ReEvaluation of Me and all my blogs

Revamping my blogs.

So I’ve decided to do a writing challenge,every day for thirty days I’m going to make a post,though I am going on vacation during Lunar New Year,so they’ll will be a small break in between.I’m really not sure which way I want this blog to turn out,I don’t want to make this another Korean instructional blog like my original one(the last post I made reminded me of that).Yes that can get me views, but that’s why I stopped writing in my original blog ,monotonously writing just for views isn’t what blogging is suppose to be about.At least not for me,I want to make my writing fun for you the readers,and fun for me the author.So I hope you will join me as I explore words,as I try to level up to a wordsmith level.

Wish me luck,or you could just be a





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