Hunter x Hunter:Synopsis

In this world the highest rank you can truly be is a hunter,they are given unlimited access to travel,knowledge known only to them and free lodging in many places.What is a hunter you ask,they are those who chase monsters(human or otherwise),search for treasure,and even sometimes ones who find the most unique and dangerous ingredients for cuisines.They are normally the strongest people in the world,fearless brave they have unlimited options in the world.

Sound intriguing right….

How to become a hunter you ask?

Well there a test,no paperwork or studying though,you need to prepare your body,because well it’s not promised that you’ll pass the exam or even that you’ll live through it… many every year don’t make it past the first stage….but you’re in luck you found this kid name Gon,whose father was also a hunter.He’s young but he’s tough ,has a nose like a wolf,and is quite polite.I’m sure you’ll be ok it you stick with him.

I would warn you of the dangers of  this journey,but who am I to tell you what to do,so good luck, try to come back alive.Ok.


Welcome to Hunter x Hunter



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