One Piece Memorial Log 2.0 -Korean Edition

Step One:Go to Interpark Global and buy a ticket.

Step Two:Go to Hyehwa(혜화) Station(in Seoul),leave out of exit three.wpid-20150606_145232.jpg

Walk straight for about eight minutes until you see this.Walk in and get your ticket.


Photo Ops that you can be a part of.




You can become one of the characters.

wpid-1434003670356.jpeg       wpid-1434003663876.jpeg   wpid-1434003665177.jpeg

You can say goodbye to Ace.



Spend ten dollars(ten thousand won) and take the chance of winning limited edition one piece items.If the odds are in your favor you could win something awesome if not you mad win something small[may the odds ever be in your favor].You’re going to win something,but you have to look at the odds to determine what you’ll win.

wpid-20150606_124215.jpg   wpid-20150606_132753.jpg


Gift Shop

The gift store had a lot of nice stuff I bought a painting(it’s a guide to paint a chibi Zoro), Luffy’s hat and shoes(my cosplay is going to be awesome ,and it’s a bundle so it’s cheaper to buy  both),two postcards,and the figurine on the top right was what I won from the raffle,the small plate was also from a raffle.The poster and the Franky pin were free.Grand total spent $55.


Artist Wall

Are you an artist,show off your fan-art skills.

wpid-20150606_123655.jpg     wpid-20150606_123631.jpg  wpid-20150606_123638.jpg

There are full size models and figurines too.

wpid-20150606_132934.jpg     goodbyeace


Chooper Alleywpid-20150606_122430.jpg

The Brotherhood


The figurine I most wanted,but they don’t sell it….

In Conclusion…

Rating:5 out of 5 dragonballs.

To be honest I didn’t take a lot of time looking at some of the stuff because I went to memorial log 1.0 ,so some of the stuff wasn’t new,but I feel like a lot of the artwork was.The first part of the exhibit was full of licensed original art work that you can’t take pictures of,really nice sketches of each characters in multiple situations and outfits.They had someone dressed in a Chopper suit make appearances, and also,the end part of the exhibit that allowed you to take pictures as any character was a nice touch.If you love one piece and are visiting Seoul it’s work a visit.

Anywho these are letters from,



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