D. Grey-Man :Synopsis(explanation with spoilers that don’t actually ruin anything)

What if you recently lost a loved one and someone asked to bring them back no strings attached would you call for them,call them back from the dead.Grieving people often fall for this trick by the Millennium Earl.They forget that nothing is free.The Millennium Earl’s prime directive is to destroy humanity.Oh you’re wondering what’s happens if you call your loved one back. Their soul is stuffed into the skeleton of an akuma,a monster, so now they are now trapped in this world at the bidding of the Earl.What happens next… they kill you and wear your skin… all while their power grows stronger as they grieve for your death,and the ones that they are forced to kill,if they do enough destruction they will evolve.Their souls trapped helpless the stop the killings…. they can only silently morn.

He has no sympathy, no caring of your age or gender,he only wishes to make more akuma.

Who can stop the Earl?

Only God’s chosen, the exorcist, can defeat the akuma and release their tormented souls.Those part of the Black Order’s job is to stop the Earl from destroying humanity.They do this with the help of anti-akuma weapons made from innocence(pieces of the god crystal),….but only some are born with the ability to use these weapons.These people are called Accommodators,and those that help them find innocence are known as Finders.Once innocence is found it can then be fashioned to make anit-akuma weapons,those weapons are the only things that can fight akuma,once the innocents is transformed into a weapon the appropriate accommodator for it must be found. The search is on, the order searches to find more innocence so that they may have more exorcist,the Earl also want to find innocence as well.

With humanity’s future on the line it the Black Order vs  the Millennium Earl(and the family of Noah).

Who will win?

I’m not one to choose side but with limited pieces of innocents…….

I’m not placing my bets for anyone.

Welcome to the world of D.Gray-man



WonderCon Summer 2015: Review

Never heard of it,I was like that till a couple of weeks ago .I would totally have said the same thing, but turns out it one of the biggest anime conventions in Japan.I feel like I lost my otaku card when I was told about this convention,but it turns out I have epic timing, so I was able to go while on my trip.

First off this isn’t like an American convention at all nor is it like a Korean convention .I find that well the Asian conventions I’ve been to, really center around manga and doujinshins(original manga by independent artist) and fan art of those artist.This conventions is one that centers around figurine artist rather than manga ones.People bring their own original figurines and art to sell.Major companies also are selling their best stuff there too,many pieces sold are limited edition.So if you get there too late,you miss your opportunity to buy them,many figurines where sold out. Let me not forget to tell you the price of some of these figurines are ridiculous, many selling for 20,000 yen or higher(That’s 200 US for one piece).Did I mention the sheer amount of Gundapla here.What’s that you ask.Model gundams that you build yourself,I’m a big fan of it personally and bought two while I was there.I’m super stoked to put them together.There were three main floor room.The first floor consisted of  many models from Neon Genesis Evangelion which seemed to be one of the themed manga/anime of this convention.There were also many steampunk things on this floor as well.But what really surprised me where the dolls.I didn’t realize that it was something that many adults were interested in.Second room seems a bit more like an advertisement room, complete with a stage,contest winners,mini photo shoots,and a ridiculous amount of cars,did I mention a R-Rated figurine set room.I didn’t go inside,but you should know this convention isn’t for children,some figurines were in very….lewd poises.It is the first convention I’ve been to where it has been complete adult clientele.There was also an event happening, people doing stuff on stage,but being the fact that my Japanese has winded down to almost nil, I didn’t really spend time in that room a lot.The third room was my favorite though no steampunk things like the first.The last room was more like a vendor room,selling so much stuff I spent most of my time there,I went over it a couple of times,and in my looking I managed to find a Studio Ghibli Gupla for 500 yen,that’s five dollars.It was totally my favorite room,although it was lacking the steampunk awesomeness of the first…

Also this convention cost 2,000 yen,that’s about 20 USD and instead of getting a ticket you get a guide a book that tell you about every vendor there,enjoy the pictures of the con.

Here’s a picture of the ticket(actually a book full of all the vendors names,position numbers and websites)



Pictures of just some of the awesome things I saw….

IMG_8426  IMG_8428    IMG_8431     IMG_8435

Because steampunk things are awesome

IMG_8436      IMG_8442     IMG_8452 IMG_8453     IMG_8458  IMG_8460

No… this wasn’t made by official attack on titan people but a skilled artisan nevertheless.IMG_8461   

  IMG_8466     IMG_8471  IMG_8473  IMG_8475  IMG_8477 IMG_8478

Dolls I don’t really get but to each his own.    

IMG_8483 IMG_8484    

Yeah that does say that if you’re under 18 you can’t go in.

IMG_8488   IMG_8481IMG_8492  

IMG_8494 IMG_8495  IMG_8497 IMG_8498    IMG_8502

For 2,000 yen they would mail you everything you bought,that fits in a box.Yes some people did buy that much….

IMG_8486IMG_8503 IMG_8504 IMG_8505  

You’re given a scene you set it up and do with it what you will.




It defintely on my list of favorite conventions.I would so recommend it.


