High1 Ski Resort( and those beautiful,beautiful discounts)

Hello  NerdWorld,

So, I recently decided that I would go skiing for the very first time(though my body still regrets it right now,I going to acupuncturist tomorrow).

wpid-20150117_155614.jpg Me and goggles I didn’t actually wear,goggles and glasses at the same time,are a no go.

I had fun, though my acrophobia did act up a little while I was there.I went with my friend who had a season pass,and I got to admit that even though I fell a lot,I had a lot of fun.Minus the one chick who plowed into me.One thing that you have to understand firstly, is it’s beautiful place you should go to if you’re here during the winter time.



Let’s talk about prices.

If you were to go to the English High1 site,you will see this price range

Classification Valid hours Fee (Adult/Child, won)
Lift pass AM Pass 08:30 ~ 13:00 4.5h 60,000 / 46,000
PM Pass 12:00 ~ 16:30 4.5h 60,000 / 46,000
Evening Pass 18:30 ~ 22:30 4.0h 60,000 / 46,000
Night Pass 20:30 ~ 23:30 3.0h 40,000 / 32,000
Day Pass 08 08:30 ~ 16:30 8.0h 74,000 / 56,000
Day Pass 09 09:30 ~ 16:30 7.0h 70,000 / 54,000
PM + Evening Pass 12:00 ~ 22:30 8.5h 86,000 / 68,000
Evening + Night Pass 18:30 ~ 23:30 5.0h 62,000 / 50,000
Evening+ AM Next-day pass 18:30 ~ (following day)13:00 8.5h 88,000 / 70,000
Tourist Gondola 1 time 14,000 / 12,000


That’s 60,000 won to ski, but wait you need equipment.A board or skis for let’s say you’re going for 4.5 hours will run you 32,000 for skii.

Classification Fee
Ski board
Day pass 08
Day pass 09
Adult 28,000 34,000
Child 22,000 26,000
PM+Evening Pass
Night+Am next-day Pass
Adult 32,000 35,000
Child 24,000 26,000
Half-day Pass
Evening+Night Pass
Adult 24,000 26,000
Child 18,000 20,000


Uhhh,the only thing I can’t give you prices on is ski clothing because,well it’s the only thing not on the site, and being the fact that I have my own, I can only tell you that it will probably cost you at least twenty thousand won.

So let’s say that you want to go skiing for four and a half hours and you don’t have clothes,that is around 112,000 won and that’s not including getting there.But look at this chart.

구분 종류 할인율 비고
주중 주말
주주 본인 1매 리프트,
렌탈, 관광
50% 30%
지역주민(4개 시군) 50% 40%
리조트 카드 30% 20%
국가유공자 / 장애우 50%
외국인(리조트카드 발급)
경로우대(만65세이상) 리프트 무료
렌탈,관광 50%
현장단체 30명 이상 리프트, 렌탈(세트),
제휴카드 일 4매 30% BC, 신한, 국민, 롯데, NH,
하나(구 하나SK, 구 외환)
유아(만4세 미만) 본인 관광 무료

This is from the Korean version of the High1 site and what’s in red is the discounts for foreigners for the lift and the rentals.What does that mean, that mean that means that I only paid 44,000 won for my skis rental and lift tickets .

How do I get there?

You will need to take a train(Korail) to 사북역 that is Sabuk station.

[This was 5,000 won for me]

From there flag a Taxi,and tell them you want to go to Montainu Sukii Housu (that’s Konglish for Mountain Ski House.)

[This was a little under 10,000 won]

Ok now you’ve made it,you’ll see people waiting in Line to get tickets don’t go there,not yet.Walk inside the Mountain Ski  House as soon as you walk in there’s an information booth on your right,go there and ask for a Foreigner(Waygookin) High 1 resort card.They’ll take a picture of you and then you get your card that you can use all season long.Then go buy your ticket ,now that you have the card you get all those awesome discounts.

wpid-20150120_153405.jpg                                                        This is my High1 Resort Card and my Lift Pass(Yes, I am hiding the picture,I didn’t like it.)


Next Step: Ski to your Hearts content,go up Zues, Athena,or Victoria(yeah the mountains have Greek and Roman names,yeah it’s awesome like that)

Finished. Ok go back to the Mountain Ski House.Outside you’ll see green shuttle buses,get on one and ride it to the Sabuk stop.Once you get of the bus turn right,and walk up the hill ,you will eventually run into the train station.

Have fun on the slopes,or you could just be a

BlerdLikeMe(your choice)







4 Replies to “High1 Ski Resort( and those beautiful,beautiful discounts)”

  1. Hello,

    Really glad I stumbled upon your website.

    I’m at high 1 resort now. However, there is no information regarding discounts for the foreigners anywhere – how did you get the lift discount?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. I’m so sorry for replaying so late.I’m currently on vacation.They actually never mention the discount actually.Once you have the High One Resort pass(the one you take a picture for) then go to get your lift pass the discount was automatic,I do believed I showed them my ARC,but I actually never mentioned it(the discount),it just something that I guess they already know to give to foreigner High1 card.
      Sorry for replying so late


  2. Thanks loads for your post! My friends and I are planning to go to High1, and was just quite shocked by how much the lift passes costs (per day – plus they’ve raised the price on lift passes!). There was just this little asterisk stating that foreigners get 50% off with a resort card, but information on the resort card itself/ how to get one wasn’t on the site. Glad I found your blogpost (from google actually!) and information on how to actually get the card!

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