Where I want to be in 10 years

30 day challenge Day #1

So right now I’m at that awkward place in life, I’m 25 working a 9 to 5 in a job field I don’t love,and I’m not even quite sure what I want to do as of yet.The difference between me and most of my peers, is that I’m working abroad.I live in Korea,and though I love living here for a while, I am moving back home this year.So in a few months I’ll be another  jobless twenty something with a degree that really doesn’t mean much,but at least I’ll be debt free.

So when I was a teenager, I though that by 25 I would be living in Japan and be fluent in three languages with a degree in some field of Engineering.Currently I am a ‘teacher’ in South Korea,with elementary Korean speaking abilities,and a degree in Film and Video.Times have changed and I am, well, much more realistic with my life choices as of now,I hate Calculus so I realized a little late in my college career, that Engineering wouldn’t be the best path.Languages aren’t that easy to pick up,even though I’ve been in Korea a little over two years,I am nowhere near fluent.Living in a small country town,some people are like, of course you’ll learn the language fast you have to,to survive.Honestly I need a structured class to properly learned a language, I have topped out on all the things you can learn through osmosis.

So in ten years,I’ll …. be…. thirty five,going on thirty six.I want to be at an intermediate level in a language,preferably Japanese or Chinese(those are the language I studies in college),while retaining or growing my Korean language ability.I would really like to find a job that I rush off to every morning,not because I’m late but because I love it that much.I want to write a book, though I’m not sure it should be Science Fiction,Fantasy,or Non-Fiction.I have a lot of ideas,and even my life, the way I see the world, could be a fun read, possibly.I really want to make a nice vlog that people enjoy watching, and by 35, maybe I’ll have a successful following,by then.Also I want to have at least 5 potential movie trailers,and one completed film by that age.

As far as family life I want to have a family,but the thing is ,it’s really hard to settle down with a person,when you really want to travel.A lot of people my age are settling down,getting married,buying homes,having kids,personally I’m collecting comic books,writing stories,and trying to find the best method to fill up my passport with stamps.Growing up people,schools,even family only showed me one way that  I could live life,they didn’t tell me that beyond the military there are hundred of options to see the world.They say that growing up means putting the controller down and putting a suite on,but I disagree.Life is a balance of the things you love and the things you have to do to survive.A lot of people asked me why go abroad , can’t you find a job at home,I’m sure I could ,but why?Why get a job just to survive at home,when I could do the same things in anther part of the world,and open my eyes and mind to a world I never knew.I really would love to find a person like me who is teaching abroad,or find someone who has a passion for missions.By thirty five I want to have started a family but where,with whom.I really don’t know.

As far as accomplishments beyond what I’ve already said, I want to be more confident with public speaking,by then I should be a veteran cosplayer(I have yet to start but I’m working on that), I should also have travel led to at the minimum of four continents,and ten countries,I should by then know how to swim,have conquered sand surfing, and have over 1,000 twitter followers and youtube subscribers(don’t judge me),I want to work on at least two music videos,I want to find out what I’m really good at and make a career out of it.I want to learn how to make ravioli and dumplings from scratch.I want to do a genealogy test on both my mother and fathers families(I would like to have an idea of what part of the diaspora they came from).I want to have been an extra in at least one movie and one TV show.I want to have drawn a single line of a comic strip if only to prove to myself that I could do it,I want to learn how to be a barista,I would love to have backpacked Europe,and to have traveled even if shortly on the silk road via camel.I want to be an adult who unashamedly play video games because that’s a past time I enjoy, some people party others play Pokemon.I also would like to have a black belt in another martial art (most likely Capoeira,Hun-ga(r),or just regular Shaolin Kung fu).Staying in good physical shape is easiest when you consistently train,or at least that’s what I’ve found with Taekwondo.I don’t have to be rich,I just want to be able to have the ability from time to time to see something that I want in a store, and just be able to buy and not have to worry about that ruining my finances.

^That last paragraph was just me thinking about everything that I want out of life by that age.We’ll see how everything unfolds,life is something that if nothing else, is unpredictable.Who knows if I will accomplish anything on list.I don’t know but,it’s nice to have an idea of where you want to be,and what you want to do.I need to update my bucket list.

Thanks for reading,



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