Why do I Blog?

Hmm… that a question I don’t often ask myself.{day 4 of my 30 day challenge}

I blog, because I love to write.Even though I don’t do it as much as I’d like to,it’s something I’ve always enjoyed.But why blog, instead of,let’s say just writing in a notebook,I guess I hope that someone will find what I have to say interesting.The reason I made this blog was to share the things that I love with the world.I guess everyone just wants a place where they can shout their opinion to the world.My blog is my own private soap box.

I know there are a lot of blogs centered around comicbooks,blerds,video games,cosplaying,conventions,and things like that.But there is only one of me.There is only one peole who looks at the world through the lens I do,and that one person is me.I could just contnue to read others blogs and vlogs,maybe I’ll never get over a thousand views,maybe I will.But I’ll keep writing regardless,because I’m doing it for me.

Short but sweet,



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