Swallowtail Cafe (Butler Cafe):A review(in-depth)

I just got back from my vacation in Japan.So I wanted to start with my favorite experience and go from there.

So you’ve probably heard of Japanese maid cafes, because they’re like everywhere in Japan, but there are only two Butler cafes and Swallowtail (the one I went to) is one of a kind.

First thing you should know is that it’s a little hard to get a ticket, you have to book two weeks in advance, and you still might not get the time and table you want.Also I have no pictures of the inside, because you can’t take them inside.

So let me give you my experience.

So you walk down into it.There is a butler waiting.You tell him when your reservation is,he tells you to wait a second and then invites you inside.And they welcome you back(no I hadn’t been there before that’s just the way they do things).When you go inside you meet the head butler and your butler for the night.They introduce themselves fully(in Japanese of course) but they did give me a mini-intro in English, and told me their names and that they were butlers(LOL). They immediately take your bags (you’re a lady why should you be carrying your own bags).They escort you to your table and pull out your chair for you.Next they put a napkin on your lap. Even though there were two of us, we had a four person table (all the two chair tables ones were booked) they put our bags in the seats beside us….Next he(our main butler) bought us water glasses and poured it,and laid out our silverware.He gave us a menu, it’s a Victorian styled menu.I could have had tea and sandwiches but I decided on the beef stew.Why,first off I was hungry secondly because they only serve so many per day(they make one batch everyday).I also decided on my tea, they have so many, I just choose their personal tea,swallowtail.He brought us beautiful china and poured our tea.Now everyone has their own teapot.After pouring it he puts a cover over it.Somewhere during all of this the napkin slipped off of my lap before i could reach down and get it,my butler whisked it away and brought me another.The tea was great, once I added some spoonfuls of sugar off course, and then I got my meal.Well I’ve got to say it was the best food I had on my trip.The beef was tender,like fall to pieces when your fork touches it,tender,it came along with bread and butter.The broth was great,….my mouth waters just looking at it….Next I decided to have a desert platter on top of it.Mouse,Jello,and a tart.I enjoyed it immensely.The tart was covered in fruit,and it was delicious.Oh but that wasn’t everything,my meal came with a chocolate tart.We finished with just enough time to spare.


Why is it so special?


Well it’s the atmosphere that makes it so wonderful I guess.It’s the fact that while you’re there, you’re a lady, and they never let you forget that,not for a second.Your tea is poured,your bag is held,your chair is pulled out for you.Not to mention the beauty of the restaurant(it’s not really a cafe) two giant chandeliers,poised a certain type of English elegance you don’t expect to see just anywhere,at least not in this day and time.Gives the place a magical feel.Also you will realize once you’re there it is filled to the brim with women.What girl doesn’t want to feel like a princess, even if only for the evening.It’s the fact that their dressed to the T,as is everyone,well almost everyone.It’s a place you go dressed up.Did I mention that each table has a bell that you ring when you need service….

…Sidenote it’s also a place where you could be wearing anything and still be treated as much of a lady as a woman in a $1,000 dress.There’s no dress code,though most girls do come dressed up it’s actually not a requirement.Everyone is treated the same.

You can only stay there for a eighty minutes, and someone asked me what did you do during that time,is it like a maid cafe’s, where they chat with you.The answer is no, I spent my time talking with the person I came with and eating.You aren’t the only table your butler has, and yet, sometimes if you watch, you can see them waiting for you to ring for them,or like when my napkin fell, he was there so quickly.The person I was with called it a fantasy cafe….


I’ve always seen myself as a lady ,so it’s nice to have others acknowledge that.

P.S.You get a membership card before you leave, but it can only be redeemed on your next visit.


This was the different time tables for that day yes,ladies and gentleman booked solid,and has been for at least two weeks before that day.Smartly booked so that no guest comes at the same time.



Dragon Ball Rating: 7 out of 7 dragon balls




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