Attack on Titan:Synopsis(tiny ittty bitty spoiler)

The human race has been brought to the point of annihilation,by beings we don’t understand.They don’t talk, they don’t express why,they just kill us….there is no known reason behind it.These  beings are trying to wipe us out,they swallow us, bite us in half,they kill us for the shear pleasure of it.They don’t need substance, and it is only us they have chosen to destroy.So to protect ourselves we have built strong walls, three circular wall one inside of the other to protect what’s left of mankind, each with a name Maria,Rosa,and Sina.We have three military branches Survey Corps,Garisson,and the Military police,that are in charge of scouting,protecting,and patrolling.

People were able to almost live a normal life until one day Maria is breached…..


Welcome to Attack on Titan.


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