Sword Art Online:Synopsis

The newest best MMORPG has just come out.It’s awesome and once you put on the system it’s like your in the game.All your movements respond to the character, it’s pretty awesome.Everyone’s super excited.You pre-ordered it, you got it… you plug it up,and you plugged in.The world is beautiful and it seems so …you know, real.It’s an awesome day to be a gamer, right….right?Until the creator announces that this game is special…and that the only way out….

is to beat it….

…. …wait what… ……

No,no,no….no, you’re logging out now….but there’s no log off screen….you can’t take the system off.He explained that you won’t be free until you can manage to beat the game….

and if you die in the game….you die in real life….

Better level up and make a party quickly.

Welcome to Sword Art Online



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