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Diveristy among SuperHeroes

Hi world,

So growing up, I didn’t really read a lot of comics(though I did read manga),but I loved watching TV shows about them, there was something about super-heroes that I loved(I still do actually).I watched Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends along with his multiple  animated series,X-Men,Silver Surfer,Captain Planet(hey don’t judge me the environment definitely needs a hero),Fantastic Four,every single Batman animated series that came out,the Incredible Hulk,Batman(the old sixties one),and Mutant X(I really loved that show).

But looking back there was one show that was different from all the shows I watched growing up and that was Static Shock.

If you never heard of this show, it came out in 2000 and lasted 4 years.It was about a nerdy kid in high school named Virgil O. Hawkins, who  trying to get revenge on a bully and gets caught in the middle of a gang war.Police release tear gas they think will knock out all of the gang member, what they don’t realize is, that it contains an experimental mutagen.Many of the people effected in this tear gas gained power, this event is called the Big Bang and those effected people are called “Bang Babies”.Escaping from this Static gains the ability to create and control lightning along with controlling magnetism.

Now you may be wondering what makes him different from these others groups and heroes I’ve stated,what makes him different from all the other show I watched growing up.




He’s black and not just that he’s a nerd,he reads comics and games.

Think about it, I can’t name ten,not even five superhero based TV shows I watched growing up in which a Black,Asian, or Hispanic person was the lead character,or even if there was a team,that person,was the leader of that team.Static wasn’t one of many,he wasn’t part of a team,he wasn’t a sidekick,he was a teenager who decided to become a hero in his own right upon.

He was created by Dwayne McDuffie,Robert L.Washington III,and artist John Paul Leon,under the banner of Milestone comics,a minority ran comic subsidiary of DC whose goal was to create more minority characters within comics(This company is actually having a revamp in 2015,I wish them all the best,I’m super excited to see what they will put out).I really liked the show,and I really think we need  more shows like it.


Because I think every little boy and girl needs to have the ability to watch a TV show with a  superhero, and be able to see a little bit of themselves in the character.I can see a bit of myself in Peter Parker,Robin,Batman,and Wonder Woman.But it’s nice sometimes to see a character that looks like you.Everybody’s not Caucasian,that’s just not the world we live in. Everybody wants to have a character that’s saving the world that looks like them.If you look at comic books it’s very obvious that originally most characters in the universe are white,now things are different,….. well slightly.

Think about this

Name 15 Asian comic book character(non manga please).

Uhhh,I can tell you at  least seven off the top of my head.[More research is necessary]

Now 15 Hispanic characters

I have at least five I could think of on the top of my head,and I’m including Miles Morales in both the Black and Hispanic categories.[I definitely need to do more research]

and 15 black characters.

After a lot of research I am totally able to name 15 black characters,easily,but sadly most of them I can think of quickly aren’t original(based on another characters power,or race changed version) or they’re so obscure very few people know of them.A few quick examples are  BatWing, Ulitmate Spider Man,War Machine(Iron Patriot),President Super Man, Bumble Bee,Green Latern(John Stewart),Ultimate universe Nick Furry and many others.

Most of the characters I know who are minorities I’ve never seen on TV or maybe they are a part of some bigger team,but they rarely have their own shows,or ever lead the team they are in for more than a couple of issues or episodes, Blade is the only other minority comic book character I know that has had his own show.And if you want , we can through Young Justice into the pot,who was run by a New 52 black version of AquaLad,although he was technically he was only holding that position until Robin matured enough to lead the team.

Counting them all up, that’s  three shows.Four if you count the New Luke Cage show that will be coming on soon.Comics are changing there are new minority comics coming out now,and it makes me totally happy.It’s been 77 years of Super Hero comics I think the masses should be able to know at least five Asian superhereos off the top of their head.You shouldn’t have to be a comic book nerd to know about minority characters,they should just be there for anybody who wants to read about them.

Side Note

As you may or may not know it’s February,and in America that means it’s black history month.So some nerd blogger,have decided to do a whole month long dedication to independent minority comics and minority comic book characters.Blogs such as along with a lot of others are getting the word out ,the twitter page is

So anyway thanks for reading this has been a post from,



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Why do I Blog?