7 out 7 dragonballs

Full Metal Alchemist:Synopsis(spoilers ….well like 3)

When all you have as parents is your mother and she dies, you decide that your going to bring her back…

You enlist the help of your little brother, to help you practice, you prepare, you get ready for the day that you will bring her back…

.…It’s just that you were too young to realize something, alchemy follows a single truth, and that is equivalent exchange, and how could a child realize just how much a life is worth…

…But you do realize it now, once everything goes horribly wrong.

You get off lightly you only loose and an arm and leg…

Your brother looses everything but his soul, you manage to chain it to this world.

But you make a vow to yourself, that regardless of what it takes you will get your brother’s body back somehow.Even if that means you have to become a state Alchemist,people with this job are lovingly referenced to as dogs of the state.It doesn’t matter to you.Nothing does, but your one goal.

To free your brother from being a full metal alchemist.

To do this,

You become the Full Metal Alchemist

I would wish you luck,but there is none for dogs of the state,

Welcome to Full Metal Alchemist,


Parasyte: The Maxim(synopsis,a few episode one spoilers)


You’re a pretty average guy by any standards, a little cowardly but hey I’m not judging you.Your kindhearted,and you genuinely  care about people,although you do have a extreme fear of bugs.You’re in your last year of high school,you have this girl you like,maybe she likes you too.You have loving parents, everything seems to be going great for you, until one day. …. You see it, a bug/snake thing,it comes straight at you,and borrows into your right hand and makes it way up your arm,you knew this would happen one day, you were prepared,you take your headphones tie them around you arm so tight,that it manages to stop this invader from traveling any father up your arm.But when your parents come in to see what’s wrong ,the hole it dug is gone.The next day you wonder if it’s all a dream,but sadly you come to realize that’s it’s not.Your hand has not only been eaten but now in it’s place is an “alien”,who after eating your arm tells you that y’all should just coexist,ate your arm and reminds you that if you tell ,you’ll be turned into an experiment.Not to mention the rash of horrible murders starting to occur.Did I mention “it’s” first memory is the sadness of not taking the brain,yeah let that one sink in.Not to mention the others of “it’s” kind can sense,him,and thus if they are close enough know your location.But one infected with them ,and still having control is dangerous,so whenever you do meet another of “his” kind their intentions are less than honorable. I would wish you luck but….. You’re going to need more than that to survive.

Welcome to Parasyte:The Maxim


My little monster: Synopsis(like 1 spoiler)


You’re a high school student, a first year(that’s tenth grade for you Westerners).You have a dream, that dream is making six figures after high school, and to achieve that dream, you fully immerse yourself in your studies.And because of that, you really don’t have time to pay attention to other people.It’s not like it’s something new, you’ve always been like this.You’ve never felt the need for friends and things like that.

Until one day…

Your teacher ask you to deliver notes to a student who had been suspended (unjustly(.The teacher knows he doesn’t like her, so she bribes you with a study book to get you to deliver the packets.To which you happily oblige her.As you go in home to give him the packets, he sees you and runs away,so you leave the work with his cousin.After you leave he accosts  as you leave, believing you to be a spy sent by the school,you of course tell him the truth ,that you are of course a spy sent to monitor his behavior,that you are a normal student bringing him the work he’s behind on. This weird guy’s name is Haru and you don’t understand him at all.He instantly calls you his friend.This guys so weird and after he comes back to school, he all of his antics are really causing you to get behind in your studies ,your whole life  has changed.

But change isn’t always a bad thing, is it?

Welcome to my little monster.


Liebster Award


So like I was nominated for Liebster Award by Otaku Orbit,awesome right.It’s an award that we as blogger give to each other.These are the rules

  1. Acknowledge the blog that nominated you.
  2. Answer 11 questions that the blogger ask.
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 11 blogs that you think deserve this award.
  5. Give them 11 questions to answer.

My answer to 11 questions.

  1. Which video-game universe would like to live in?
    • Final Fantasy Universe(preferably 12’s universe if I have to choose)
  2. What’s your favorite female anime character?
    • Yoroichi/Canary(I mean she’s a butler)
  3. If you existed in the Star Wars universe which side of the force would you belong to?
    • Pleads the fifth,I’m not the Jedi you’re looking for.
  4. Who would win Spider-man or Batman? Explain.
    • Spider-Man how could I put this simply… superpowers and a spider sense that outdoes Batman’s martial arts.And genius that can kill all of Batman’s gadgets.I love them both though.Hand to hand it’s not a fair fight,because of Parker’s powers.Secondly though Batman has the money to buy any gadget Parker has the genius to make his own.
  5. Who’s the most overpowered anime villain?
    • Freeza
  6. Who’s the most overpowered anime hero?
    • Goku(but I really want to put Super-Man here[ not anime ,but he’s the most overpowered hero of all time])
  7. If you travel through time, but in one direction, would you go towards the future or past?
    • Future, if I were to go to the past it would have to be country specific..
  8. Choose any fictional creature, which would you like to have as a pet and why?
    • Dragon,who wouldn’t want to be a dragon rider.
  9. What crossover would you like to see in a video-game or anime? (think Kingdom Hearts)
    • Hunter x Hunter X Naruto and SSB: Brawl x Dissidia F.F.
  10. If you could have done better at one subject in school which would it be?
    • Calculus
  11. Would you rather see the future, without the ability to see or hear people thoughts without the ability to hear?
    • Hmmmm,seeing it without the ability to hear.I can read so that will make up for it a little.


