Playing EarthBound for the first time:My impression

With the coming of the Ness amiibo I thought I would play Earthbound for the first time(sorry guys I skipped Super Nintendo,I had a Sega).It makes me miss old school games,I can’t wait to get home so I can play my NES.

First I don’t know how old Ness is, I know he’s a kid but he runs his house,he’s the/a boss.He parent’s have no control of  him.His mom’s response to him investigating an asteroid in the middle of the night is “Well I could tell you not to go but you’re going to go anyway so why waste my breath”.His dad is your save point ,it seems to me you just call him when you need to save.The mom  is like, your my little fighter,oh ok, your about to go with your friend in the middle of the night to investigate,uhh take your dog and the baseball bat in your sisters room.Be safe ,I love you come back if you get hungry.But I like her though.When your HP is low you come to her,and she’s like :

To you:

“You’re hungry already.Why don’t you have some pizza”(Replenshes HP)

To your friend.

“Pokey,you don’t like pizza….T-O-O Bad.”

Game Play:

So far I only have my baseball bat as a weapon.I have a party of three Ness(me),Porky,and his dog King.It’s a basic turn based, though what is really interesting is that people in your party follow you around.Which actually makes a lot of sense.You see all the people in your party because you are travelling together.In most games,you just see the protagonist and you can check the menu to see your party.Though it does seem so far that you have no control of the others in your party.What I really think is hilarious,is that although you are a party of three, only you and your dog are attacking.Porky is playing dead,smiling insincerely ,uses you as a shield,and inching forward without attacking.

….a little later……

Story-line thus far:

A meteor has fallen in the middle of the night. You go to investigate,your mom doesn’t fight this, you wouldn’t listen to her anyway.You eventually get close,but there’s a police barricade,and your friend Porkey, is bothering the cops.So much so that the cops are asking you to stop him.You say he’s your friend, but you do nothing to stop him from bother them.The fact is he’s so delusional he thinks it’s you that’s bothering the cops.So you go back home and go to bed.Only to be woken up by someone knocking at your door. You’re the man of the house,so everyone’s waiting for you to open the door.Who could it be….well surprise, surprise it’s Porkey. The cops had to leave to deal with a group of juvenile delinquents, so he went to go see the meteorite,but then he lost is brother, Picky.Your mom understands that your a fighter and that you have a responsibility to your friends.So she tells you go in your sisters room,get a baseball bat to protect yourself, and to also take your dog.So you wake your dog and he reluctantly joins your party.And now you can finally go up to see the meteorite, or you would if  every spiteful crow ,snake and dog weren’t attacking you.Eventually you make it to the meteorite, at which time your dog is like, this is too scary,you didn’t warn me about this,I’m going home(you can read his thoughts).In which he leaves you…. ….  man’s best friend….and you find the brother sleeping next to a  tree.You wake him up, and he tells you how he was looking for his brother….because his brother ran away.He sometimes can’t believe that Porkey is his older brother.He then joins your party.

You touch the meteorite,a light shines from it and a bee comes out.Or at least it looks like one, but it’s states that it isn’t, and that it’s from ten years in the future.A future in which this guy named Giygas has thrown the world into eternal darkness.He states that where he is from there is a legend.That one day a boy will reach a point where he finds the light and will then shatter the nightmare stone and reveal the path of the light(Not my words).The three major components of this will be wisdom,courage,and friendships.The heroes will be three boys and a girl.He tell you that he believes you, Ness are the boy of legend.His name is Buzz Buzz and he joins your party.Pokrey says that he hopes that he’s not one of three.

My score:

Six out of seven dragon balls

I love it ,I love 2d so much,and the story seems pretty interesting so it pulled me in.I just wished i could control the other characters.I love have feisty almost all the characters are.I just wish I could buy this game on steam,though I’m sure I could play it on Wii,if I could afford a Wii that is….So for the moment I’ll just keep playing it online.


Have fun Gaming,



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