Hmm… that a question I don’t often ask myself.{day 4 of my 30 day challenge}

I blog, because I love to write.Even though I don’t do it as much as I’d like to,it’s something I’ve always enjoyed.But why blog, instead of,let’s say just writing in a notebook,I guess I hope that someone will find what I have to say interesting.The reason I made this blog was to share the things that I love with the world.I guess everyone just wants a place where they can shout their opinion to the world.My blog is my own private soap box.

I know there are a lot of blogs centered around comicbooks,blerds,video games,cosplaying,conventions,and things like that.But there is only one of me.There is only one peole who looks at the world through the lens I do,and that one person is me.I could just contnue to read others blogs and vlogs,maybe I’ll never get over a thousand views,maybe I will.But I’ll keep writing regardless,because I’m doing it for me.

Short but sweet,


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My favorite childhood toys

Hi guys,

So I’m back home now so I promise a post everyday until I go to China.[Day 3]

So I thought this would be awesome to talk about my favorite childhood toys.

5)Pokemon Cards

I was part of the first generation of American Pokemon trainers,it was around 4th grade and everyone,yes I do mean everyone, had Pokemon cards.It got so bad, that teachers were taking up students decks all the time,it didn’t however hinder or battles,or dissuade us from bringing our cards to school.At a certain point I did get tired of it though,but it lead me to something I still do today.Which is playing Pokemon based video games.I also have some really good memories of battling on the bus on the way to school.


Ummm ,yeah I did this,I don’t know why ,but I really enjoyed it, more than I should have.Spinning tops that”battle” against others,but I swear me and my and my Dranzer had a connection.Because as you know, just because you release two Beyblades doesn’t actually mean they would ever actually touch each other,but my beyblade would always move towards others…. I not sure what happened to it,but I grew up and moved on.Still love Kai though,one of my first fan art drawings was of him.

3)Yu-gi-Oh! Cards

This is high up because I would say this game had the strongest effect on my life[aside from playing games]…(why you ask)…. This was something I use to do with my cousins, we would duel,my older cousin had all the Exodia pieces…. so … needles to say I never beat him,but then again I wasn’t a good duelist to begin with.When I moved and changed high schools,that’s how I made friends,through Yu-GI-Oh! .Every morning of my first semester, I would meet at a table in the lunchroom and we would duel.I still sucked at it,but I played because I enjoyed it,and I really liked the guys that I dueled with,I was the only girl,but that was ok with me.Overtime things changed and I stopped dueling and became a collector,unlike my beyblades and Pokemon cards ,I still have my deck.

2)My Gameboys(Color and Advance)

No, I never had the original G.B.P, I started with color.It was purple ,and I lost the back, but it was awesome.I spent hours playing Pokemon,Sypro,Zelda,Golden Sun,and a host of other RPGs.I bought accessories for it had a case,and I took it everywhere with me.My game boy advance was white,and I also lost the back,but I played the same kind of games,and the two of us were inseparable. I’ve never really had a lot of money for console games,so if I didn’t have anything else ,I assure you my Nintendo was always somewhere close at hand.

1) My N.E.S (My Nintendo Entertainment System)

So,this would have to be my favorite toy that I had as a child,it honestly sparked an interest in video games that I still have today.All thanks to Nintendo.I still have two of them,one is broken but the other works. To be honest I went back and tried to play some games before I left to teach in Korea.Those old games are way harder than games now.Yes the graphics aren’t as good, but the kid version of myself must have been a pretty awesome gamer.Adult me was having a rougher time to get back on that level.My Nintendo is important to me because it was a spark that led me to be the person that I am now.I mean how could I not have the thing that sparked one of my most time consuming hobby.


To be honest ,I mean I did play videos games a lot, but I was that generation in which handhelds and gaming consoles really started to get big .I had a lot of fun playing with my uncle’s PlayStation, but honestly my time was spit, between playing video games and playing outside.My parents weren’t going to let me just sit inside all day and play Mario,and honestly I never wanted too.I rode my bike,went roller skating,flew kites.To be honest as a kid, most of the time me and cousins would just make up games,who needs toys when you have a good imagination.We climbed trees and played cops and robbers.We made pillow forts,and threw pillows on the floor and pretended the floor was lava.I have great memories with my consoles but my best memories are of me being outside with my friends an family.