Eleven Random facts.

  1. I’m an only child.
  2. I was punk in high school.
  3. Nujabes is one of my favorite artist of all time.
  4. I was a first chair bass clarinetist in Middle School.
  5. I used to BeyBlade(proud of that too).
  6. I grew up on old school kung-fu movies and 70’s sci-fi shows.
  7. I don’t’ think I’ve ever been without a type of Nintendo console….for any long period of time.
  8. I’m a film major.
  9. I  never stopped collecting Pokemon or YugiOh! cards(though I did show down).
  10. I wrote a book in high school.
  11. Right now I am working on a Steampunk Alice in Wonderland cosplay(because that’s how me and my friends roll).

Eleven awesome blogs I’m nominating.













Question for you awesome guys I nominated.

  1. Why blog?
  2. What’s your favorite cartoon/anime?
  3. What’s your favorite childhood game?
  4. What country do you want to travel to?
  5. What’s the favorite country you have traveled to?
  6. If you could have any superpower what power would you have?
  7. Do you have a dream cosplay?
  8. If you could do anything what would you do?
  9. What drives you?
  10. If you could do anything and still live comfortably what would you do?
  11. If you could go back to college for free would you?


Hunter x Hunter:Synopsis

In this world the highest rank you can truly be is a hunter,they are given unlimited access to travel,knowledge known only to them and free lodging in many places.What is a hunter you ask,they are those who chase monsters(human or otherwise),search for treasure,and even sometimes ones who find the most unique and dangerous ingredients for cuisines.They are normally the strongest people in the world,fearless brave they have unlimited options in the world.

Sound intriguing right….

How to become a hunter you ask?

Well there a test,no paperwork or studying though,you need to prepare your body,because well it’s not promised that you’ll pass the exam or even that you’ll live through it… many every year don’t make it past the first stage….but you’re in luck you found this kid name Gon,whose father was also a hunter.He’s young but he’s tough ,has a nose like a wolf,and is quite polite.I’m sure you’ll be ok it you stick with him.

I would warn you of the dangers of  this journey,but who am I to tell you what to do,so good luck, try to come back alive.Ok.


Welcome to Hunter x Hunter


Sword Art Online:Synopsis

The newest best MMORPG has just come out.It’s awesome and once you put on the system it’s like your in the game.All your movements respond to the character, it’s pretty awesome.Everyone’s super excited.You pre-ordered it, you got it… you plug it up,and you plugged in.The world is beautiful and it seems so …you know, real.It’s an awesome day to be a gamer, right….right?Until the creator announces that this game is special…and that the only way out….

is to beat it….

…. …wait what… ……

No,no,no….no, you’re logging out now….but there’s no log off screen….you can’t take the system off.He explained that you won’t be free until you can manage to beat the game….

and if you die in the game….you die in real life….

Better level up and make a party quickly.

Welcome to Sword Art Online


Attack on Titan:Synopsis(tiny ittty bitty spoiler)

The human race has been brought to the point of annihilation,by beings we don’t understand.They don’t talk, they don’t express why,they just kill us….there is no known reason behind it.These  beings are trying to wipe us out,they swallow us, bite us in half,they kill us for the shear pleasure of it.They don’t need substance, and it is only us they have chosen to destroy.So to protect ourselves we have built strong walls, three circular wall one inside of the other to protect what’s left of mankind, each with a name Maria,Rosa,and Sina.We have three military branches Survey Corps,Garisson,and the Military police,that are in charge of scouting,protecting,and patrolling.

People were able to almost live a normal life until one day Maria is breached…..


Welcome to Attack on Titan.

Boys Over Flowers:Synopsis (One spoiler)

Just imagine it, you’re from a poor family.But your family wants to keep up with the Sakushi’s(the Johnses that is) so they have you go to a private school.Not just any private, the most exclusive one in Japan, the one in which all the most rich and powerful people in the country send their children.Somehow you are accepted and are a student at that school,but you’re the only regular student there.Not to mention the fact this school is run by four boys, the F4,who basically control the lives of the students and teachers at the school.They are beyond reproach,and are often know for bullying people out of the school. Normally when they want you to leave the leave a red slip in your locker,at which you should leave immediately,or suffer the wrath of the whole school.It’s so bad that even the teachers turn a  blind eye to these situations.That’s okay though, you only have two years left before you graduate, and you did manage to make a friend,between,her your part time job,and you middle school friends, whose really got time to worry about stupid guys anyway.


The problem is you’ve never been then kind of person to let people be bullied while you’re around ,it’s just not your personality.Especially not your friends,so when a circumstance happens where it’s your friend vs the F4, you of course stand up for her,in which ends up getting you a red slip.

Now you are alone, and it’s you vs everyone.

May the odds forever be in your favor.


Welcome to Boys over flowers.