Samurai Champloo:A synonpsis(no spoilers)

Imagine Edo period Japan,samurais,ninja and geishas,now make it cooler, add all the hip hop elements,break dancing,rapping,and tagging,all glued together with a beautiful soundtrack.This is the Samurai Champloo universe.Also imagine Japan is 1000x more diverse than it would have been at that time.

The event that really sets our story into action with an incident at a tea house that Fuu works at;Fuu’s sole ambition is to find a samurai who smells of sunflowers. Fuu along side of a ronin named Jin,and an outlaw named Mugen set out on a journey to find her mysterious samurai.But without much bringing them together,and each one holding on to their own secret past, how will this journey it turn out?

…..Shenanigans do ensue……

Welcome to the coolest version of Japan you’ll ever encounter.



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