it was something that many adults were interested in.Second room seems a bit more like an advertisement room, complete with a stage,contest winners,mini photo shoots,and a ridiculous amount of cars,did I mention a R-Rated figurine set room.I didn’t go inside,but you should know this convention isn’t for children,some figurines were in very….lewd poises.It is the first convention I’ve been to where it has been complete adult clientele.There was also an event happening, people doing stuff on stage,but being the fact that my Japanese has winded down to almost nil, I didn’t really spend time in that room a lot.The third room was my favorite though no steampunk things like the first.The last room was more like a vendor room,selling so much stuff I spent most of my time there,I went over it a couple of times,and in my looking I managed to find a Studio Ghibli Gupla for 500 yen,that’s five dollars.It was totally my favorite room,although it was lacking the steampunk awesomeness of the first…

Also this convention cost 2,000 yen,that’s about 20 USD and instead of getting a ticket you get a guide a book that tell you about every vendor there,enjoy the pictures of the con.

Here’s a picture of the ticket(actually a book full of all the vendors names,position numbers and websites)



Pictures of just some of the awesome things I saw….

IMG_8426  IMG_8428    IMG_8431     IMG_8435

Because steampunk things are awesome

IMG_8436      IMG_8442     IMG_8452 IMG_8453     IMG_8458  IMG_8460

No… this wasn’t made by official attack on titan people but a skilled artisan nevertheless.IMG_8461   

  IMG_8466     IMG_8471  IMG_8473  IMG_8475  IMG_8477 IMG_8478

Dolls I don’t really get but to each his own.    

IMG_8483 IMG_8484    

Yeah that does say that if you’re under 18 you can’t go in.

IMG_8488   IMG_8481IMG_8492  

IMG_8494 IMG_8495  IMG_8497 IMG_8498    IMG_8502

For 2,000 yen they would mail you everything you bought,that fits in a box.Yes some people did buy that much….

IMG_8486IMG_8503 IMG_8504 IMG_8505  

You’re given a scene you set it up and do with it what you will.




It defintely on my list of favorite conventions.I would so recommend it.


7 out 7 dragonballs


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