Parasyte: The Maxim(synopsis,a few episode one spoilers)


You’re a pretty average guy by any standards, a little cowardly but hey I’m not judging you.Your kindhearted,and you genuinely  care about people,although you do have a extreme fear of bugs.You’re in your last year of high school,you have this girl you like,maybe she likes you too.You have loving parents, everything seems to be going great for you, until one day. …. You see it, a bug/snake thing,it comes straight at you,and borrows into your right hand and makes it way up your arm,you knew this would happen one day, you were prepared,you take your headphones tie them around you arm so tight,that it manages to stop this invader from traveling any father up your arm.But when your parents come in to see what’s wrong ,the hole it dug is gone.The next day you wonder if it’s all a dream,but sadly you come to realize that’s it’s not.Your hand has not only been eaten but now in it’s place is an “alien”,who after eating your arm tells you that y’all should just coexist,ate your arm and reminds you that if you tell ,you’ll be turned into an experiment.Not to mention the rash of horrible murders starting to occur.Did I mention “it’s” first memory is the sadness of not taking the brain,yeah let that one sink in.Not to mention the others of “it’s” kind can sense,him,and thus if they are close enough know your location.But one infected with them ,and still having control is dangerous,so whenever you do meet another of “his” kind their intentions are less than honorable. I would wish you luck but….. You’re going to need more than that to survive.

Welcome to Parasyte:The Maxim



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