Full Metal Alchemist:Synopsis(spoilers ….well like 3)

When all you have as parents is your mother and she dies, you decide that your going to bring her back…

You enlist the help of your little brother, to help you practice, you prepare, you get ready for the day that you will bring her back…

.…It’s just that you were too young to realize something, alchemy follows a single truth, and that is equivalent exchange, and how could a child realize just how much a life is worth…

…But you do realize it now, once everything goes horribly wrong.

You get off lightly you only loose and an arm and leg…

Your brother looses everything but his soul, you manage to chain it to this world.

But you make a vow to yourself, that regardless of what it takes you will get your brother’s body back somehow.Even if that means you have to become a state Alchemist,people with this job are lovingly referenced to as dogs of the state.It doesn’t matter to you.Nothing does, but your one goal.

To free your brother from being a full metal alchemist.

To do this,

You become the Full Metal Alchemist

I would wish you luck,but there is none for dogs of the state,

Welcome to Full Metal Alchemist,



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