Cosplaying at AWA

AWA is coming and although I am in Korea,I’m coming back a couple of weeks before it happens.So here’s a first look at what I’ll be cosplaying as.This will be my first cosplay I’m super excited and scared all at the same time.


So first I want to do Yoh Asakura from Shaman King.I haven’t decided if I want to do regular him or a gender bend of him.Maybe both…IDK




Oracle Bell


Forrest green pants or skirt(I actually have a green skirt that I bought for this cosplay but IDK I’m weighing my options for another skirt)

Orange headphones

Amitamaru totem

Sword(I haven’t decided if I want to invest in that yet)

Blouse(short tie blouse)

Black/brownish wig




So I want to do a gender bend Luffy(One Piece),I was going to do a regular Luffy but why try to be a guy when I don’t have to be.Also, if something happens with one of my other cosplays Bulma Luffy  is a fall back.So if I do the Bulma Luffy, I’m changing this from the original One Piece x Dragon Ball figurine.It will basically be the same as the gender bend Luffy cosplay plus contacts and a wig.




wpid-download-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-cymera_20150508_120158.jpg


Vest:i will intend to make this

Blue shorts

Luffy’s hat(I’ll get it when I visit One Piece Tower)

Sandals(I don’t have any)

SIDENOTE: This isn’t my drawing of the gender bend,I borrowed it from google so you could have an idea of what I plan on doing.All shout outs to the original artist I love the pic.


Red Dress Bulma DBZ(I mean I kind of love Future Trunks and Vegeta it’s only logical that I’d be Bulma)




Square cut red dress

Yellow Scarf

Blue Wig



I feel like this is the one I can do most confidently.Mira Nygus from Seoul Eater.



Military Pants




Black Marker(for tattoo)

Blue contacts(I’m going to use the same contacts from the Bulma cosplay)

Braids(the problem is if I actually get in braids it would be hard to wear the wigs for the other cosplays)….hmmmm decisions… I might get braid pieces…that could work)


A gif for you






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