My top five hobbies

So this is #3 of thirty days of blogging(I know I’m behind but ….vacation)

These are five favorite hobbies….


#5 Martial Arts

This is one I never thought I would do just for fun, but I love it.It’s like my favorite way to exercise.I love sparring, I love training, and I love just going to my dojang(Korean dojo). Although it was always my dream of studying a martial art, because of health and lack of money ,I never though it was something I would be able to do.It was a dream that I made into a reality, right now I’m training to get my 2nd degree black belt.

#4 Buying and Reading Comic Books

First off, I’m a comic book collector and reader.I mean I probably enjoy buying comics as much as I enjoy reading them.There’s just something about buying a comic book for five cents, when I know it sold in stores for three dollars.Also like I like buying key issues before these movies come out.All these comic book movies are raising the price of comics(le sigh).I could spend a whole weekend reading comic and/or manga.There’s something about just reading a well written manga on the weekend or discovering a new superhero.

#3 Listening to Music

There are few things I love more than music,I am not music inclined at all.I mean when I was a kid I use to be High Soprano and be in Honor Band(tooting my own horn),but music is one of those things that if you don’t use, you loose,and well I lost the little musical talent I had long ago.I rarely go a day without listening to music,I just don’t see that as being the kind of life I want to live.Buying quality headphones is a must, because sound quality matters to me,it matters when I’m making a video or when I’m listening to music.I love supporting artist who make music I love, I buy CD’s all the time.When I like an artist I tend to buy all their albums and find people who they are affiliated with,and listen to them too.

#2 Photography

I just kind of love taking pictures.Before I had a DSLR,I would rent them from my university for the weekend.In two days I would fill up all sixteen gigabytes of the memory card.I have thousands of pictures on my computer,so much so much so, that when I did buy a new laptop, I made sure that it was one terabyte.Sometimes, I just see a breath taking scene, and I just think of angles in which to make it more beautiful.Sometimes I buy things just because I think they could be useful props for future photo shoots.

#1 Thinking of awesome short films and books

So, saying that I really do a lot of writing or filming is a stretch ,but that’s what I want to do.I want to write more, I have so many story ideas in my head that I want to write out.And I have more than a few ideas for filming that I want to do when I get home. Proper execution and procrastination are my biggest problems .I have so many ideas, but I have a hard time putting them on paper or .doc. I spend so much time, working on story lines, character building ,and  fleshing out characters and story arcs.I spend hours of my day ,daydreaming, making the best story you’ve never heard of.That’s what filling up most of my thoughts,characters from far away worlds.It’s the most enjoyable thing I do.

(3,2,1 really could be interchangeable depending on my mood,today this the order,but tomorrow could be different.)

Go outside and have an awesome day,



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